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[Trans] CRI-J Twitter, 2016-05-06

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Friday, May 6, 2016

[DAEBAK drama recap] Episode 11

Writer : Fenny Setiawan
Editor: Val Kaye Taozen and Tabby Cat
Picture credit : SBS

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” ~ Quote by Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist  For Yi In Jwa and his determination, then!

Dae Gil returns to Hanyang. He has become someone more self-assured that his willpower could move mountains and that he could turn Yi In Jwa’s plan to dust, soon!

I like the fact that Dae Gil no longer only seeks revenge for his father’s death, but instead he has a greater plan to fight for. It will cause Yi In Jwa to feel a tremor of fear about his current opponent.

Recap begins:
This episode starts with the suspense at the end of episode 10: The first encounter between Yi In Jwa and the new Baek Dae Gil who conquered the gambling dens by becoming the white-masked gambler. He went around the eight cities’ gambling dens and wiped them out,  which left In Jwa furious. However, as usual, Yi In Jwa shows no surprise when Dae Gil arrives and allows his mask to be removed. In Jwa already expects Dae Gil’s imminent appearance. In Jwa asks Dae Gil if he still wants revenge for his father’s death—if revenge is his only intention—then he tells Dae Gil to forget about revenge as it will be restrict him from being able to move on. Crushing the white mask on the floor with his foot, Dae Gil replies that In Jwa would already have died a hundred times if his only reason for returning was revenge. Instead he says that to complete the picture he’s drawing In Jwa needs him. In Jwa thinks Dae Gil finally realizes what his plan is all about; however, Dae Gil curtly tells him to wake up from his dream. In Jwa can never be an ally, not for him, not for the king, and also not for the people in this nation. Before Dae Gil says goodbye, he tells him that they will meet often… and coldly reminds In Jwa that only he is letting him live today. (Ouch!)

[Photo] Coffe truck support from the screenwriter of the 2011 Jang Keun Suk documentary "The center of the Hallyu"

Note: The sreewriter of the documentary sent the coffe truck to the Daebak filming site.


[Fashion] Jang Keun Suk sense of fashion- 2016-05-05

Credits Doha Abdelati / JKS's Wardrobe

@JKS_Wardrobe [160403 SPOTTED] @AsiaPrince_JKS wears ADIDAS x KANYE WEST Yeezy Boost 350 Tan Sneakers.


[Trans] CRI-J Twitter, 2016-05-05

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[DAEBAK REVIEW] The ahjumma and the new eel series: review, thoughts and impressions of Daebak drama episode 6

By Beth Wagner and Esther Noloc.
Guest: Eme Zikzin
Collaboration by : kittehkat

It is Tuesday, Daebak day! The 6th episode has ended and I ran to this chat to share my sorrows with my eels sisters Beth and Eme.

ESTHER: Hello to both of you,how do you feel ?
EME: I'm in shock!! This episode is insane, how much ignominy!!
BETH: I am so nervous for this one….. I know we’ve all seen the previews, with the poisonous snake…. I might be the one hiding behind a pillow this time!
ESTHER: After watching episode 5 i ended like that, I really had to prepare my heart for episode 6.