Wednesday, December 13, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk posts good night to Eels from Fukuoka - 2017-12-13

JKS updated his IG after arriving in Fukuoka for Cri Show IV.

_asia_prince_jks See you morrow 😏 


[photos] jang Keun Suk leaving Seoul & arriving in Fukuoka for Cri Show IV - 2017-12-13

Photos of JKS leaving Seoul and arriving in Fukuoka for Cri Show IV.
cr: as noted, uploaders on Twitter, Weibo, IG, and Facebook


[videos] Jang Keun Suk leaving Seoul & arriving in Fukuoka for Cri Show IV - 2017-12-13

Eel made videos of JKS leaving Seoul and arriving in Fukuoka for Cri Show IV.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

[instagram] Jang Keun Suk hails Fukouka - 2017-12-13

JKS is on his way again to Japan! Fukouka awaits the next Cri Show IV shows.

_asia_prince_jks On the way to #Fukuoka 


[facebook] Jang Keun Suk adds video clip to his FB page - 2017-12-12

It's been months since there was a new update to JKS' Facebook page. However, today we have a NEW update to it:


[news] Jang Keun Suk invites Eels to 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics - 2017-12-12

English translation of JKS' text as posted to the 2018 Pyeongchang website (photo below):

Dear Eels from all around the World,

Hello! Eels!

I'm going to tell you the wonderful news for my own eels, which is the source of my powers and always gives me good energy!

Right now! Your boss is the Ambassador to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and  Paralympics! 
And I became the Goodwill Ambassador [Tourism Ambassador] for Gangwon-do Province, the venue for the event. 
It's incredible, isn't it? Are you happy?

Let's hope the enormous energy of eels will be poured into the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games starting next February 9th!

After bidding for Olympic Games three times, South Korea has won the Winter Olympics for the first time in 30 years!
 I will invite 2,018 eels to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, so I hope you'll be looking forward to it!

If you don't want to be a frozen eel, dress up warmly just like in my performance halls! Pyeongchang will be melting! Gangwon Province will melt! Kkk

Eels, let's cheer for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games with me!

[Note: Please see our instructions on how to join JKS' "Invitation to Peace" and register for a chance to win an e-ticket from JKS.]


[Announcement] Jang Keun Suk's "Invitation to Peace" Website Instructions - 2017-12-12

For those who couldn't quite understand the instructions in our previous post with instructions how to join JKS' "Invitation to Peace", one of TEF's wonderful Admins created easy to understand instructions. Just follow the photos below in order as posted.

Please note that you can only vote once for JKS. If you attempt to vote a second time, this pop-up screen will appear, saying you need to log in:

If you want to participate in the event and possibly receive an e-ticket from JKS to the Olympics, you will need to fill in the requested information.

The first line asks the recipient's name (probably the name on your passport). The second line asks for your email address (but it's not required; however, if you want an e-ticket please supply it). The next areas to complete is a box where you must leave a message, preferably about why you want to want to go to the games. The final line requires your log-in name as the sender.


[announcement] Jang Keun Suk's Olympics "Invitation to Peace" Instructions - 2017-12-12

Tree J tweeted instructions to join JKS' "Invitation to Peace"and apply for to win a free ticket from JKS.


장배우의 “평화의 초대장” 다 함께 보러 LEZ GO~
1) 헬로우 평창 홈페이지로 고고!
2) 평화의 초대장 이벤트 click!
3) 응모한 초대장 보기 click!
하트도 누르고
이벤트 참여도 해봐요 : ) 
English translation:
Actor Jang's "Invitation to Peace" to see together. LEZ GO~
1) Hello Pyeongchang home page Go Go!
2) Invitation to Peace Event click!
3) View Invitation Example click!
Click on the heart [under JKS' name]
Join the Event :)

[Note: The site is only in Hanguel - look for the text that matches Tree J's tweeted instructions. You must join & log into the site with an SNS account and password to vote for JKS or to apply for an e-ticket from JKS. See * at bottom]

Note: To register, click on the gray bar and fill in the required information: SNS name, emai. real name, mobil phone number, etc 

Here is what to look for to sign up:


Sunday, December 10, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk's most recent IG Updates - 2017-12-10

These are the latest two IG updates from JKS. One from Sapporo and one from Cafe PLENO. He must be getting in a Christmas mood....

[Note: JKS posted this update on Dec. 8, 2017. It probably was taken in Sapporo, during Cri Show IV.]

_asia_prince_jks #december 
[Note: JKS posted this IG update on Dec. 9, 2017]


[video} Jang Keun Suk invites fans to 2018 Olympic Winter Games - 2017-12-10

JKS invites 2018 fans to Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games! Please check out his #Invitation_of_Peace on Dec 11, 2017 on Hellopyeonchang website! And while you're at it, take a look at the Gangwon-do Province Facebook Page for more great photos, videos, and stories about the 2018 Olympics, 2018 ParaOlympics (Special Olympics) and the Gangwon-do Province.

[NOTE: Updated post - video with English subs. Credit: 追根碩緣 - 張根碩台灣鰻魚後援會 Jang Keun Suk 장근석 FanClub in Taiwan:


[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's agency tweets Gangwon Governor's IG Update -2017-12-10

Go to the Gangwon Governor's IG to view photos of the ceremony and read what he so kindly says about JKS:


[videos] Jang Keun Suk at Gangwon-do Province Promotional Ambassador investiture ceremony - 2017-12-10

Various videos taken of JKS at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics & Paralympics ceremony at which JKS was officially announced at the Province's Promotional Ambassador.

cr: various uploaders on Twitter & YouTube



[News] Jang Keun Suk's Appointment as Promotions Ambassador on KStar News - 2017-12-10

News video story from K-Star News announcing JKS' appointment as Promotions Ambassador for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Gangwon-do Province.


Friday, December 8, 2017

[photos & videos] Jang Keun Suk PyeongChang appointment ceremony - 2017-12-08

Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, appointment ceremony for JKS.

Video and photo credits to uploaders on Twitter

Photos from the ceremony, in no particular order