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[announcement] Jang Keun Suk's The Eels Family invites You - 2017-07-24

For all the news and information The Eels Family(TEF) shares publicly on our blog and public Facebook page (http/s://, there is still so much more that we cannot share publicly because of policy and the need to protect JKS from "haters" or "anti-fans" who choose to distort his words, his thoughts, his ideas, and his everything else he does in order to gain their own public recognition. TEF is a fan club that supports JKS and all he does, particularly his private charitable activities and those of his original fan club, Cri J...charitable activites which are often neglected and overlooked by the media. But we TEF members know...and are so proud of both Cri J and Jang Keun Suk. Plus, as TEF members we often receive information about his activities that we're not allowed to divulge publicly, plus we help each other with ticketing to his shows, group purchasing of his DVDs. and so much more. We are, above and beyond all else, Sisters!

So here's the deal. Take a look at the following videos. Do you love them? Does he make you laugh or cry or swoon at his every move or musical note? Does he want to be make you be part of an organization devoted to promoting this highly talented man become a worldwide star? If so, let us know. The link to sign up as a TEF member follows these recent videos.

Seen enough? Are you ready to take the plunge and become a TEF member? It's easy to do.

You'll be joiing a community of JKS Eels that will make you feel like you've come home to the most welcoming family you've ever wanted. We have members from all over the world - members who speak dozens of languages - and yet for all our differences, we are one family, devoted to helping and caring for each other as well as Jang Keun Suk.

If you love Jang Keun Suk and want to join our TEF family, please sign up on "Join the Eels Family" link on our blog.


[photos] Jang Keun Suk "Seize the Day" - 2017-07-24

Okay, today we're going to plug (as in advertise) a Jang Keun Suk store product, but with a method to our madness.

We don't know if these mugs still exist in any of the AP stores, but seeing these photos today, reminded me of how much we need to keep that motto in mind. Too often we let opportunities go by because we're afraid to jump at a chance or because we fail to recognize opportunities when they arise or because we don't think we're worthy or because of something else. But... Jang Keun Suk said in 2011 during an interview with Non No Magazine, "Life begins with B and ends with D. B is Birth, C is Choice and D is Death. This means that one is master of one’s life. So I have always been serious in facing the life that I have set for myself. I don’t want to give myself a chance for regrets."

We all need to heed those words and live by them...and keep smiling. Begin every day anew with a smile and "seize every day." As JKS knows, you may not win today or tomorrow, but eventually you will. 


[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk loved by Flies? - 2017-07-24

Well, it's been a couple of days since we've heard from our favorite actor, singer, MC, and all around entertainer. So, yesterday he came back to us on his IG account. I must have been a pretty flying insect infested day...or night! It seems that even flying insects love JKS! 😉

_asia_prince_jks 심야 파리와의 싸움 深夜 
English translation: Fighting flies late at night. Late night.

Of course, we need close up of that exceptionally handsome face....


Friday, July 21, 2017

[Video] Jang Keun Suk's Voyage teaser MV - 2017-07-21

Universal Music Japan released a short teaser music video of JKS' new song, Voyage. It's very different from anything we've ever seen in one of JKS' music videos. Take a look at it on the UMJ web page created specifically for Voyage.

The teaser video takes center place almost half way down the page. Again, click on this link to watch it.

Or watch here:


[news] Jang Keun Suk film honored at BIFAN - 2017-07-21

In 1997, Korea was shocked by the homicide of a Hongik college student, Cho Jung-Pil, in an Itaewon burger joint. The two murder suspects where both Korean Americans in the early 20s.

In 2009, Jang Keun Suk and Jung Jin-Young took two of the leading roles in a much acclaimed movie based on that murder, The Case of Itaewon Homicide (aka Where the Truth Lies). In one of his early, rookie roles after receiving attention in the famed drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Song Joon-Ki played the murder victim.

According to some reports, JKS wanted the role in Itaewon Homicide so much that he offered to perform in the movie without pay. That's how passionate he was about acting in the film.

JKS played one of the suspected murders, Robert Pierson (although the actual suspect's name was changed for the movie). The role required JKS to show the characteristics of a psychopath: cold, calculating, and utterly without respect for life or remorse. Throughout much of the movie, JKS played a dispassionate being, showing little to no emotion outside of his braggart talk early in the film before the murder takes place. Afterwards - after he's arrested - he takes on a persona of a mild mannered, innocent young man who knows almost no Hangeul, speaking only English. Yet, throughout the trial (perhaps a flaw in the script designed for Korean audiences), he appears to understand everything said in Hangeul by the prosecutor and the lawyer for the other suspect.

But what really defined JKS' superior acting ability - and for some of us still does - in this film are two scenes during the trial.

In the first scene, JKS recounts during the trial his going into the bathroom with the other suspect. In the flashback scene, as he's standing at the sink washing his hands, the other suspect brutally and repeatedly stabs the victim. As blood spatters all over JKS and the victim falls against him, he's horrified and pushes the victim off himself. He's shocked, stunned and acting on pure instinct, as blood splatters across his face, his hands, and his shirt. JKS' acting - his character's emotional response - in this scene was entirely real. As an audience member, you really do believe he's innocent. Moreover, on the screen during the trial, the members of the court and jury also believe he's an innocent and horrified witness to the brutal murder by his friend.

Then, in the  second significant scene, he leaves you chilled to the bone. The judge moves the trial to the Burger King bathroom where the murder took place. JKS' character is asked to re-enact where and how the victim was stabbed. Using a dummy as the victim, JKS viciously attacks it with a plastic knife, forcefully stabbing it over and over and over again. JKS, as Pierson, no longer re-enacts the stabbing, he's actually killing the victim in his demented mind. Just as he finally finishes stabbing the dummy for the last time, he turns his head to the camera. For just a couple of seconds, JKS' face is transformed into that of a true psychopath - someone who enjoys the thrill of killing merely for the sake of killing. He transforms his appearance into evil incarnate: coldly, chillingly evil and completely without remorse or morality. However, only the audience knows the true face of this maniac. The court remains unaware that his face transformed from an innocent-appearing, soft-spoken young man into a vicious, psychopathic killer during those brief seconds.

Jung Jin-young, who acted in The Happy Life with JKS as the unemployed, unhappy man who wants to put his old college rock back together again, plays the prosecutor in The Case of Itaewon Homicide. As Prosecutor Park, Jung is completely taken in by Pierson (JKS), believing he's the innocent witness to the murder. It's only after Pierson is released from prison after being found innocnet, and speaks fluent Hanguel to Park, that Park begins to doubt his former belief in Pierson's (JKS) innocence.

In 2016, Arthur John Patterson (Robert Pierson in the movies) was found guilty of the murder and extradited from the USA. The Korean courts sentenced him to 20 years in prison. For 20 long years Koreans waited for justice in his case and an end to the inconclusive verdicts of its first trials. When Patterson was convicted in absentia and, then, extradited to Korea, the film enjoyed a few, brief months resurgence of popularity.

So, what, you ask, does this film have to do with now, eight years later? Well, here's why.

This year's 21st BIFAN (Bucheon International Film Festival) - yes, that very same film festival at which JKS was honored last year for his short film, The Great Legacy - Booklet printed a feature page on The Case of Itaewon Homicide. The feature story is printing in both Hangeul and English.

The film went on to win JKS the Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actor in Film that year.

Here is that page in pictures.

Finally, the English text blown up as much as possible. It's barely readable...maybe someone who picks up a copy will post a better photo of the English text. We can only hope! If you look close, you can read it.

It's a great honor that this film is being remembered. And with any luck will remind the Korean film establishment, beyond Kim Ki-duk, what a truly magnificent and versatile actor they have in the midst.


[Instagram} Jang Kuen Suk wants YOU! - 2017-07-21

Well, he didn't come right out and say it, but that's kind of what he meant.

_asia_prince_jks I need followers 

If you haven't followed him on Instagram, please click "follow" on his IG page.

He has over 7 million followers on his LINE accounts, over 733 thousand on his Twitter account, and almost 199 thousand on his little used Facebook account. Surely, we can hand him a million Instagram followers. Right?

Again, click here to get to his page.

Let's do it. LEZGO!!!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

[Instagram & Twitter] Jang Keun Suk in other news - 2017-07-19

Jang Keun Suk has such winning ways! No matter whether guy or gal, he continuously receives praise for being such a nice, kind and considerate person.

han_bang_chicken장근석배우님께서 한남동 한방통닭을 재재재방문 하셨어요^^*
나름 친해져서? 인증샷까지 허락해주시고,인스타올리는것도 허락해주시고 ㅎㅎ
냄비받침 방송 보고 단골에 이름 올린것도 아셨다네요~
멋있는건 당연하고,
볼때마다 어찌그리 싹싹하고, 친절하고, 사랑스러우신지♥♥
진정한 아시아 프린스네요!! #한남동한방통닭 #한방통닭#장근석 진정한#아시아프린스
English translation: Actor Jang Keun Suk visited Hannan-dong Hanban Chicken again
We are good friends? He permitted me to take a picture and allowed me to upload it. Haha
Viewers of Pot Mat know his name is on the list of regular customers ~
Every time I look at it, how gentle, kind and lovable he is.
Genuine Asia Prince!! #Hannam-dong Oriental Chicken #Oriental Chicken #Jang Keun Suk #Asia Prince

And not to be ignored, the masters of Voyage are completed. Ready to be duplicated and released on August 9.


[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk gifts Cri-J members - 2017-07-19

Jang Keun Suk posted a photo of himself in a box, mimicking Momo in You're My Pet. At the time, everyone laughed but wondered what it was all about. As you know by now, he's not been big on explanations lately.

But within a few hours we found out the reason of the photo of him in a gift box.

Tree J announced that JKS will hold two fan meetings in Seoul for Cri-J members on Sept 2 and 3.

Obviously, the photo is his way of saying he's making a gift of himself to Cri-J members. We couldn't be happier! Korean and International Eels who belong to Cri-J will have a chance to see him, listen to him and watch him. In addition, Cri J will make translation headsets available so International members will know what he's saying.

What a wonderful gift!!!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk handsome with his new car - 2017-07-18

Jang Keun Suk took possession of his new Prosche 991 with the DMC TOPCAR package of upgrades. It's hard to tell which looks prettier, the car or the actor. Hmmm....tough choice.

For us Porsche lovers, it's a difficult choice...but, yeah,  JKS wins. What do you think? Do you agree?


Monday, July 17, 2017

[Announcement] Jang Keun Suk gives away his kisses - 2017-07-17

Collecte de Zinzin and the Zikzin Shop began a new summer promotion even before the 2017 GIFT Fan Meetings had concluded. Initially, JKS kissed a variety of cards that were sold as part of the promotion for the GIFT Fan Meetings. The theme coincides with - or is a take off of - the graphic theme of the 2017 GIFT Fan Meetings and goes well beyond it.

Thus, the began the idea for the summer promotion campaign...

Collecte de Zikzin initially wrote:

"Starting today we will pass out flyers which give notice of our upcoming summer project! Using the photos which were posted on SNS the other day, the flyer will show you how this summer project had been prepared!!
Flyers are in a limited quantity.
Please do get one and take a look!
Hot summer is coming knocking on the door of Zikzin Shop!!

"We distribute the summer project notice flyer today! Look for the summer project was uploaded on SNS recently posted with pictures! Flyer will be finish lasts. View please come and pick it up! Zikzin shop limited is when summer is coming!"
As Collecte de Zikzin wrote, "Behind the fan meetings, one project was underway. At the Osaka venue, JKS was kissing paper cards for some reason.

"Ah! In Yokohama, too!"
"Oh? In Fukouka, again?"
"Really? In Nagoya, as well?"
"What on earth are these...?"

However, the promotion, showing JKS’ kisses, was expanded beyond the Fan Meetings to include a variety of promotional items.

The shop tweeted, "Starting on Saturday, July 15, on the first floor of the Zikzin building, we will give our Instagram followers our limited business cards! Please indicate the screen of your cellphone, showing us you are following Collecte de Zikzin.

"Since we would like to give the cards to as many customers as possible, you can get only one card per day. If you haven't followed us yet, please follow us and get the card!"

The promotion apparently proved so unique and desirable that it has been extended to include JKS’ birthday carnival. See what the shop is doing?

First, a banner in the Zikzin shop to celebrate JKS' 30th birthday.

And then...his birthday! Adorable, right?

Looking forward to what comes next to celebrate Jang Kuen Suk's big 30th birthday? So are we!


[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk & just an average weekend - 2017-07-17

Just your average weekend, right?

Don't we all spend weekend's this way?

Wake up, then put on a nice, comfy terry cloth robe and stand in front of myriad of cosmetic and hair products while smiling at something on your phone.

[Edit note: Close up, flipped] Wonder what he sees on his phone that caused him to smile?

Of course, it's necessary to visit his gym for a boxing work out with his trainer, Tommy, to stay in shape and keep the waistline under control!

tommy_na_gun_eui Sunday boxing with #ぐんちゃん

#boxing #champion #lasvegas #24hrfitness
#mma #ufc #k1 #kickboxing #UFC #muaythai #무에타이 #crossfit #mma #fitness #fitnessgear #crossfitter #boxinggym #크로스핏 #휘트니스 #종합격투기 #킥복싱 #bellator #알로하복싱짐 #장근석 #グンちゃん #チャングンソク 
English translation: Sunday boxing with #GunChan
#boxing #champion #lasvegas #24hrfitness
#mma #ufc #k1 #kickboxing #UFC #muaythai #muaythai #crossfit #mma #fitness #fitnessgear
#crossfitter #boxinggym #crossfit #fitness #mixed martial arts #kickboxing #bellator #Aloha Boxing Gym #Jang Keun Suk #Gun-Chan #Jang Keun Suk

And it's really nice to run into an old friend at a restaurant known for it's special hangover soup. Too much whisky with Greg of DMC? Kkkk

christina_siyune_park great to see you. #근짱

Yes. Just your average weekend!!! Right? But that's our favorite actor and entertainer. He chooses to never waste a day.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk customizes his brand new Porsche - 2017-07-15

Something else is happening in Jang Keun Suk's life that must thrill him.

Yes, our car fanatic strikes again. Not only did he modify his Bentley, he recently bought a Porsche 991 and is having it customized with the latest Top Gear package.

This is a photo of the Porsche 911 Turbo S before DMC begins it's TOPCAR modifications to make it a 991 Turbo S. It's worth noting that only one model vehicle in each color is permitted (by DMC) to be modified with this TOPCAR package. So, JKS will own a one-of-a-kind vehicle!

Pretty snazzy!!!!

dmctuning #DMC #JKS #AsiaPrince
We are proud to work on this very special car, from an even more special friend:
Famous Korean Super Star Jang Keun Suk, the Asia Prince.
Soon his #Porsche991 will get the DMC style with parts from TopCar who we represent in Asia.

Here are the boys grinning about the new car modifications. Aren't they cute!?!


[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk poses for a special photo - 2017-07-15

Yesterday, JKS posted the following photo to his IG account. At that moment, few were aware or remembered of the double significance of the photo, especially as JKS failed to add any text to his post. However, Eels have a long memory...and so do his friends.

However, JKS wasn't the only one posting yesterday. His college friend (and original college member of Team H) posted another photo that added some clarity, if not completely clarifying the significance of this date.

kimrok 10년 뒤 기념할 사진 
English translation: 10 year photo commemoration
[Edit Note: In other words, most of the original Hanyang Team H group got together again and took a group photo at one of JKS' favorite restaurants. We should add, too, that Kim Rok is the CEO of Planet Dream. JKS did a commercial spot for him when Kim launched his company.]

The group gathered at one of JKS' favorite restaurants in Seoul, Cafe Lasomme.

But July 14 has another very significant meaning which JKS surely remembers and may be the reason for his pose in his IG photo.

On this date in 2012, JKS walked down the middle of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées with a bottle of fine red wine in one hand and a copy of the New York Herald Tribune in the other.

At the age of 21, Jang Keun Suk attracted attention for writing in his blog that when he whenever a chance to be in Paris again, he planned to parody the 1960 movie, Breathless, with Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo, by walking down the Champs-Élysées while holding a newspaper and a wine bottle and yelling, ‘New York Herald Tribune!’

Eels worldwide combined their funds and bought a two page spread in the paper, celebrating JKS' 20th Anniversary. After learning about the Eels gift, Jang Keun Suk stated, “Because the International Herald Tribune means something personal to me, I’m greatly honored to be a part of it.” He added, “I was also very shocked and touched that Asian fans and fans from worldwide gathered together to create this special event. I will do my best to continue marching forward to pay back for the love that I’ve received.”

It's been five years since that anniversary walk down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and ten years since the original Team H formed at Hanyang Unversity. We have to wonder what thoughts lingered in his mind when he posed on the deck on the deck of Cafe Lasomme.