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Sweet Date with JKS in Korea!! [HD photos]

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[Member's Stories] LH is Begin Now, It's JGS and BB !!!!

After Hwang Tae Kyung Ssi finished performed the last song, HTK ssi Said he will be back and puff gone to the back stage. The for few minutes we were hwaiting unpatiently because we knew that it was late and it supposed to be end about another minutes for the show. But we were all thinking that we haven't seen the LH. Where will be the LH? All eels asked each other it was finish because it was so dark. But, no one know and keep talking each other.
Wishperily we heard an electronic music and all of us a little bit scream !!!! I told eel beside me it's about the time the LH will begin now. I saw my watch it's about 9.35 pm so the time was pass and it's because eels so high and Suk so high also. Fiuhhhhh Sweat already inside our clothes and plus we heard the electronic music that made uas finally scream loud and loud !!!!! yeayyyyyyy
And finally heard this sound, electronic music, This..... is......electronic party. music, electronic pary. Thisss......issss.... Big Brother (Big Brother), Geun Seok (Jang Geun Seok). Big Brother (Big Brother), Jang Geun Seok (Jang Geun Seok), We are...... Launge H and said 4 times by Big Brother. Then The music from lap top a party music started.
BB out in Black Clothes with Black Jacket also with some of the shiny thing in his clothes followed by Suk with the white clothes also with jacket. Then BB said "Let's stand up everybody" with waved his hands. And JGS also BB started dancing and sing. But sorry I can't remmeber what is the tittle of the song the first song. I never heard it before. After the first song finished, they continued with conversation between JGS and BB. And JGS said "And now let's start to put your hands up and Lounge H" he screamed to everybody. Bababababa 1,2,3....JGS screamed again wow his voice so sexy that time fiuh sweating all :) and BB started Dj ing also Suk then they stop for awhile.
well for the second song while they catched up their breath , they said each other so now talk to BB and now talk to JGS an dnow talk to BB and now talk to JGS. Then started for gotta getcha gotta getcha gotta getcha . Are you ready........ Let's go!!! music started by JGS nad BB DJ ing together. while they sing the also dance. And they sang put ur hands up, put put ur hands up, put ur hands up, put put ur hands up. and they started sang together again. His nice voice sang gotta getcha, gotta getcha, gotta getcha, gotta getcha, gotta getcha with his sexy clod voice hehhehe :) so sexy till all eels moving ther body I saw including me lkkkkkk. Suk just puring him self with water and many times he swap his sweat with small white towel and throw to the audience. And he sang again and puring and drink the water and swap his sweat and throw the towe again. 3 times he did :) and pucky for the eels who got the towels :)
Then they disappeared. Took long maybe they rest for awhile and we encore them back. We cal Jang Geun Seok many times and he appear and said "I'll be back" while walked fast to the back stage he said "encore, Encore" he started and we followed screamed encore encore too. They were back without jacket huuuuu so sexy body :) one muscle came one build muscle came also. Electronic music started and they asked put our hands up again and rap som elyrics, then continue gotta getcha gotta getcha gotta getcha again ;) This time Suk moiving an ddancing showing his but also showing his huging dance like he hugs someone and moving his body flexibly :) wow we just saw it and folowed it kkkkkk. Then he grabed the mike and swang his up and down also sing and finished gotta getcha.
They ttok breath and start also with the do mancho mancho and Suk was moving around the stage left adn right and sing do mancho mancho with his sexy dance and DJ ing together with BB and finish together the song. Then they continue with shake it shake it. this time I think they got warned for the time coz it pass many minutes kkkkk :) but in the intermezo of the shake it shake it Suk just draged gun Sama to dance and he dance only his butt dance not belly dance and draged jason also dance. jason dance quietly good but just like in drama Suk pretend to kick Jason out kkkkk and Eun Suk just back and forth for the otwel and see the stage and see Suk with worried looking that Suk will drag him too. So that's why he was running got the towel put some water and all. And disappeared behind the stage so he save.
And finally after shake it shake it finish and the electronic music S also BB said thank you Singapore for your coming to our show and see you in the next tour. Thank you for coming and good night Singapore. Well they have gone but we still sit. MC said it;s finishe dand we didnt believe it we keep calling JGS name untill MC out agian and said thank u for comoing and htnak you for enjoy the LH also the FM and pls becareful when u go hom. But we haven't stood up yet and waiitng till 5 minutes then we ran to the back yard for waited Suk came from the VIP way.
Well suddenly we thoguht that we miss Suk already with whole LH he had with BB and we ran to see Suk to say bye Cri to Suk. And th's what we stoped in the back yard we went home with smile and big heart and also love him both more and more. LH is over but the effect and imepact made us stayed up till 4 before we continued to airport at 5 fiuhhhhhh

Suk and BB I personally envy you for what you have done for us and ur eels at SG FM n LH. even you are not in a good condition, you kept you commitment to gave us the best and to made us happy. Your voice and your words are more then enough for us to keep loving u from past time, from now on until lasting forever we can. You tried hard for us, we will try hard also to support you in any way we can. Fighting!!! go go Go Suk !

Written by: IK@balimay

Hi cri~

Last time, we heard about JKS DVD: Where Is Your Star make rank no.1,and now again the victory repeat. This time is JKS first debut album, Let Me Cry conquer the Oricon Chart!! Let's hear what news report about it ^-^

Kpop artists are proving to be a strong force in the Japanese music market. Jang Geun Suk and SNSD have secured the top two places in today’s Oricon daily singles charts.

Jang Geun Suk’s Japanese debut single “Let me cry” sold 56,923 copies which placed him first. This was above top idol group SNSD, who released their new single “MR. TAXI/ Run Devil Run.” SNSD sold 40,194 copies falling just short of Jang geun Suk at second place. Third place was Kobukuro who sold 16, 788 copies of their new single “Ano taiyo ga kono sekai wo terashi tsuzukeru yoni“. It is quite obvious that both Jang Geun Suk and SNSD have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

Although this is only the first day of release, it is possible that we can have high expectations that both Jang geun Suk and SNSD are capable for taking the top spot in the Oricon weekly rankings.

That's not all eels. Sukbar news reported that Korean fans did a calculation of first-day sales of Korean artistes who released an album in Japan. According to the recent figures released by Oricon chart, Jang Keun Suk’s “Let me cry” album sold 56,923 copies on the first day of its release, which is a record-breaking number for a Korean artiste’s first-day sales.

Congratulation Sukkie!! We are proud of you!!

Last night Keun Suk left a message at iPhone app thanking the fans for putting him on #1 on oricon chart ^.^

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[Member's Stories] Unforgetable Moment of FM and LH

Friday, on 23rd of April 2011, all of us who stayed at dorm in the room were awake at 8am. Was so late for me if we want to chased Suk for rehearsal. Well but I made all friends to woke up and asked them to took shower if they still want to chased Suk. Then we went to NUS straight by MRT and by bus. We start from 10am from our dorm and arrived there around 11:30. And we straight to toilet.
What happen was we heard He sang in the toilet and so marvelous song so nice to hear and nice to enjoy. I did that and one of my friend told me asked the auntie who cleaned the carpet. I asked "auntie, what time he arrived?" , then she replied me "at 11am" with smile. Surprisingly, she told us anything bout his rehearsal began and where we can see him only see not allow in. also we could use the elevator. So good I digged the info kkkkk. then we went out form that building and tried to waited in the door he will go out. But we have been pushed by the security not sat there. So we moved and we sat in the other place. Some friends complained about hot and hot and that's really hot but I knew that I will meet him.
It wasnt Ik if just sit and did nothing. So, I asked one eel to go with me to the second floor and we need to go fast before d security came. Sudenly one eel that i didn'texpected that time to come first asked us to took her with us. We looked each other and said we needed to move fast as fast as we can. So three of us up to the second floor. And we heard he sand owwwww nice but the door locked and couldnt open. Well we sat for awhile but the other eel who came said she was affraid. Ohh no we think that we should took her down and out from there then we moved up again. But what happened, when the elevator stoped at the third floor, uhhh we got caught up by the security. And we went down to the first floor.
Then we went back to the place we sat. I was dissapointed and was mad and I told friends I would sleep sitting in the floor. Then while everybody tired and hungry also sleepy one balck sedan and i knew it was Benz, drove by the driver so fas. I looked at my watch it was 3pm so Suk went back to hotel and will rest before he went back again to Marina. Because I was dissapointed and mad I didn't care anmore with that Benz.
Evening came and we bought some merchandise like LH set, the silver pin also others. Time showed us at 5:55pm almost the time to que. I met Suk's dad and mum and i said only annyonghaseyo and Gun Sama [ohh one story that I forgot to tell u all in Marina. I talked with Gun Sama and Kurt. Kurt so shy person I dont think he will talk with the people that he hasn't know. So, I just say hii and he said hii back to me and smile and then moved to the back stage.And Gun Sama gave funny situation and story to me. After Kurt left, he asked us actually, do you know him (pointed at kurt) and one eel said yes, he is Big Brother and I said Kurt Jung. Gun Sama open his eyes widen and said even you know his real name. And i said yes sir. Eel beside me tld Gun Sama like this "Kurt is handsome like you (pointed Gun Sama)", with smile. Gun sama pretend couldn't understand and move closer his ear to me. I repeated again what that eel said, and what made us surprised that he steped back and put his finger in his lips and said "I KNOW". I just thinking that time what does he meant? Is that he became and idol too or we insulted him? Because after he said that he wink his eye to me ohhhhhh what happen?uhhhhhhh still confuse till now kkkk ] Continue, I met Gun Sama and I said wow wow wow the handsome guy will pass and I think he heard me and just moved his hair back and msile again uhhhhhhh [I wish that Sukkie did that, not Gun Sama kkkk]. But Gun Sama and Eun Suk met maybe just maybe auntie or embasador from Korea for Singapore with her kids. And they gave the ticket to them.
Well after that we just sat and saw Suk's dady back and forth from the door 3 to back stage with brought some mags and some food. Also we arrange strategy to saw Suk after that in the back stage. Until we entranced the door.
Well what I can say is i enjoyed his show :) and performance even he got cold or flu. First of all MC called him Mr. Jang and had some interview and continued with Let Me Cry also Take Care My BuS! and the funny thing is when he starter sang the song some eels stood up and shake their hands. Until the MC said "according to Mr.Jang requested, pls back to your sit. It's not the time to stand up" MC closed the request and I did really laugh about that. Geeee. Then continue with the interview again and talked bout photobook showed there some pics and some activities at London also the candid camera he took. Then continued with M3 and he changed into Mu Gyul Clothes, finished and started with YAB also he went to back stage and change into HTK.Fiuhhhhhhhh so nice of him and then after he sang some song and all then it continue with games :) to win the prizes and hugs from Sukkie. And I think 2 from sing and 1 from Korea :).Lucky them and Suk went to back stage again and then dark.
Then Suk came out with BB and let's start the Gotta Getcha also continue with Shake It Shake It and also Do Mancho Mancho and other song i can't remmeber the tittle. :) fiuh all sweat eels there and all scream also and BB made high then contoinue with Suk whoa I envy them :) great performance great dancing even Suk sick. Ehmm until the finished performed and said thank you for coming and bla bla bla, we never wanted to leave our seat kkkkk we still sat there anthe MC said the show is over and we can go home kkkkkk Then we stood up n walked.
We walked to the back yard that we sat in the afternoon waited for Suk came out. But securities said if we didn't want to steped back Suk won't came out. So we made line and we steped back. Then benz out and Suk in also stoped infornt of us and waved. But some taxi followed his car. We thought we would like to followed him but we think it was late and we will left by the bus hiks. So went home. tragedy there I lost my wallet that in the early morning back and safe by security but whole money gone hiks again. Well that's the story after performance.
Sunday morning I stayed at the airport and read the mention that Suk left to airport. I was in terminal 1 and Suk was in terminal 2 and i wlked to terminal 2 and saw him entreanced the VIP door uhhhhhh bye cri bye Suk i just could said that. And I went back to terminal one again waited for my flight.
One thing that I never forget : SUK IS A TALENTED ACTOR AND SINGER, ALSO A GENIUS PERSON THAT ALWAYS WANT TO MAKE EELS HAPPY. I never seen that before in the other actor. He seems that he always think bout his fans not him self. That's make me love, envy and give him 2thumbs mine and 2toes mine ehehhe. His parents are a supportive parents, even they were late but they really appreciate Suk as a well known or famous entertainer, until when Suk havent sat in the chair on stage his paretns also still stood up. When Suk sat then the parents sat also in their chair. That' s the form of appreciation. Managers are busy with Suk, mostly Gun Sama. But Gun Sama is understandable people, no wonder what Suk think, he knew exactly and before Suk asked he will just have it in his hand. Jason so support Suk behind the stage and a cheerful person for Suk. No wonder Jason be Suk play friend in the free time :) well as i said to Suk in my book "Success without supporters is something, supporters without success is nothing. But, no supporters and no succcess wil be like nights without stars"

Well friends i wish you enjoy my report the short share excitement to u all coz i don't have any other words to describe the show FM n LH maybe like he said the show is CRItical, Genius and Handsome show :) all packed well and i never forget in my life. *IK @balimay

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[Member's Stories] How He Likes The Dance

When the airport finished, we took taxi to go to Marina Square. We took our tix that include auto or photo session tix for that day. We met Sing eels, Msia eels, Blue eels, Phil eels also other Indo eels. We were ready for that session and we change shirt which we brought since we arrived at the airport.
I otld my friends that i need to rehearse the dance with Sing eels. And I need thier help to take care of my bag. And they said was ok then they gone with thier friends to que in the photo session. So, i went to the dance group and I joined them to rehearse and ready for the dance.
MC gave signed that JGS was arrived at Marina and not long after that MC said here JGS and Suk steped on the stage and intro him self. After MC intro to the audience. He waved to audience, to eels and also to dancers.
After some talked that Suk made, MC said he had surprises for him. Then the cake came and gave by CRE staff and the other surprised that MC said was the dance and CRE played the music. The dance begin and Suk so enjoyed and happy when he watched our dance. I was so env with him, he smiled and he was surprised because "Just Drag" be a song to do the flash mob dance. And when we made a heart symbol, he replied us with his heart symbol too. He followed our dance in every movement until finisihed and aplaused to us for the surprised. He never think that he will accepted like that. I was so happy with that.
I am proud to be an eel. Even now i love him more n more then i axpected. I never be shy to dance for him and this is the first for me to dance infront of him even with many eels. So glad and so happy can did something for him.
Then the auto session began and continued with the photo session. He was so marvelous, polite and generous with his smile. Even when I met him in the airport he looked a little bit pale, but in the photo session he look a little bit color. There is a funny part her, I saw him up n down the stage to have photo session and one time he went up he chew something. I knew he ate something but I didnt know what kind in that time. Today I knew (cr Shiro) he ate onion ring :) wow it must be a high sale then after this the onion ring :)

When all fiinished after that and we went out from the left glasses door. I was thinking to chased him with friends but i said to them poor Suk, he needed to rest for tomorrow. Let him rest and clubing with his friends and managers. I was so sad when i saw that he looked a little bit pale. That's why i think it was better he took rest. Well then we went home to our dorm. Here I shared some Pics that took by CRE and other eels.

Written by: IK@balimay