Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lotte Duty Free CF sont "So I'm Loving You" FULL MV (ENG sub)

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[CRI SHOW] 27/05/11 Press Conf & Auto Event

press conf & auto pass at Siam Discovery

here is the venue

Auto event was started after finishing press conf.

lucky eel got hug from suk wow ^^

Here is FA from this lucky eel (cr: @korfang)

at first time I talk about I love JKS T-shirt. I designed and gave it to him at Hongkong last year.(before he made it)he really surprise and laugh. He sign on my CD. I said "Oppa bc I'm the last one can you hug me" he smile "of course I'll hug you!!" he stand up and hug me but I'll cry I said "thank you thank you" and many time "I promise I'll love you..... forever". He touch my head and rub it softly. In the end of moment I said Thank you again and shake hands. -end- Now, I'm still excite!! >"<

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[CRI SHOW] 26/05/11 Incheon-BKK

Suk leaving korea to thailand on 26th May for CRI SHOW in BKK
That is the 3rd stop of his asia tour.


who have taken this photo?
It's focused on Gunsama
Maybe it's taken by Gunsama Lover? kkk

It looks like he is already in Thailand because of his clothes^^
Was it hot in Seoul that day or he wanted to go BKK earlier?

arrival @BKK

Can u find where suk is?

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