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[member's stories] JKS from a friend =)

Hello Pretty Eels!!!

Well, this is my story, I mean, well, I am not posting about anybody's story through my account, but it is my own story. heheheh :D

So I've been busy with my university life lately and yeah, it's somehow pretty awesome (except for all the lectures, assignments and presentation, etc) I am happy that I made friends from different parts of my country. The most exciting part is that I am very very grateful that I have such kind housemates!

Not only they prepare a little surprise birthday celebration for me despite knowing me for just a few days at that time, they are always with me and help me go through the hectic and exhausting times, so yeah.. I am really grateful.

And yeah, would you expect your friends to be concerned about your interest when they just get to know your for like, 3 to 4 months? Well, my housemates do. They are concern about my interest i.e. my relationship with our Suk *slaps* okay okay I'm exagerating. Ngahahaha :P

So last night after I finished my lecture I went to my hostel and they approached me and give me a square stuff wrapped with newspaper. I thought it was a prank from them, so I opened it slowly (since they instructed me to do so IN FRONT of them) and even threw it once in a while when they scare me by saying that I was going to jump if I find out about the stuff inside. I thought it was something bouncy - like a frog replica or something along the line? I don't know. Weird stuffs lingered your mind the moment you start to become paranoid, don't you think?

But then I continued unwrap the pack and find out....


a DVD set of Jang Keun Suk's 2010 Asia Tour inside!!!!

I was extremely in cloud nine the moment I saw Jang Keun Suk's name on it. Mind you., I thought it was a book of Jang Keun Suk so like what they expected, I leaped up high in joy and then when I find out that it was actually a DVD, I became happier!!!

But whatever it is, whether it was a book or a DVD, I would still appreciate it since it is a gift from a friend of course, and another reason is because of Jang Keun Suk. :D

My housemates have known for long how much passion I have for Jang Keun Suk that whenever they saw Suk on TV or anywhere,  even while listening to people's conversation about Suk, they will think of me. And that's how they came out with this thing. They went to shopping mall for window shopping purposes and to break fast in the first place, but seeing the DVD has made them think of me and that they bought one for me to make up the day when they celebrated my birthday without a present last time. 

I know maybe a lot of you people out there have own more than this thing. But the thing that makes it special to me is that how the DVD has some values in it. First and foremost it proves me the value of friendship. Not many of our friends are willing to buy something like this for us, right? Especially those who have different interest from ours. These girls, they don't really like Suk, but they are willing to spend their money just to buy this for me. Isn't it shows how strong the value of friendship are? 

Of course we can't judge the strength of friendship through money. Friendship is so vast that it can never be measured by using anything including money. But come on, let me just as you again, who are willing to spend money on this kind of stuff for a friend? You would rather bring your friend to have a barbeque party, or bring them to a vacation or something else that are memorable, but how about a thing which they are not interested but we're interested? It's rare, right? 

Added that they just know you, just be with you for a short while, just share stories for a short period,  in other words, they just know you for a few months and become close with you, GIVE you a stuff which is very valuable to you? 

Again, it's rare, right?

And just tell me, who'd got any of Suk's stuffs from a friend? Not much right?

I am very very thankful to have such a kind and loving housemates. Not because of this gift, it's because of their sincerity. The don't mind spending money on stuffs that people always consider as 'wasting money and time' or 'useless' or 'do not give you any benefit' or 'can not determine your future'. You see? 

I am not worshipping them more than my best friends, but somehow I am really thankful to be placed in this house here in this campus, with those lovely housemates being with me throughout my journey to a indefinite destination. Well, I found where I belong in this campus, at least in the house, if not somewhere else.

Their presence make me feel like this second home of mine is my 'home sweet home' paradise, apart from my hometown. 

I think that's it. 

But let me just ask you again. Would you mind spending money to buy a huge, the cutest Garfield for a friend who favored Garfield very much, when you yourself do not have much interest in that big-eyed cute monster?

-admin nurul-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chocoball talking about Sukkie

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Chocoball talking about Sukkie on Come to Play show..
They're just talking about how he is when they see him. Dancing …hehhehe..I think suk did it very funny thats why he is the topic..hehehe,,HOpe someone will upload the video..

pls watch:

more scenes from this show:


[Mags]ODINA vol.06 (Aug 2011 issue)

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[JP and eng sub]PSY and JKS moments

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Kim Heechul, 'Korean Justin Bieber,' Takes Over Twitter JKS will be the next??

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From the editor:
Can we put JKS be the NEXT topic???

Sounds like 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has some competition on Twitter: South Korea's Kim Heechul.
There's a bit of an age difference -- Heechul is 27 -- but both are musical heartthrobs for thousands of teenage girls with rabid social network followings.
Bieber (@justinbieber) may have the edge on Twitter followers -- with 5.6 million to Heechul's 245,000 -- but since this weekend, Heechul has been the one dominating discussion.
It seems as though thousands of fans declared Oct. 11 "Kim Heechul Day" and used Twitter to spread the message. Tweets trickled in from South Korea and elsewhere until there was an international following, and curiosity, solidifying Heechul's spot atop the Twitter Trends throughout the day.
(UPDATE: A HuffPost reader emailed in, "It's actually October 10, 2010 we declared Kim Heechul's Day.. that day we started trending him because he posts a cartoon pic of him and other of his friends using a Uface application on Iphone." However, the buzz continued on Oct. 11 and into Oct. 12.)
Bieber fans often dominate the social network with links and tweets of support. In fact, it's been said that up to 3 percent of Twitter's servers are dedicated to Bieber chatter. Bieber himself is an avid user of the site, known to say some ridiculous things on occasion.
The comparison between the two was made repeatedly during Heechul's reign in the coveted spot atop Twitter Trends. Mashable's Associate Features Editor Matt Silverman tweeted, "It's official: Kim Hee Chul is the Korean Justin Bieber."

Story continues below
UPDATE: As of Noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, Oct. 12, Heechul has been trending on Twitter for 65 hours, according to

from the editor:REminder EEL's we can make this also to suk,if we cooperate this coming august 03'11 at 11:30 pm...

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[most important]TRENDING REMINDER

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Sounds like im a bit annoying now to all my followers,but i am very sincere in this event...even i will repost this in how many times,,i WILL...!!This is only my way to support my one and only IDOL JKS...

ONE of the most important for trending:

IM just showing all of you what is wrong and what is correct..Dont waste your effort for trending...Once you tweet like the example number 1,the WEB will count it as SPAM not a trend...If you want to promote another hashtag,it s ok..but make sure you post it separate..
RULES:one hashtag in one post/tweet...

PLs to those who really want to join in this event,pls follow the instruction carefully..THANK's cri:)