Tuesday, December 27, 2011


WOWOW will broadcast a special program on JANG KEUN SUK 2011 THE CRI SHOW IN TOKYO DOME THE BEGINNING. It will feature JKS as a musician, off shot, interview especially recorded for this program. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still cuts from YoonA and Jang Keun Suk on "Love Rain”

On December 19th, drama "Love Rain" released still cuts from the scene in which Jang Keun Suk and YoonA first meet.

After picking up YoonA's book, Jang Keun Suk handed it back to her without being able to take his eyes off her, which captured their moment of love at first sight.


Monday, December 19, 2011

JKS at Hanyang scholarship commemoration ceremony

JKS at Hanyang scholarship commemoration ceremony

Actor Jang Keun Suk recently donated $1.2 million USD to Hanyan University.
On December 19th, he attended commemoration ceremony to mark his status as a donator
to the school.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Documentary from KBC will air

KBC announced to air "Star Documentary-Centre of New Hallyu Centre, I am Jang Keun Suk" on
1 January 2012 at 10:35.
It will feature Arena Tour, Tokyo Dome in Japan to exhibit unknown Jang Keun Suk as a Hallyu Star.
The documentary depicts real-life story about actor Jang Keun Suk who has created the Hallyu history after Bae Yong-joon.
The program delves into the secret of his own charm which captured Japan using the variety of evidence given by his fans and specialists within the country and outside the country.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Fly Just To See You Are My Pet 20111202, Friday

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20111202, Friday

    Friday morning started to go to airport from swimming pool and left the competition event just for something surprised and a unique expereince that i never had before. WHY I WANT TO SHARE?
    20111122, one of my friend said she got the tix to watch YMP at Jakarta (the capital) she never think that I will fly to Jakarta because of one movie. I was sad, because I couldn't get the tix because my friend had only 3 tix. But in the same day my friend said one is cancel. I said I will took it. I rang the travel and asked someone to found out tix for me fly on Friday and back on Saturday morning. Because I have to be in the competition event in my city (Surabaya). One of my friend said "You Are Crazy" you go to Jakarta, fly there, because you want to watch You Are My Pet only. That's the crasiest thing that she ever heard. I told her, because of Jang Geun Seog and because I assumed him as my own younger brother, I wanted to watch his creation and enjoy his work freely. And finally all friends said I am a crazy eels and i replied I am a crazy eels because I have a multitalanted, humble and charm dongsaeng. Until I designed my own shirt just to Support the You Are My Pet movie. (pic attach).

so, on 20111202, at 9.30am i started my journey from pool to airport. Because I picked up my dad I almost late. BUt, i drove fast, as fast as I can until friends on twitter said, becareful, I didn't have to go fast. And they asked me to stop tweeting. Well I arrived at the airport safely and directly check in. I flew on time and arrived at Jakarta (capital) on time around 12.05pm

I bbm my friend (Niela) and asked her where was she. She said still in the Damri bus. I have to wait around 1.5 hours. Then we met. And the hate of us were waiting for other Damri to go to Lotte Cinema at Gandaria City around 1.5 hours also. We were on the bus to go to Lotte Cinema. And that's the first time i changed my clothes at the bus in my own seat. GOSH! But thanks to my friend Niela she cover me with her blanket so no one see me :) LOL

Time running so fast. when we were on the bus it was 3pm and at 5pm we still in the quarter of our way to cinema. Because we were stress we think manthing. We think that we will be late, no other way and else. But, one friend at bbm told us to took bicycle and got off the bus. We did and we asked the driver could they took us to Gandaria City on time and not even at 7pm. They said the could and yes they could and drove fast between cars and others vehicles. Woahhhhh good driver.

We arrived at 6.15pm finally. And i already wore my You Are My Pet shirt and my own design. We refresh our face first and we change clothes. Then we met som eels. BUt suddenly one of the journalist, didn't know from where, caught my shirt and said OMO! you had your own design, he said. And asked me to took picture in the poster (attach) and interviewed me about JKS. He asked why i like JKS? I said, from the actor side, he is a professional worker, multitalented actor and multitalented singer. But as a personality character, he has 2 side, a childish character and mature character he has. The man asked "really?" "so, what character you know about him? and had you meet him?" i answered, o yes i met him. His character is a unique character. He is a humble person and never leave his fans. He always make people happy insted his own happiness. The point is he is the person who never want to make people sad and see people suffer. He wants people happy and give people as much as he can give them. And the journalist just smile and said the final wor "you know him more then i do" and i smile. I say thank you for the interviewed and photo taken.

Then finally we were que and that man again took all of us and eels pictures :) on line up. He was so happy took our picture with banner and with eels from CrijIndo also from other. We finally in the theatre. We got goody bag, which contains of towel from Lotte cinema and 2 handbooks about All movie there and KOrea :) And we seated in the D block which was a good seated for us with drink and pop corn.

The movie began at 7.05pm and in the first time no voice at all. but when JKS appeared on the bike all scream. I screamed also hehehhe i think my voice is the loudest voice there plus some eels also ahhahah. Well all of you MUST see You Are My Pet. You have to see it first then you can say that movie good or bad on your sight. If you haven't see that movie DON"T EVER TALK that the movie is bad. There are many pro and cons for this movie but after i discuss with eels after we watched, that's a light movie which can made us enjoy in every second. Made us laugh every seconds even longer more then a minute. WHY? Let me share here why. JKS played as a professional actor, he can play the character Kang In Ho in a good way. Because he is in his own characters. So, In Ho is JKS it self. Free man, teaser, chooser, seductive, sexy, understandable, and also a lovely person who love someone that he think is his match. And Ji Eun Ni is a KHN her self also. A strict, cool, easy going, easy to fall in love, non-understandable, orderly woman and talkative. Because they played their self character, this movie shown the audience the orecious character they had blend with the story. The story is a light story, romantic comedy. The producer was good in handle and show their character smoothly. They played it freely and didn't put any additional action. They can play the climax very well. Both artist can flew the story line smoothly. But, the MOST important thing is, they also played their mimic or expression. That's why this movie alive :) Some misunderstanding appearence in the story line, love appeared when the "ice" melt by the passion of MOMO. And the situation of the gf-ex bf appeared and ruin because MOMO love the owner. They story goes well although a little bit fast. But the peak or the climax was not the love it self but the broken relationship which was unknown by the owner. Momo left the owner and met again when they tried to opened the same taxi's door. That's the second peak and the kissing scene was the peak of the top of the movie shown to audience, how momo miss his owner and lover her so much and how the owner fall in love and worry about momo :)

Well I wish all of you will just have a positive thinking bout this movie. Is just a movie to refresh our day and fill it with laugh. If people said why a man want to be a pet, that's wrong. Momo love Ji Eun in the first sight. And tried to win her heart. That's the point. So what is the detail, see by your self later :)

Finally kissing scene closed the movie and we were out :) again we have to waited for the Busway till 2 hours before we arrived in my boarding house's friend at 12.30 am. And have breakfast and dinner in the same time also coffee. So I am not sleep at all untill I publish this FA. I will fly on 5.45 am and no is 3am :) wish I won't sleepy at all. Well any questions and open discussion open here and open at twitter for @theeelsfamily and @JanusEel (*Janus). Have a nice weekend all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

‎[News] “You’re Beautiful, to be Remade as Musical Next July

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“You’re Beautiful”, the drama which gained high popularity when it was aired in 2009, will be remade as a musical.

The musical production company, Seensee Company, released their performance lineup for year 2012 on the 14th, and revealed that “You’re Beautiful” will be remade as a musical.
The musical will be staged at Sejong Cultural Centre, M Theatre, from 31 July to 11 September next year. The cast of the musical is still in the planning. The musical will be based on the drama, having new adaptations for the stage play.

The drama “You’re Beautiful” brought actor Jang Keunsuk the title “Asia Prince”, and it also stars Park Shinhye, FTIsland’s Lee Hongki and CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa. The drama, which drew a high popularity and success in Korea, was also aired on Fuji TV in Japan in July last year. Artistes from Johnny’s Entertainment were also casted for a remake of this drama last July.


JKS open a YouTube channel to “provide a CCTV look into his life”

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Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk has once again proven his SNS savviness by announcing that he’s opened his own YouTube channel to document his daily life.

His channel currently contains his music videos, excerpts from his concerts, and some behind-the-scenes clips. Through his new ‘Psycho_j Studio‘, the actor aims to give fans a secret glimpse into his daily life as honestly and as candidly as possible.

The idea of this CCTV channel is attracting widespread attention, since celebrities mainly use their YouTube accounts to share official videos only.

Jang Geun Suk stated, “I created a YouTube account because I wanted to converse with more of my fans. Because I’m actively promoting at the moment, I think I’ll be able to share more fun moments with them. YouTube is also a platform with netizens from all over the world, so I hope that it allows me to reach more of my fans. Thank you for your interest.”

[News] JKS: Director Yun Seok-ho is a mentor in my life

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On 13 Dec afternoon, Jang Keun Suk attended Love Rain’s media panel discussion held at Dae-du’s Children Theatre. He said that he “felt very honoured to be able to work together with very senior director Yun Seok-ho”.

Demonstrating his respect for the director, JKS said, “The director gave me a new character in my life, he is a mentor in my life.”

Seated next to the director, JKS enlivened the atmosphere by making mischievous facial expressions and joking.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jang Geun Suk and JYJ’s Kim Jun Su is crowned in the Asia Jewelry Awards

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Jang Geun Suk and JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently proved their overwhelming popularity once again.

Jang and Kim is to be presented World Star and World K-Pop Superstar respectively in the 3rd Asia Jewelry Awards.

Each of the categories is given to a Korean star who is credited for one’s role in spreading and promoting Korean culture worldwide. The two knockouts will receive crowns, studded consonants of Korean letters, that designer Kim Jung Joo created himself.

In addition, in the Award, apart from winning the award, Kim Jun Su will be performing for charity in purpose of helping the needy along with group T-ara. Also all the celebrities attending the event will be donating their own cherished items. There will be a charity bazaar, where the stars’ donated items are sold and proceedings will go to the UNICEF.

Other winners are Moon Chae Won, Joo Sang Wook, T-ara, MBLAQ, Lee Jae Hwang, and Lee Seung Hyo.

Source: Starnews

[news]Jang's the ambassador for nuclear summit seoul 2012

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Popular Korean actor in Japan, Mr. Jang will serve as ambassador to the nuclear security summit in Seoul next March, 7, was handed a letter of appointment.
Nuclear security summit, "world without nuclear weapons," What began last year in the United States in urging President Obama aim, the conference next March and the second is held in Seoul, about 50 leaders of the countries of the world will be participating. The South Korean government, Seoul and held a wide'll let you know the summit, also worked as a singer in the popular Korean actor, ambassador appointed to Mr. Jang has worked in Japan, 7, Kim Sung-hwan commissioned directly handed a letter of Foreign Minister. After this, Mr. Chan, in a press conference "that will contribute greatly to world peace through the Korean and Korean Summit," and showed a willingness to work as a goodwill ambassador. In the last nuclear security summit, and measures were discussed using nuclear weapons to terrorists, next year is expected to be a major theme of nuclear safety by the Fukushima.
daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident..


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