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[news]Jang's the ambassador for nuclear summit seoul 2012

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Popular Korean actor in Japan, Mr. Jang will serve as ambassador to the nuclear security summit in Seoul next March, 7, was handed a letter of appointment.
Nuclear security summit, "world without nuclear weapons," What began last year in the United States in urging President Obama aim, the conference next March and the second is held in Seoul, about 50 leaders of the countries of the world will be participating. The South Korean government, Seoul and held a wide'll let you know the summit, also worked as a singer in the popular Korean actor, ambassador appointed to Mr. Jang has worked in Japan, 7, Kim Sung-hwan commissioned directly handed a letter of Foreign Minister. After this, Mr. Chan, in a press conference "that will contribute greatly to world peace through the Korean and Korean Summit," and showed a willingness to work as a goodwill ambassador. In the last nuclear security summit, and measures were discussed using nuclear weapons to terrorists, next year is expected to be a major theme of nuclear safety by the Fukushima.
daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident..


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