Monday, December 31, 2012

[Photos] More Rehearsal Photos Hunan TV


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[Video] Hunan TV News of Jang Keun Suk Rehearsal


Staff Twitter, 12-31-12

시간 예정이었던 리허설,30분만에 끝낸 장배우!대기실까지 직접 찾아와 내용을 확인해주신 국민MC 허지웅님과는 만나자마자 꽈악~~형제같은 포옹부터 했다는 훈훈한 이야기를 전하며-ㅡ
Actor Jang scheduled for one-hour rehearsal, finished in just 30 minutes! And personally came to the waiting room to help identify content was MC Heo Jiung~ wow ~ ~ talk and hug like brothers in a heartwarming way

@codeinconnu: 호남TV 볼 수 있는 사이트 … ㅡ 방송은 현지 시각 10시 30분 예정 우리나라 시각으로 11시 30분! ㅡ 근갤 엘리수뉴님 감사크리! ㅡ
Hunan TV site where you can see ... -Broadcast will be at 10: 30 pm local time in Japan time 11: 30 pm! Thanks cri!
TEF Note: (eels use google chrome to translate post titles)

JKS Staff Twitter 12-30-12

HS media의 삼총사! ㅡ 현지 방송을 어렌지하는 너무 너무 고마운 할루! ㅡ 중국오면 내 오른팔, 션! ㅡ 일 잘하는 과장님, 테디! ㅡ
HS media's Angels! -local stations arranged a broadcast so so thankful Hallu! — When it comes to China, my right arm, Sean! A good supervisor, Teddy!

너무너무 든든해!! ㅡ 전체 동선 정리해주는 우리 안무 단장님! ㅡ 모든 것을 체크하는 멋진 MJ ㅡ
It was very reassuring!! The whole order of choreography organized by the leader -Check that everything is wonderful

현장 오니, 다시 정리할 것 투성이 ㅡ
내일 리허설에 우리 배우와 팀H가 멋지게 설 수 있도록 답사 가는 길- ㅡ
바쁘고도 즐거운 2012년의 연말 ㅡ
아직까지 체력이 있다 아직까지 일이 즐겁다 아직까지 우리가 좋다 그래, 그거면 된거야!
On-site needs to be sorted out-
At the rehearsal tomorrow our Actor and Team H can stand nicely so I'll explore the way
They were very busy and had fun in 2012
So far there has been fun and good stamina!


Staff Weibo 12-30-12 and 12-31-12

HS media!! 右~ Teddy[心]Hallu[心]Sean
HS media!! right~ Teddy Hallu Sean


JKS in studio


[Photos] Rehearsal Pics from Hunan



[Photo] Line-up of Hunan TV's 2013 New Year Celebration & [Link] for Streaming

Hi eels! Sharing with you the line-up of Hunan TV's New Year Celebration later. ^^ Team H is no. 15 on the line-up.^^

cr: kalen, as tagged

In addition, we share to you a link through which we can also watch the event. However, we are also expecting a delay in the telecast of the event as the celebration is announced to be live via television only, so make sure you stay tune 'til the end.^^ You can check as early as now if the link works in your pc / mobile devices.^^ Happy watching and a Happy New Year to all!

link cr: megumi


[Photos] Hunan TV New Year Celebration - Rehearsal

sources: various weibo accounts
cr: shiro

[Video] Hunan TV Arrival of Jang Keun Suk in Changsha

cr: JKSTweel


[Video] Changsha Airport Arrival Fancam


[Photos] Jang Keun Suk Airport Arrival Changsha 12-30-12