Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jang Keun Suk- A BRIGHT STAR Jang Keun Suk - A bright star

Jang Keun Suk- A BRIGHT STAR

Who is Jang Keun Suk?
Is he an actor who knows what makes the viewers tick?
Or is he a singer who can make music which attracts wide audience?
Is he just another hallyu star who will be at his peak when he is young and then will be forgotten?
The best person to answer the above question would be Jang Keun Suk himself.
One can understand that there is something inside this young man of 25 that is waiting to shine. And this quality is not something temporary. It has grown brighter and brighter with years and after 20 years we see that the Light within hasn’t dimmed but has only grown stronger. It illuminates not only Jang Keun Suk but also all those who are around him.
Here is a Fan made video which tries to bring out some of that hidden wisdom to the spot light.
And he is just not loved by his fans but respected also by people around him. His seniors and juniors in the field.
My personal favorite words from Prince Suk…
“I will say this until I die. Even if I step into the coffin, I hope that I will feel anxious about whether I can act this character well when reading the script. Everyone hopes to bring something with them on their last journey; for me, a script is enough.” Jang Keun Suk
A star who wants to traverse the chosen path until the day he dies.
Salute to Jang Keun Suk,,
May your wish come true Bright star…and hope you shine till the end…

Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Instruction]EEL's Power Please VOTE JKS IN WEIBO

Hello pretty EEL's


Fellow eels, please keep voting for JKS in Weibo. Oh, if only all of Sukkie's 1.9M followers vote him, he'd be on the #1 slot. Here's how to vote
(posted by Sarah Ye & QQ+kim flores)

1. Log-in to Weibo
2. Go to this link - http://q.weibo.com/starbadge/pk (just copy & paste on your browser)
3. Click on the 4th round icon that says Japan & Korea
4. Click on the pink button under Sukkie's name
5. A box will pop-up. Cope and paste Sukkie's Chinese name ( 张根硕 ) in the box that has "40" in it
6. Click the green button under the box.

click this link: http://q.weibo.com/starbadge/pk

Reminder: You can only vote once a day. Voting ends on Feb. 29. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

YMP event at Kyocera Dome in Osaka

YMP event was held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on Feb. 11st 2012. It was relayed in TOHO cinemas all over Japan for the ones who could not go to the venue.


Eels unite under the name of Jang Keun Suk 장근석

Jang Keun Suk brought eels together.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[Support to JKS]It’s just a height no big deal!

Hello pretty EEL's
I/We just want to clarify to those harsh people who always criticise JKS..
To those hater's why dont you just promote your own idol and stop making a nonsense articles,You can'T change EEL's heart...
Let us not stress ourselves. People like to make fuss about trivial things. Nothing will deter us from loving our dear Sukkie. We don't need to cause an uproar.We know how these "entertainment" news have nothing better to do than compare height, weight, whatever etc etc. The article just points out the seeming discrepancy.They couldn't just accept the fact that Jang keun suk is very famous,so that's why they came out with this ridiculous article..

EEL's don't be upset as those are obvious anti JKS.. I notice they initially attack on plastic surgery but when Sukkie declared on air (Kneedrop Guru) he has not undergone plastic surgery... the antis are looking for other areas to attack him,now they pointing his height?Ridiculous!!JKS didnt get his popularity with his height,but with his personality & talent.. come to think of it, I guess we hardly talk about Sukkie's height & weight as those are not that important in eels' dictionary for Sukkie.Actually hater's seen sukkie's good personality and talent,but???They dont want only to accept..
This only proves that Sukkie is successful at what he does. Haters are willing to throw such nonsense , just to feel better about themselves. A classic example of "crab mentality" if you ask me..
Sukkie we love you just the way you are.!!
Stay happy and prove to them they are WRONG!!FIGHTING!

Here are some comments that i have collected for clarification:
*Just watched again his recently posted video "Let's Marumori Dance" and true enough he hunches when he is seated. It's noticeable as his hair is being done and I just remembered, even in Knee Drop Guru.
Here is the statement from korean or red eels which met him almost everyday : 그것은 거짓말입니다. 장근석은 181이라고 본인이 밝혔습니다. 나도 많이 만나봤습니다. 정말 181cm맞습니다.^^
It is a lie. Jang Geun-Suk is referred to by older. of 181 I've also met a lot. Really 181cm. ^ ^

*I have read from many Chinese eels in Baidusukbar who met him in person (in same university), they said Sukkie is tall & looks taller in real person because he is slim.. remember this vid on Asia Tour which he bare feet to weigh in the Gym, Sukkie is a bit hunch sometimes.. Sukkie is over 180cm definitely but may be slight less than 182cm.. I remember he ever mention he is about 180.5 to 181cm in one instance..

THANK's to all ECI MEMBER's ....

Cr: to @mrsjenjang

Thursday, February 2, 2012

[ymp news]Gunchan proved his power in JP

Hello pretty EEL's
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Jang Keun Suk effect!’ You’re My Pet earns 2.4 million dollars??Jang Keun Suk showed off his power on Japanese screen...

On February 2, Box Office Mojo, website that tracks box office revenue in a systematic and algorithmic way in the United States, said that the movie You’re My Pet, which was released in Japan on January 21, has earned 2,424,009 dollars by January 29. The movie ranked ninth in box office in the second week.

Since the movie is screening only in 92 screens in Japan, the record is more remarkable. The movie is a romantic comedy based on popular Japanese comic book with the same title. Jang, who is very popular in Japan, appeared on the movie to release the movie in both Korea and Japan.

The movie was released in November of last year in Korea and earned only 3.8 billion won receiving 540 thousand viewers. The movie, however, ranked fifth in the first week of its release and earned over 2.7 billion won in the second week.

cr: en.korea.com
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[Translation]BTS for 25ans photos shoots and interview.

Hello pretty EEL's

Reposted by:mrsjenjang
Shared by:Sarah Ye of ECI

Translation from the reporter of 25ans magazines.

Per your blessing, all the magazine has sold out, thank you very much.

On the day of interview for 25ans, there were so many TV interviews one after another. Our interview was put in the last. The time was almost past 9pm. Due to tiredness; he (Geunsuk) postponed the earlier interview and then asked for taking 10 min break, so we were waiting in the interview room…

But only past 5 min, he changed clothes and came in.
This was much faster (then I thought), I was bit nervous: ”Is kind of late, is that ok?”
“No problem!” very sincere answer from Mr. Geunsuk

We started interview, there were many times he listened to the questions and answered very carefully in Japanese.

For more detail please read our magazine. It has his “manliness” speech, please, you really should read that.

Talked about “Pet”, we mentioned Suni to Geunsuk. “She went to dog school since October, I couldn’t see her…”

But she will be back on New Year’s Eve. (the shooting was done before Christmas), ….” I will be home soon and then I will see her!” He looks very happy about it.

“Suni is a girl, so she doesn’t really like women. (jealousy?), there are some ladies in the Japanese production team, she always barks to them.”

Ahh, so Suni must love Geunsuk very much (geunjang)…

After interview, we moved to another room to take photos, his private photographer was always with him too.

So, when they checked monitor, he talked to that camera. He always works as an artist… it surprises me to see a person like him,.

There are some this and that mini breaks during shooting, “What everybody will do for Christmas? Geunsuk asked, all the workers were around him.

“Well, what Geunsuk will do?”…
“hmmm, conquer your hearts” all the ladies were smiled.

The camera keep clicking and flashing, Geunsuk was immediately back to shooting mode and concentrate.
I remember before during some interview he said “The camera just like people’s eyes, you should talk to the camera when they taking pictures.”

Just as how he answered, I felt he is just like that way.

Here special mentioned by (my) blog earlier: “Enji’s eyes caught Inho’s innocent expression” So we set shooting for this expression, there were some things we used for shooting, He faced to the camera, used a banana towards camera (eat?) “look at here, smile” he looks very happy. (This was his idea to use ban?na, hahaha, what a smart boy and use that with such a innocent face expression, only Sukkie can do it, I would say!)

Glasses, one pair, two pairs, three pairs… ahh, 4 pairs?
He felt really into the ideas he came up with. (I bet photographers love him, he is full of inspirations and good ideas)

Sitting in front of a typewriter, he made as he was challenging to super speed typing and looked very happy with it.

If you read the magazine, you can look at those photos with your imaginations.

Through out shooting he was acting so professional with his real personality!

There were not enough time for shooting, so unfortunately couldn’t get some the pictures done, but we did our best to show the looks.

more photos:

photo cr:cri_moca+pandahk+weibo