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Love Rain The Beauty of Love in 70′s (characters)

“Love is similar to rain. Rain falls equally when you’re happy or sad. On rainy days, you feel happy in the warmth of being together. On rainy days, tears fill your eyes to recall when you were lonely. When it rains, the memories of love, happiness and sadness, are awaken in you.” -Love Rain quote-

The quote above, described how beautiful Love Rain (drama) is. Starting from the lost diary of a girl, found with a boy in the university of art, which was make the boy fall in love with the girl. It seems, the boy when read page by page of that diary, was follow the girl daily story. The beauty of this short characters and description is how can Love be interpret through the diary? That’s shape on the 70′s scene, “loyal, royal” Love. The opinion that writer got from Korean friends after read this quotes, they said it was true on 70′s. Love must be say face to face, Love must be say from your heart through eyes, Love must be say in any way to be accepted, and Love is a true feeling according to 70′s.

Check these characters out from the Love Rain, read and feel it. IT will flow you back to 70′s and guide us to see the scene already. All of them totally 6 people, study at Korea University. Time is 70s (all of them were appeared at open shooting that mini concert, I think you all remembered Sukkie’s flat jeans. Lol)

Seo In Ha, an Art Academy Student, 23 years old

The diary she lost, he read it with sad feeling for many nights. His 20 years old heart was filled in then by her. He is an art student, just like a Monet’s painting, he has a gentle face with smile like a sunshine. He was called genius because of his great drawing talent. He is also famous of his interest – music, he writes music and lyrics, so he is pretty talented on that too. And he is from a wealthy family.If there is an “unfairness” exists, then it because of him. All the girls would give him their hearts, but he doesn’t really care.   
Kim Yoon Hee, Domestic College student, 21 years old.
The long bench in front of art academy; the baby breath bouquet; the rain on that day; the time they went to see the sunset together at the beach, her 21 years old spring and summer she spent with him and that was her happiness. She has long hair, pale skin, she wears wavy dress and white socks. Yoon Hee has innocent face with two big beautiful eyes that can smile, so does her long hair. She was born from a decent family and with carefree upbringing, but she lost her parents when she was very young and her grandmother raised her up. Because of the family economy, she has to do several jobs. So it is a luxury thing for her to go to the music tea house to listen the boys play music. Her diary is the only place she can talk about her story.
Lee Dong Wook, Medical School Student, 23 years old.
I may have had over 1000 girl friends, but true love is only once. I want to be a person who can be even better than Elvis Presley. He is the popular DJ of school’s music tea house “sara B” His handsome face and clever eloquence made him the “Casanova” for the girls. He always has enthusiasm to everything. He knows how to enjoy life, but under that he has a dark secret. His father is the younger son of a famous politician family, but he fell for a woman who was from a temptress place, and then they had Dong Wook. So Doo Wook can barely remember anything about his mother. 
Bae Hye Jung, Domestic College student, 21 years old
She looks like “Natalie Woods”, so she is the queen of many college boys’ dream. She is from a wealthy family, very self-centered. Her straightforward and fearless character is her charisma. She always hangs out with In Ha, Dong Wook and Chang Mo, so girls are admire her position. She only pay attention to In Ha, but he never look back to her. She wants In Ha to be hers only (btw, she is the actress who was all over Sukkie at their open shooting, that mini concert, I remember her clinging to Sukkie made lots of eels wondering who is she, aha, now no wonder, lol).
Kim Chang Mo, a law school student, 23 years old.
He is from countryside, when he past exam and accepted by the university, he became famous in his village, even the logistic officer came to visit him and encourage him. When he came to Seoul, in his hands there were no books but only a guitar. Because of his poor family, he can’t afford to live in the dom, In Ha let him in and lent place for him. He goes to “sara B” everyday just like he works there. He does not have outstanding appearance and he is poor, but if you hear him sing you will never forget him
Na In Sook, a Domestic College Student, 21 years old
She is a wealthy girl but doesn’t have much of common sense. She is talkative and mean to others, but in fact, she doesn’t want to hurt anybody. She is kind of cute with her silliness. She always fights with Chang Mo, but one day she saw Chang Mo’s sexy abs and that was it. She was totally felling for him

Those all the characters in 70′s. The beauty of 70′s will guide us to fell how Love it is in Love Rain. We will kinda wait for a while for the Love on 2012, which is a modern Love (based on modern Korean said “hot” love, that we have to hold our curiousity to see what kind of Love will be. *JE

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