Wednesday, July 25, 2012

JKS Back in Japan

Jang Keun Suk is on the move again in his latest trip to Japan.  He was met by his eels at the airport and appeared cheery, red bow-tie and all.

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Watch his departure here:

Watch his arrival here:

He is now preparing for his next Cri Show II performance in Yokohama.  The stage is an impressive site...a very large venue with all the lighting effects coming into place:

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JKS tweeted a picture from stage rehearsals...look at that screen!
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And after rehearsals, it was time to eat and regain some energy!
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Want to see more pictures from JKS' time in Yokohama, click here.
Blue eels, these will be two great shows!  We will anticipate fan accounts and media photos.  ^^



  1. Can I know the writer or author for this article?:) Just Suggestion maybe you can out your inital for this article. So the reader will know at least who. thnak you. Daebak !!!!! I love this post :) *JE

  2. Uve worked hard for u nat and to our prince..congratz! :)

  3. I will make sure to tag my posts in future. ^^ Love you guys too! -nat


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