Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's Play Some Tennis!

JKS held a public tennis tournament prior to his departure from Japan.  Around 700 eels attended the event in the blistering heat to cheer for Asia's Prince.  His staff diligently updated about the event while it was happening and pictures and video can be found in various places from all the fans who captured the moment.

Have a peek at the crowd:

Some of our favorite shots:

Cr:  Cri_Rie410 Weibo

Cr: @codeinconnu twitter

Actual tennis:

Just some silliness:

Suk could be seen interacting with the crowd at various times, signing balls for players, and even dancing with his staff.  The tournament was a last hurrah before his return to Korea for the upcoming UMF Korea event to be held on August 3-4.  We highly anticipate Team H's performance.



  1. He even lie down at the floor but its hot...funny of him...:)

  2. Nice shot and all are in HD , thank you TEF teams ~♥

  3. You're welcome eels! Thank you for visiting ^^ JKS had a great time playing :)


Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!