Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weibo Updates

휴가닷!! Vacation **This pic was taken at the airport...possibly going to Phuket?
신발도호피야. Shoes are also leopard print.
1000 만직진!!!!!!!! 10 million zikzin! **This was actually posted upon reaching 5 million but now Sukkie is asking his eels to take him even higher. :)
만위먼 ㅡ짱껀슈어 ㅡ워먼이치죠우 ~~ ㅡ직진 the the 근데 ... 머리 아퍼 ... 으으 .. Eels - Jang Keun Suk - Let's walk together~ Zikzin!!! But.. headache.. ahh (Translation credit: @sa_sha26 twitter)
All images Cr: JKS Weibo



  1. I think than he is going to New Zealand or Australis.

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