Friday, August 31, 2012

Jang Keun Suk Weibo Updates 083112

파파라치 를 내가 찍고 있음 ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
Paparazi, I take in..kkk

티나? ㅠ ㅠ
Will have scar? trans cr: sa_sha

턱에 피 철철 흐르는 상태로 호텔탈출 으흐흐
Escaped from hotel in the situation where blood still flowing at my chin. Hohoho [trans cr: sa_sha]

작년에 왔던 길거리 야시장으로 고고!!!! 1년만이구나!!!!!
The street that I came last year for Night Market gogo!!! It's been 1 year!!!! [trans cr: sa_sha]

오예 뭐먹지? 뭐먹지? 아오 씬나!!
Oh yeah, what to eat? What to eat? Ah yeah!! [trans cr: sa_sha]

죠~~~~~~음식 기다리는중 죠~~~~~
Jyo~~~~~~waiting for food, jyo~~~~ [trans cr: sa_sha]

앗 흥분해서 사진찍는거 까먹고 먹다가 황급히 찍음..하오츠!!!!
Ah 2 excited forgotten 2 take photos eaten some then started 2 take pictures. Very nice!!!! [tr: happyjosephine cri]

나와 결투하고 싶은 자 이리오라!! 갤러리 가능!!
If you want to have a duel with me come to this place!!! You can take picture! [trans cr: sa_sha]
Center Club, the Grand Hotel, Zhongshan North Road, No.1, Section 4

헉헉헉 아이고 죽겠다
Hoo hoo hoo Aigoo so tired


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