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[Article] Jang Keun Suk wants to treat eels to eat Dandan noodles - Stars HK


韓國人氣美男張根碩繼2011年在香港﹑台灣﹑上海﹑泰國等地演出《THE CRI SHOW》,好評如潮。今年再度舉辦《2012年張根碩亞洲巡演:THE CRI SHOW 2》,7月份以首爾為首站,隨後在日本四個城市(橫濱、大阪、名古屋、福岡)和上海、台灣、泰國等地舉行。前晚於深圳灣體育館舉行的尾場演出,吸引過萬名粉絲支持,座無虛席。張根碩精湛的舞技,扎實的唱功讓歌迷大呼過癮,為亞洲巡演劃上完美句號

South Korean Pretty boy Jang Keun Suk, after his 2011 performances in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand and other places "THE CRI SHOW” received good reviews. This year again “Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour 2012: THE CRI SHOW 2" kicks off in July, 1st stop in Seoul, and will be held in Japan four cities (Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka), Shanghai, Taiwan and Thailand. Last performance was held last night at the Shenzhen Bay Stadium and attracted more than 10,000 supporting fans, it was fully packed. Jang Keun Suk had exquisite dancing, solid vocals, and fans were really having great fun as he ended his Asian tour perfectly.

文:美菲 Article: Mei Fei
攝:Kenny Photo: Kenny

開場前,鰻魚們(張根碩歌迷暱稱)自發性地一致使用白色螢光捧,營造一個絕美的白色海洋。此次主題由根碩參與設計的魔幻舞台[Welcome to Magic World],大玩科技、瀑布、吊威也、升上四層樓與鰻魚親近。整個演唱會分為三部份,他先以魔術師身份帶大家進入其魔幻世界,其後以天使根碩與邪惡根碩對峙,最後呈現最真實的根碩。讓鰻魚們驚喜連連

Before the opening, eels (Jang Keun Suk fan nickname) spontaneously using white fluorescent lights, created a beautiful white ocean. For the magical stage, Keun Suk was involved in the process of designing everything, the theme [Welcome to Magic World] using technology, waterfalls, using a crane to get on the fourth floor just to be close to the eels. The entire concert was divided into three parts, first appearing as a magician bringing everyone into the magical world, subsequently appearing as an Angel Keun Suk having a confrontation with Evil Keun Suk, and finally presenting the real Keun Suk. Eels are filled lots of surprises.

根碩先以日文快歌《200miles》帶動全場氣氛,更用國語說:「大家好,我很想你們,你們想念我嗎?」鰻魚們隨即回應:「想!」以演員身份出道20年的根碩,2年前以歌手身份在日本出道,故此演唱會歌曲多為日文。根碩表示擔心過,但見到一眾熱情鰻魚,什麼憂慮都沒有,因為鰻魚無分國籍。他表演多首首本名曲,包括《拜託了my bus!》、《Oh my darling》、《let me cry》、《Bye bye bye》、《Rain》、《Hello Hello》、《Crazy Crazy Crazy》及《Abracadabra》等。他更自彈自唱了親自作曲作詞的《In my Dream》等二十多首歌,三小時勁歌熱舞,絕無冷場。場內尖叫不斷,更萬人齊叫「張根碩」,令根碩非常感動

Keun Suk starts by singing Japanese fast song "200miles" leading the whole atmosphere into high mood, speaking in Mandarin: "Hello, everybody, I miss you, do you miss me?" Eels responded immediately: "MISS”! Keun Suk debuted as an actor for 20 years, two years ago made his first debut as a singer in Japan, therefore for this concert the majority of the songs are Japanese. Keun Suk was worried too, but seeing all the enthusiasm from eels, all the worries are gone, because irrespective of nationality all are eels. He performed several songs, including "Come on my bus!", "Oh my darling”, “let me cry," Bye bye bye "," Rain "," Hello Hello "," Crazy Crazy Crazy "and "Abracadabra". Playing guitar and singing "In my Dream" with song lyrics that he composed. He sang total of 24 songs, three and half hours of music and dancing, excitement non-stop. Screams can be heard constantly, more people shouting "Jang Keun Suk," Keun Suk was deeply moved.


Keun Suk had lots of interaction with eels, Keun Suk laughed and said: "If Weibo followers are more than ten million, I'll dance in the Great Wall of China, and treat eels to eat Dandan noodles”. These words caused more cheering.  Keun Suk said: "I'm not an Asian Prince anymore, but a World Prince”. He invited eels to be with him marching towards the world. Keun Suk revealed he will devote more time in China, and will fly to Chengdu on the 29th for the endorsement of an online game.

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TEF Note:  Eels, JKS will still have Cri Show II performances in November in Saitama.

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Source: Stars-hk


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