Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Product] Love Rain DVD (Malaysian Version)

We have previously posted here the Taiwan and the Singapore versions of Love Rain DVD. It's now the turn of our felllow eels in Malaysia to grab their own copy of the Love Rain DVD set. ^^

This DVD set contains 4 discs, with subtitles in English, Chinese, and Malay. Release date was last October 25, 2012.

To those who would like to have their copies, please click here.

pic and product info cr: AsianDB



  1. good job eel of Malaysia.fantastica job!..thanks thanks I love eels of malaysia!.
    really I love love love love "love rain" and couple "yoonsukki". I feel Yoonsukki is real , now!!.
    I'm more sure every day...that Sukki and Yoona is date in real life.
    love rain is the best drama in the world!.

  2. Been watching Love Rain through online (in fact re re repeating almost countless times) and of course i remember every scenes :) last week i got my copy from Speedy ... it is so much different in terms of songs arrangement, some scenes were not in the sequel well leave alone the kissing scenes :((( so upset!

    1. Oh no that's too bad! I don't know why they change the versions like that, they should not cut scenes only add more ^^


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