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Words from JKS at Shenzhen Cri Show II

[Eng Translation] Words Of Asia Prince in Shenzhen Crishow ll
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Hi everyone,This is the English summary Translation of JKS' words during Shenzhen Crishow, I manage to get the translation from a friend. I was there too but sadly I can't understand Mandarin.

Still in Nine clouds with excitement, it's not easy to forget his manly voice, sweet smile and of course his handsome face. Even I can't understand what he said, we still enjoy.

First he said that he was afraid not many people will come to his show as he is singing Japanese songs. He is happy not only because of the local people but there's a lot of international eels. He is a peace adviser which means he doesn't want the bad relationship among Korea, Japan and China. He was disappeared a period of time as he is in love. *Then he said it's not true*

He has gone a secret trip on his own without letting his managers know and did not bring iPhone so he couldn't update twitter or weibo. Then we said he was telling lies and he said it was true. He wants to think seriously about his future plan during his lonely trip. When he sang about 10 songs he asked whether we are in high spirit? and we answered YES. He said he was tired already and nearly dead. He always said that the atmosphere in Shenzhen is the best among the other and he is very happy. He said that his special guest Big Brother is now busy in Seoul for the preparation a new album especially for Chinese eels. He is in the high mood through out the show.

Looking forward to his Cri show 3 or Team H show in China. He mentioned this news in Shanghai and Shenzhen show.

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  1. Jang Keun Suk Messages in Shenzhen Cri Show 2

    Suk: Know why I did not come to Weibo for a long time? because I fall in love!
    Eeels: ah ah ah ah!
    Suk: Fake!
    Eels: Real!
    Suk: I went to travel alone without telling the manager to think about my past and plan about my future, so I didn't bring my cell phone!
    Eels: Fake!
    Suk: But I know everything you guys have done for me (the Korean subway adv). Yesterday I had to took the VIP path for a security reason, but so many eels waiting, it is right to visit China.

  2. What do you think is fake or real?
    1°_because I fall in love!
    2°_I went to travel alone without telling the manager to think about my past and plan about my future, so I didn't bring my cell phone!

    prince made de game "Real and Fake"....I think the 1st is real and 2ยบ is fake.
    because, now prince looks so happy!... Sukki has quickly to go back to Korea.


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