Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jang Keun Suk Twitter, 03-31-13

@AsiaPrince_JKS: 숨은 돼지찾기..!!
Find the hidden pig...!!


Caffe Bene Weibo Update, 03-30-13

Caffe Bene Weibo: 真是金贵啊,又到了20个,明天有38个可以卖,全国统一价82元!其它明天买不到的鳗鱼,可以私信预定留下电话,我继续抢货,尽量满足!

Caffe Bene China, now has 20 pieces, will have 38 pieces by tomorrow, to be sold at 82 yuan each! Eels cannot buy this tomorrow, however, leave your phone numbers through private message, will continue to obtain stocks, then try to meet up!

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Team H Ameba Blog Update, 3-31-13

english trans cr: megdancarina

2 different men

Team H
Team H

Coincidentally, met each other at a Beauty Salon!

Too very different human beings - 2 men.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Team H Ameba Blog Updates, 3-29-13

2013-03-29 11:57:52
what is Team H? 33

The water in the pool, because it was like sea water

I called Jason.

The pool water, turn everything into Whistler*!

Pig has disappeared!

What is this situation like a pig...

TEF NOTE: After some research I think Whistler here refers to the bottled water company who apparently has distributors in many Asian countries including Korea, Japan and China. Whistler water is named after the snowy ski area in Canada where the water source comes from ^^


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Team H Ameba Blog Updates, 3-28-13

english trans cr: megdancarina

2013-03-28 11:51:14
what is Team H? 32

How dare you, Pig is trying to death

to follow me around the whole world

What the hell situation like such a pig...

[TEF Note: Please check the link above to watch the related video.^^]


TreeJ Company Twitter, 3-28-13

@treeJ_company: 크리제이 팬클럽 추가 가입 관련해서 공지 올라갔습니다. 자세한사항은 프린스JKS닷컴이나, 크리제이 공식팬카페에서 확인하시기 바랍니다. 프린스JKS닷컴 크리제이 공식팬카페
Cri-J Fan Club related announcements has been posted under Notice section. For more information, please check, Cri-J Official Fan Cafe.  / Cri-J Official Fan Cafe  .

이번 크리제이 팬클럽 추가 가입은 한국분들만을 대상으로 합니다. 양해부탁드립니다.
The Cri-J Fan Club sign-up is for Koreans only. Thank you for your understanding.


Wheels - Jang Keun Suk has passion for them


We know all of you love Jang Keun Suk.  You’re his eels, right?  So you must know his passion for wheels, especially cars.  In this article, I team up with my twin Liana once again and researched all the transportation he uses.  Even if we are not rich, we can dream for a moment, thinking he must be very happy using them.  This time the vehicles will be centre stage and speak for themselves…..kkkkkkk.  Let them tell us more about him.  Aaahhhhhh with this article we are sending him a sign that we want him to do a movie related to cars… and furious cars.  Enjoy the journey everybody, VROOOOMMMMMM (sounds of car engine my friends).


Hey, I’m not the original first bicycle he had, but he used a bike as his first official transportation to go to school in New Zealand and I know he felt free as a bird when riding me and he valued his freedom so much.

White Lexus

I’m Aphrodite, his very first car.  I’m the love of his life and he dotes on me so much.  We always listen to his favorite music together.  What a sweet  time we had and he suffered so much when he had to change me. 


White Porsche 911 Carrera S

My name is Louis.  I was his first sports car. I served and protected him well.  T.T …….We were involved in an accident and my damage was extensive, but I’m glad that he’s safe.  I want to stay with him and my Prince is not willing to let me go.  At the moment I’m fighting for my life, pretty boy, don’t be sad, because I love you too much, we have a lot of memories together, so………I won’t give up.

PS: Even if I have no cure, I will still keep the fact that he will never forget me.


White Audi R8 Spyder  5.2 FSI

Hey, he is proud of me… I’m his Audi R8.  He fell in love with me when he attended the Audi Event in 2011.  I’m proud of my master too.

Black Lamborghini

Hi, I’m the slick Lamborghini.  I’m not sure if I belong to him but I went to his friend’s wedding with him.  And if I remember it correctly I’m also in one of his short videos that he tweeted.


Black Range  Rover

Whoa!!! I’m Khan and I’m macho as you can see. Sounds good right?  I’m one of his favorites.  I’m very useful to him.


White Range Rover

I’m VIC (Very Important Car) and I had my glamour of fame for a short while.  I was used in one of his dramas, ‘Love Rain’.  Yoona used to sit in my seat and make lots of eels jealous.......’wink

White Maserati

I’m a magnificent and elegant car.  He brought me with him when he did the interview with Anan magazine.  The interviewer thought my master was a superb driver when he negotiated a narrow corner effortlessly.


Black Rolls Royce

I’m Phantom.  I’m usually used for Royalty because I’m classic and majestic.   He’s a Prince so we are matched in our surroundings.  I love to send him to and pick him up at the airport.

Hot Red Ferrari

I’m his latest, newest sports car on his list.  I’m the HOT HOT and sexy red one with VROOMM VROOM power.  He bought me during his period of sad days, eels don’t be mad at me for those memories, I bring a smile to his face when he sees me at the airport.

White Mercedes Benz

I’m the famous Mercedes that was involved in the accident during the drama ‘Love Rain’.    He was safe but the accident made him realize he has a second chance in life…...I hit a guardrail and almost jumped off the cliff…It was quite a fright.  My master sent me to a   hospital to recuperate.  Now I’m as good as new.


White Rolls Royce

I’m the other Royal twin….not sure whether I’m the twin or I got painted over.  My first appearance was when I met him at the airport coming back from the Shanghai Team H show.

Red Fiat 500 Convertible

I’m a hot cutie pie.  He loves driving me around when he’s in Japan.  I used to go around with him for promotions.  I’m as cute as my master.

Grey Bentley

I’m the new kid on the block.  I’m the manly Bentley.  I’m here to pick my master up when he came back from his happy and sexy BKK Team H show.

Audi S4

Hey writers, don’t forget about me!  He used me in the drama that made him famous, You’re Beautiful.  Hwang Tae Kyung loved me and enjoyed giving rides to Go Mi Nam in me, so you have to include me too! kkk


I’m a cool guy even though I’m tiny.  He loves to play with me during his free time. I give him the thrill and freedom he’s looking for.


I’m a public transport.  He did not own me but he used me sometimes to go to his university.  When eels put an ad for his 20th anniversary he made a secret mission to see it with his own eyes.  His heart was touched and it brought tears to his eyes….he’s so sweet.

 Louis Jr. 3

Hey, hey,hey
I am JKS new  royal blue Porsche
very beautiful  and powerful as you can see,
thats why he is in love with me.
Want to see more?  Watch Sukkie and his love of speed and cars in these videos:

Top Gear Korea

Black Engine MV

Sukkie receiving his Red Ferrari

Well, if you are a new eel, now you know our prince better. If you've loved him for a long time, you knew all his cars, but we are sure you never heard them talk, kkk.

By: Esther Noloc and Liana Yus and the collaboration of thenatcat.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Team H Ameba Blog Updates, 3-27-13

2013-03-27 11:58:30
what is Team H? 31

Team Flight


JKS Twitter 3-27-13

포기했다고 말하는 순간이 끝이 아니다.그래도 몰래 믿던 막연한 기대감이 여지없이 무너졌을 때가 진짜 끝인가봉가...
The time I think I'll give up isn't the end of journey. But when the little truth you believed starts to fall apart, it ends at that point. [cr: Sung]

오늘은 돼지와 함께 미츠이스미토모 한국 트레블 프레페이드 카드를 들고 롯데면세점에 쇼핑을 갔어요~
Today I went shopping with pig at Lotte Duty Free carrying three prepaid Sumitomo Mitsui Cards~


Yay~~~super happy!!


おやぶんだ!It's the Boss!!!


멋져 부러~~
So cool~~


네이쳐 리처블릭이다!!완전 근짱 천국이야!
돼지한테도 카드 하나 주고~~
Nature Republic!! Absolute Geun-chan paradise!
To the pig gave one card~~


돼지야 형아 잘 따라와라~~
Pig and hyung(brother) get along well~~


어디로 갈까나~~ 씐나!!
Where shall we go~~excited!!


야 거기 비싸 나와!!
Ya it's expensive there come out!!


그럼 여기로 갈까?
So we'll go here?


허세부리지 말라고 그랬지 돼지생캬!!!
It's pretentious/showy I told you not to go pig rascal!!!


Shit!!!상상도 못할 금액이야!!!
Shit!!! Never imagined this amount of money!!!


아 눈물나~~~
ah my tears~~~


자 다음층으로 가자!
To the next floor let's go!


ㄲ ㅑ아!! 지우히메다!!!
Kyaaa!! Princess Ji Woo!!!


역시 여기다!!
Here also!!


아싸 엄청 구입~~~
Woah I bought a lot~~~


얼마면 돼? 얼마면 되냐구!!!!
ねえ!なまえは??what is your name?
By デジ!!
How much will it cost? It will cost how much!!!!
Hey! What is your name?? what is your name?
By Pig!!


허세부리지말라고 돼지생캬!!!
I told you it's too pretentious/showy pig rascal!!!


내가 바로 아시아 프린스의 돼지다! 얼마면돼?

I'm now the Asia Prince of Pigs! How much is it? [Note: the Japanese was a little different here, his question in Japanese is "you hate this airplane?" cr: megdancarina]


허세부리지 말라고 돼지생캬!!!

I told you it's too pretentious/showy pig rascal!!!


아 배고파 이제 뭐 좀 먹으러 갈까나~~
Ah hungry wanna go eat now~~



"piggy noises"


순대국으로 훈훈하게 마무리~~
Sundaeguk as a warm finish~~

*Sundaeguk is the name of a korean soup dish made with sundae which is cow or pig intestine

Ah...excuse me..


이 돼지생키가 마지막까지!!!
Oh pig rascal until the end!!!




Lotte JKS Wallpapers April 2013



Source: Lotte


[Video - Unsubbed] Jang Keun Suk Concert Atmosphere (Thailand)

cr: prathom rojwanachai


Team H Ameba Blog Update, 3-26-13

English trans cr: megdancarina

what is Team H? 30

This season the first time, the coolest


Team H movement in スキーじょう
Team H movement in Ski Slope


my snowboarding went like pig....

[TEF Note: Please click the link above to watch the video.^^]


[Video] TrueLifeTV - Team H Party in Thailand 3-23-13

cr: shoppingtruelife


Monday, March 25, 2013

[Video-NoSub] Thailand Meet and Greet with Jang Keun Suk 3-22-13

cr: shoppingtruelife


Team H Ameba Blog Update, 3-25-13

english trans cr: megdancarina

Team H in バンコク
Team H in (バンコク) Bangkok

Team H in バンコク
Team H in (バンコク) Bangkok

Kurt is playing cards and I'm outside

Oyabun (the boss) suffered from permanent damage because of accident.

he played a lot with pig!!