Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April - Month in Review by E.N. and L.Y

The month in review by Esther Noloc and the collaboration of Liana Yus

April is almost dead
It is time to remain
All that occurred in that month
In the life of Jang Keun Suk.

He did a Tong Yi short film
And the pics of that CF
Were published in this month
For the pleasure of us.

He went to Incheon Airport
Departing for Taiwan
Again he used a mask
A scarf and a black hat.

He arrived in Taiwan
And did a press conference there
He wore black leather pants
And a metallic bronze top.

He tweeted a hidden pig photo
For us to play that game
We searched in all the places
Found pig above his head
Seated in a bike chair, kkk

The announcement of his action figure
A twentieth anniversary doll
With him wearing the purple clothes
He used in the Cri Show.

Team H did their show in Taiwan
Winning all the people’s hearts
They always work hard
To do the shows with their hearts.

He came back to Korea again
For an encounter with the news
That Love Rain's profit increased a lot
Thanks to Jang Keun Suk.

He did a hospital tour
Worried all of us
But thank God all was fine
He didn't have a broken bone inside.

He opened his official Facebook
Making us happy, a lot
He posts about his hobbies and thoughts
With this page he will conquer the world.

The teaser of Tong Yi juice
And the mini film completed
Both debuted in April.

The song title ICU
That is singing for him
He puts his feelings in it
And it was very exquisite
We loved it, even if it was in mandarin.

The photos of his new album
Nature Boy he called it
Were published in April
And we ran to preorder, weee.

He tweeted his dad with a mask
And had a party in his house
Then he went to Japan
On a secret trip, shut up.

He went to Go Out Korea
But this time it was in Japan
Now we knew he was there
Camping for two nights, oh yea.

He posted about his Fiat
Named the red car Fiart
Some people don't understand
Why he called his Fiat Fiart.

He announced that the Bearbrick
Will be selling in Zikzin
And named his pig Zzing
Our boy is like a child, you see?

He tweeted wearing a pink bathrobe
With a hood on his head
The bathrobe sells in Zikzin
And we will dream of having it.

He was interviewed in Thailand
But we can watch this month
He filmed one MV for Nature Boy
In Japan and then back to Incheon.

He sent a condolence message
For the people of Sichuan
An earthquake occurred there
And he showed that he cared.

He did Lotte Fan Meeting
In the city of Kangwon–do
Then he went to his home town
And took photos all around
And made a twitter storm about
His visit to Kangwong town.

He showed his collection of cars
In the Lotte Free fan meeting
The girls saw all of his cars
Took photos and saw Louis' son, Jr.

Nico Nico Team H program
Only for Japanese eels
Che Evoca wedding collection
Events where he was seen.

Tong Yi micro film part two
Ended with a romantic view
The second part was so cute
That we believed we were there too.

He went to a Royal Sunday
And took a photo with Esther
But not me, Esther Muller
Oh, I was dreaming again,kkk

Line sticker was on sale
Official dinner wallpaper too
Both of them were so cute
And the Jinwutang Audition Hall game so cool

The Lotte Duty free
Gave him wings to fly
They put his face on a Plane
Now he is cruising the sky
Sukkie, fly, fly, high

He tweeted some sad thoughts
And we started to worry a lot
Even cried with a sad song
Please, don’t be like that for so long.

He was quiet for a while
And we worried again this time
He was studying for a test
For the university graduation test.

He complained it was in English
And he has to study for it
But he kept sending tweets (good for us)
And ordered crabs to eat
And you know where he put the plate?
Over the English book as a table place, kkk

We know he is very smart
So he will pass that exam
We hope he will say thanks
For all the prayers that we made.

When he finished that exam
He went to celebrate
He invited friends to his home
One of them was Jae Joong


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