Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[App] Beautiful Man Manhwa Mobile App for iPhone

Hello eels!  You may be interested in viewing a preview of the Beautiful Man (예쁜남자) manhwa (comic).  There is an app in the Apple app store that allows you to view three full volumes of the series for free!  The volumes are in the original hangul, but come in full color.  The app also has a store that will allow you to purchase the full series (all 34 volumes) for about $34 USD or individual volumes at either .99 or $1.99 USD.  To download and install the app, please follow the steps below.


1. Searching for the app in the store.  You can locate the app in the store in one of two ways.  You can search for 예쁜남자 directly or you can search by the publisher IMDOTCOM.  You are looking for an app that looks like this:

2. Once you open the app, the three free volumes will already be listed on your main screen, however they are not yet downloaded to your device.  To download each volume, you must tap the bar that says download 다운로드 which will start the status bar and show you the percentage of completion.  Below you can see three stages of download.  The orange arrow points to a volume that is finished and it says 보기 or view.  The yellow arrow points to a volume that is in the process of downloading.  The green arrow points to a volume that has not yet downloaded.  If you tap the blue button at the top that has the white arrow on it, that will start simultaneous download of all 3 volumes.

3.  If you see your bar saying 일시중지 this means paused and you can start the download again by tapping the bar once more.  Please note that the download process can be quite slow.  I had to restart my downloads multiple times and sometimes it would switch to saying it was complete even though it had not actually finished.  Keep restarting the download or even the app itself and eventually it will finish. ^^

4. Once you are ready to read, tap on the red button that says 보기 or view and it will open the volume up.  This is a picture of what you should see for volume 1.  At the bottom you can see that there are 84 pages in this volume and you can scroll through the pages by tapping the screen. ^^

5. If you go back, and tap on the Store button at the bottom, you will see the purchase options for the rest of the series.  At the top where the purple arrow is pointing, is the option to purchase all of the volumes together at a discount.

6.  Below that if you scroll down, you will see the volumes individually priced for purchase.

Eels I hope you will enjoy this preview of Beautiful Man 예쁜남자 and if you do not have an iPhone, don't worry because you can also access some of it using this link:

If you receive an error message like the following:

만화보기는 인터넷익스플로러에서만 가능합니다.

Don't panic kkk it just says that you need to view using Internet Explorer.

A couple more links to try:

-(mobile) 모바일:


  1. Thanks sis nat for this link and info... I will try to download this now ^^

  2. wow...super thanx!!! is it also available for galaxy s4?

    1. Sis Elaisa, I was unable to find this app in the Google Play store for Android. I think it was not adapted for Android users. TT TT


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