Friday, August 30, 2013

[2013 LOTTE DUTY FREE Music Video] Making Film JPN Version

cr: lotte duty free YT channel

(full making)

(Jang Keun Suk JPN version)



  1. just missing his action on the set..when will i see u again in your new drama prince? when will it start? hmm..n for all my sis admin in TEFOB..great job..n full of love when you're all sharing all bout JkS dont you? i can feel it ;-) ♥♥♥♥♥ so much love in here :-) thnx so much for u all my sis admin..keep fighting..n ZikZin!

    1. Thanks so much, Look!. :D Missing him, too in a drama, that's why playing and playing this vid. kkkk. Let's continue supporting our Prince.^^ -vt-

    2. Ooooh yes yes always lots of love!! He is our star ^^ -nat

  2. Great CF making!!!

    • Keun chan is the best model and the most handsome, he is a Legal Asia Prince!. i love him.
    • 2pm and Super junior are the funniest and crazy boys!. )i like them.
    (note: Taecyeon, nichkhun and chansung are hotter boys in CF of Cabi Song 2010, they have so hot hot abs and body)
    • kim hyung joon is not pretty man, is regular, i don't like him, he is very so-so, duh!.
    • Choi ji woo is so nice and lady actress, she is my favorite old actress.
    • SuperNova are the tallest boys, even pretty boys.

    1. All did making very well job.


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