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[Photo Event] Results of Pony Canyon's "We Love K" Poll

[TEF Note: Sharing this a little late, but still worth spreading]

source: korepo korea

Congratulations to our Prince and "Love Rain:, for topping Pony Canyon's poll on "We Love K"!! The results of the poll was released last January 27, 2014.

The poll, which was participated by 5,365 voters from December 27, 2013 to January 15, 2014, took into consideration the result of the actors / actresses' activities in Japan, drama / movie yearly broadcast in Japan, DVD sales, and the actor / actresses' talent, promotions.

Showing you here the Top 3 for the three categories:

I. Drama Category
1. Love Rain
2. Secret Garden
3. Rooftop Prince

II. Actor Category
1. Jang Keun Suk
2. Hyun Bin
3. Kang Ji-Hwan

III. Actress Category
1. Park Shin-Hye
2. Im Yoona
3. Ha Ji Won


[Media Photos] Zikzin Live in Zepp - Nagoya

cr: korepo korea


[Announcement] The Eels Family Naver Account

Happy Chinese New Year to all!! And it's not the only reason to celebrate this day.^^ Following our new Youtube channel announcement, today, The Eels Family also launches our very own naver account!!

The Eels Family naver account will be giving eels updates through the Cri-J cafe, so hope that eels in the cafe will follow and enjoy TEF's posts there.^^

Below are the screencaps of TEF's first ever post in the Cri-J Cafe -->

See you there in the cafe!! :D


[Photo] Caffe Bene Weibo, 01-31-14

cr: caffe bene weibo


[Photos] Tongyi Weibo - Jang Keun Suk Chinese New Year

cr: tongyi weibo


[Video] Lotte Duty Free JKS Chinese New Year's Greetings

cr: wen-c wong


[Fan Fic] Eel Fantasies by Tamitra Williford Ch.7

Read Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Episode 17 예쁜남자 (Pretty Man)

Cr: KBS2, Marvel

This is during the jump in the timeline; however, it is before Dokgo Ma Te’s proposal to Kim Bo Tong. Choi David is on his cell phone.

“This is the sixth trip we’ve taken in two weeks. Aren’t you tired? No? Ok, honey. Bye bye.” (He laughs his unique laugh).
“Things are going really well for you, two?” smiles Bo Tong.
“Yes,” admits David.
“My mother said she misses you stopping by,” says Bo Tong.
“I’ll have to go by the restaurant,” David decides.
The door opens and Jang Duk Saeng comes in.
“What are you doing here?” asks Bo Tong.
“He is here for our staff meeting,” answers Ma Te who stands in the doorway of his office and then crosses over to Duk Saeng.
“Sit down,” barks Ma Te.

Duk Saeng sits obediently at the conference room table. Bo Tong and David get up reluctantly and join Duk Saeng , Ma Te, and the female employee at the table.

“Effective immediately, I am on leave and will be giving my shares to Choi David and Kim Bo Tong,” announces Ma Te. “Duk Saeng and I will be pursuing another venture.”
“We will?” asks Duk Saeng.
“Yes, we will; do you want to die?” threatens Ma Te.
“But…but…” stammers Bo Tong.
“That’s all,” says Ma Te and he and Duk Saeng exit.
Ma Te and Duk Saeng are at a bar drinking soju.
“So any ideas for the name of the restaurant?” asks Ma Te.
“Hmmm, I like 369 Container,” volunteers Duk Saeng.
“No, I want something simple; I’ll think of it,” says Ma Te.

On the television, there are many topics. Public defender Lee Kim helps Jaek Hee who has been unfairly audited and wins her case.

The Electricity Fairy opens a day spa with low-level electrical charges to renew energy and give the skin a…glow. 

Myo Mi is cast as the only Korean actress in the Avengers 2 – shooting in Korea. 

“She truly is the mistress of great timing,” admits Ma Te.
“Well, I’ve got a name for the new restaurant,” states Ma Te.
“What is it?” questions Duk Saeng.
“Bo Tong Galbi,” smiles Ma Te.

We miss you, Bel Ami!

Fiction Writer: Tamitra Williford


[Photo] Lotte Duty Free FB 1-27-14

새해 초에 결심했던 목표를 이루기 위해서 여전히 노력 중이신가요? 올해는 작심삼일로 끝나지 않도록 극복해보도록 해요!

Are you still keeping your New Year’s resolution?

#lottedutyfree #dutyfreeshop #JangKeunSuk

Source: Lotte Duty Free FB


[Fan Account] Jang Keun Suk Zepp Tour in Nagoya Day 2

Source: feikay
Translation: rainygirl06
Image Cr: Treej

Fan account on ZEPP in Nagoya day 2 (29 Jan)

JKS: Does everyone know? Your voice becomes more powerful when you grow fatter.

JKS: When I came to Nagoya for the first time, my car stopped at the red light when I saw 2 girls beside me wearing mini skirts. I rolled down the window and said "Excuse me, do you know who I am?" The girls answered "Jang Dong Gun."

Then JKS said that the first thing that came to his mind when he thought of Nagoya was that incident.

JKS: There are no scripts for ZEPP so every day's talking content are different. I was again asked by my managers what was I going to talk about today. I didn't know too. I should be able to think of something after standing on stage. At the start when I was considering about ZEPP tour, my Japanese company objected. So I said "What are you worried about? I want to be closer to eels. I will do a good job. What's there to worry?" ZEPP tour will end tomorrow. It will be great if I can continue holding ZEPP tour. I can't, I can't because Mum is listening.

JKS: Each time when the ZEPP concert ended, Mum would say "Great job, Keun Suk." I said I want to do it again. Mum said "Absolutely no!"

JKS said that his staff were also worried now. They were worried about what he would say during the ZEPP concerts.

JKS: ZEPP in Nagoya was supposed to be in November. I wanted to keep my promise but there was filming suddenly so I didn't manage to keep my promise. I am sorry. Thanks to everyone for waiting & coming today.

When JKS said "promise", he held his pinky up. Everyone did the same. Then JKS said "It's alright if all of you don't promise."

JKS: I will still look at everyone after I am here. It's alright even if everyone don't look at the things regarding me. Everyone has the freedom to choose. But I will keep looking at the things regarding everyone who made me stand here now. I will not change because I don't want to regret.


JKS Japan Twitter 1-30-14


The performances are at an end
Thank you for all this time^^*



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TreeJ Twitter 1-30-14

직진 라이브 투어 대단원의 막이 내렸습니다.
Zikzin Live Tour final curtain has fallen.


정말 수고하셨습니다!!!
Really thank you so much!!!



[Fan Account] Jang Keun Suk Zepp Tour in Nagoya Day 1

Source: Sukbar
Translation: rainygirl06
Image Cr: Treej

Fan account on ZEPP in Nagoya day 1 (28 Jan)

JKS: I came with the determination to lose weight. But when I reached yesterday, I went to the convenience store alone to buy beer. I drank it once I got out of the store. There were 4 girls in the store as well but none of them recognised me. This is so unbelievable! Then I thought to myself that I should work harder!

When JKS was singing Beautiful Change, there were a mother and her son named Daisuke standing in front.

JKS: How do you view me?

Daisuke: Very handsome.

JKS: How old are you?

Daisuke: 21.

JKS: So cute.. (saying in a tone full of envy & jealousy)

When JKS was singing Poison, he said "I am hungry..."

JKS talked about why he failed in dieting.

JKS: Once I reached Japan, when I looked out of the car, I saw Yoshinoya & convenience stores everywhere. How can I endure... I ate U.F.O (dry noodles) in the morning. This food is quite high in calories! This scares me.. At 12 midnight, I kept this a secret from my managers. I slept at around 12 midnight and woke up at 2am, then I ate 2 rice balls.

JKS: Kim Jae Joong & I like each other's character so we became good friends. But I was attacked by his fans, who didn't understand me, on twitter. They take me as a dangerous character... Asia's explosive character! Am I a dangerous character?

Eels objected: No, you are very cute~

Daisuke: Jyo!

JKS: Daisuke is today's hero!

JKS drank half of the beer and gave it to Daisuke's mother. He said "I give you the beer which was half-drank as a gift..."

When the concert was going on, someone fainted again..

JKS: There's no time to take off your coats when you enter the concert venue. So please do it before you come in!!! It's super hot here!

JKS: I am nervous & scared throughout the whole concert. I can even hear my heart beating. Everyone don't know this kind of feeling right! I am always trying out different ways to make everyone play happily during concerts~

JKS: When Nagoya is mentioned, what are there in Nagoya?

Eels: Miso udon, una don (rice covered with eel) & ebi furai (fried prawn).

JKS: I rested for a week. What did everyone do during that week? For me, I watched my past concerts, dramas and listened to songs. I only watched my own works. I was dashing during Cri Show 2. It was totally different from this ZEPP concert. The past is the past. The present is the present... Cri Show 3 is also...

Eels were surprised: Ah ah ah ah.

JKS: Is also not yet planned.

JKS: I watched the televsion this morning. I didn't remember what programme I was watching but the world is really complicated.

JKS: Other celebrities seemed to be worried whether concerts held in Nagoya can be exciting enough. But I absolutely! have no worries on that!

JKS: ZEPP in Nagoya was supposed to be in November. Really sorry for delaying it till so late.

JKS: I came to Japan when I was 20 to look for a friend studying in Japan. I only brought 30 000 Japanese yen that time. High school students only had that much money. I went to Shin Okubu in Tokyo but didn't get to know girls...

Eels were anxiously waiting for JKS to continue saying.

JKS: Because I didn't know Japanese language at all.

JKS: The schedule for ZEPP in Tokyo was really tight. I finished shooting the drama at 6am. I had to rush for the 9am flight. Then I reached the hotel and slept 3 hours. I rushed until I nearly drop dead.


[Announcement] TEF's (The Eels Family) New YouTube Channel

TEF has a new YouTube channel !! Daebak! For any eels that want to follow our uploads, please subscribe to this new channel.

We hope to see you there! Zikzin cri

Please Note:  Our previous youtube channel is also still available here:


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[Translation] Kim Jae Joong FM - 5 Secret Guest Segment (including Jang Keun Suk)

[TEF Note: Sharing with you translations from different parts of the 5 secret guest segment during Kim Jae Joong's (JJ) Fan Meeting last January 26, 2013]

trans cr: Love, Lu, Judy

1) Does KJJ like to be naked?

5 guests all answered: "Yes."

JKS: JJ, is always showing his skin on stage, I always have the feel that don’t know when his pants will take off too. (everyone laughed) He can be naked and sing whatever, it’s fine to do it in his own house. But why he did it in somebody’s house?
MC: Yes, why he did it in somebody’s house?
JJ: I know who it is.
JKS: My mom scolded me very bad (laughed like crazy again)
MC pretended to be JKS’s mom: Who is he? Why took off the clothes in front of others …?
JJ: This friend is my neighbour, our house got the same interior layout.
MC: JKS, What do you think about JJ said?
JKS: I told you my mom scolded me.

2) Does JJ like to be alone?

All answered: "No."
JKS: I never see him alone. He always hangs out with a group of people or come to me. Actually guys hanging out and drinking is very normal, It will be great if mom didn’t see it.
MC: JJ, Do you like to be alone?
JJ: Actually, been alone for a long time, always feel lonely. Especially when I finished the schedule and go home alone. Before last year, whoever I’m with or I go to drink alone, I don’t feel lonely. But not anymore.
JKS: No. Sacrifice others because of you, it’s not good.
MC: Today is quite attackable / challenging
JKS: So why have to be naked in somebody’s house? (laugh…)

3) JJ is an arrogant person?

JKS: He treats all the younger and colleagues well. But I’m very curious with something, why does he use level tone (same generation tone) to speak to his fans..
MC: I see. Use level tone with fans. (Fans start to scream)
JKS: Actually~~ I am curious why. (Fans scream again) Everyone please don’t be too excited. I’m excited. Haha. But it’s so good for the fans, very friendly. This is how I feel the friendly. One time when he come to my place we went to the car park, suddenly he assort the rubbish to take it to recycle. Really impressed me when I saw it.
MC: JJ you did that before?
JJ: smile. It’s an event between parents and friends, but it wasn’t strange. 
JKS: My mom said her fantasy for you have been broken. (laughs…)

2 Guests answered: "Yes." 3 guests answered: "No."
Let’s the yes one say first
JKS: Because JJ’s face look a bit different sometimes so he think yes.
MC: example?
JKS: In the concert JJ always give fans some topic/ theme. e.g., What calm and passion, isn’t it? What he really wants to do I really can’t get it. (everyone laugh like crazy, 'cause they feel the same)
MC: Sorry, This question is finish now.
JJ: explain the styling theme, all have their own meaning. It’s very meaningful for me.
JKS: I’m still have something curious. Isn’t JJ said he want to have a relationship but don’t want to get married, So what does he really want?
JJ: In relationship the partner can be not only one, but married is responsibility for only one person.

5) Does JJ like male more?

All ans: "Yes."
JJ took his hat / cap off and throw it to JKS, JKS caught it.
MC: How much he like male, please give us some example
JKS: First you can see, 5 guests today are all male (Fans scream), I wanna go home, haha.
MC: First, 5 guests are all male.
JKS: I think, for boy and girl relationship, isn’t friendship more important? Actually from his previous album singer for the chorus is Feat- Lee Sang Gon, beast- Yong Jun-Hyung, And a song I like it very much "A Sunny Day", didn't he sing with a boy too. So it doesn’t mean something else like been cuddle by a guy, what do u expect?
MC: Guests of today are great. We don't have this atmosphere yesterday.
JKS: We waited for an hour and half.
Greeting: No, I won't get out. JJ's fans don't like me.
My performance will be on 20th Feb.
MC: That's it? Finish?
JKS: Being close with me will always make people think too much, why has to be JKS? Our oppa might get hurt. I don't know what I can do. But we have the same loneliness, so JJ brother is someone whom I can share the loneliness. From now on, when JJ is tired, I will give him strength and comfort.

another version* * * * *

MC [to guests]—To start with… The first [statement]: Kim Jae Joong likes to expose himself [reveal/undress]… 1, 2, 3! Ahh… Everyone agreed! The guest at the end, number four, he seems very excited it’s correct…

MC [to JJ]—So, is it true? You like to expose yourself, Jae Joong?

[no answer… one guest laughs]

Guest (JKS)* —He undresses at home.
MC—He undresses at home…
JJ—I can’t deny it.
Guest—My point is… why does JJ need clothes? whatever for? [LOL]
MC—So… why bother with clothes… He often undresses at home… Do you usually undress to be more comfortable? Can the guests answer?
Guest*—Yes, [he does].
Guest—It’s no joke.
MC—It’s not joke? How bad is it?
Guest—Personally, I’ve only seen him strip…
MC—Only stripping… JJ, please explain/defend yourself.
Guest—If you watch JJ…
Guest—He strips a lot on stage…
MC—Yes, you’re right. Moments ago, he stripped without hesitation… not forgetting a single piece…
Guest—Yes… At some point, he may even take off his pants [LOL]
Guest—But you see, at his own place, he can take off his clothes… sing… do this kind of stuff
MC—Yes, yes [of course]
Guest—What I’m trying to say… why does he strip at other people’s place? [LOL]
MC—Of course. At home, since it’s my own place, I can make myself comfortable… but to go to someone’s else house…
JJ—I think I know who he is… [the disguised guest]
MC—You think you know who he is?
Guest—I got badly scolded by my mom.
MC—Your mother must had been like… What’s the matter with him?! He goes to people’s homes and strips like that!
JJ—my home is like my friend’s home, and my friend’s home is like my own…
MC [to the guest]—What do you think? Do you agree? Your house is like his house, and his house…
Guest—What are you talking about! I got yelled by my mom! [LOL]
MC—I understand… Then, the statement that Kim Jae Joong likes to expose himself… seems correct. I guess you have to admit it…
JJ—Yes, I admit it.

Below is a fancam from the FM of the 5 secret guest segment. :)

cr: MikiLoveJJ
shared to us by: Den



TreeJ Company Twitter, 01-29-14

@treeJ_company나고야 둘째날
Nagoya second day

나고야 두번째 공연이 끝났습니다.
End of Nagoya second performance.


Jang Keun Suk LINE Update, 01-29-14


[Eng-sub] Zikzin Radio, Part 6

cr: Saad Otaibi (ECI)
translation cr: Wen Lee and Eve Yap (ECI)


[Photos] Tokimeki Love Story, 01-28-14

cr: infinitysui

[Video] KBS Documentary "The Center of Korean Wave, I am Jang Keun Suk" (as uploaded in the KBS YT channel)

[Note: This documentary has been issued 2 years ago, but has only been uploaded in the KBS World TV YT channel today. :) Still a good video to share, specially to those who would like to know Jang Keun Suk  deeper.]

cr: KBS World TV
shared by: Sevinc


Jang Keun Suk LINE Updates, 01-28-14

upload cr: infinitysui

"Let's go to the Hiphop World with the rapper JK"


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Jang Keun Suk Twitter, 01-28-14


이제부터 내가 못먹는것을 트위터에 전부 올리겠다.. 다이어트 하는 애들아 죽어봐라 어디!! 
From now on, I will put up on Twitter everything that I can't eat since yesterday..let everyone's diet suffer!!


TreeJ Company Twitter, 01-28-14

@treeJ_company직진투어 마지막 장소인 나고야에 왔습니다. 지금은 리허설중~^^ Pic.Twitter.Com/5d7E5mvaIK
ZIKZIN tour has now come to the last stop in Nagoya. Now in rehearsal~^^  Pic.Twitter.Com/5d7E5mvaIK


JKS Japan Twitter, 01-28-14

@jksjapanZepp NAGOYAではドラムをたたきリハーサルスタートです。 
Zepp NAGOYA rehearsal starts with beating the drums.  

名古屋公演のリハーサル。ZIKZIN LIVE最後まで盛り上がりましょう^^
Nagoya performance rehearsal. ZIKZIN LIVE will be interesting 'til the end.^^

treeJ(訳): zikzinツアー最後の場所 名古屋に来ました。今はリハーサル中〜^^ 
TreeJ: Now came to the last stop of the tour in Nagoya. Currently in rehearsal~^^ 

NAGOYA〜みんな、一緒に歌って楽しもうぜい。最後まで直進‼ ︎!
Nagoya~ everyone, let's enjoy, sing along. Zikzin to the end!! 

JKS(訳): 名古屋~~!!!!
JKS: Nagoya~!!!! 

JKS: I will put up on Twitter everything that I can't eat since yesterday..let everyone's diet suffer!!