Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coffee truck support for Mr. Jang Keun Suk’s music video recording of Team H’s Japanese / Chinese single album “Take Me.”

On June 25th, the single album “Take Me” by Team H, a group formed by Jang Keun Suk, was released in Japan and Greater China!!

Mr. Kim prior to the album release!!

Earlier, we’ve been to the music video recording site!

I so wanted to share it, I eagerly awaited for the 25th to arrive.^^

The day of the music video recording!!

In preparation for the next-day event, I was at the shop organizing the truck ~

But an urgent call came asking to please come immediately ^^

Fortunately, in preparation for the next-day event, everything was already stowed in the vehicle and I was able to depart right away ~

Even though I was told to just come, I couldn’t go empty-handed ^^

At once, I made a banner super-fast.

[Even though] It was done in the blink of an eye

thanks to Team H, a perfect shining banner!

Arriving to the site, the agency team leader and the manager welcomed me ^^

They received me very warmly as we met after a long time ~

After greeting each other, I attached the banners and began to setup

I up the size for the coffee loving Jang Keun Suk!! I readied a 20 oz cup ~

I wanted to prepare so much but this is all I could do after being called in a rush ㅠㅠ

They must have been very tired from the ongoing music video shooting that they looked for a lot of sweet items.

For sure the handcrafted tea and the real hot chocolate were a great hit [very popular]!

I knew Mr Jang Keun Suk would drink the Americano as usual [but] he had a sweet mint chocolate and a vanilla latte ~

I poured it in the 20 oz cup I got for him ^^

A friendly actor Jang!! No, singer Jang ^^

He even took a picture like this ~

I saw him more than 10 times [but] finally!

He isn’t an easy man! kkkk

I told him that, lately, eels regularly come to visit the store ~

Japanese eels, domestic eels ^^

Curiously, while I was getting ready for today’s event

two women asked “until what time are you [open]” saying they were coming after dinner.

I heard from the employees these two were also eels!!

This too is fate (or it isn’t a coincide) ^^

Please look forward to the full length 3rd album in July ~~

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