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[Article & Photos] Team H * Style Oricon Style Interview

Vol. 2 Recording & MV Shooting Behind the Scenes

After a year and 4 months, the duo unit TEAM H unit composed of BIG BROTHER and Jang Keun Suk released a new song 'Take me' on June 25. The second part shows what went on during the shooting of the music video and recording! We don’t usually see the behind-the-scenes of the production, including the serious facial expression during recording and even the challenging yet peaceful situation in the MV shooting]

The new song that was unanimously agreed upon by the members and staff!

New song "Take me" was infused with EDM (electronic dance music) so the melodies are full of happiness, giving us a glimpse on another side of TEAM H that is a bit different from their usual music style.

[Geun-chan] When I first heard the song “Take Me”created by (BigBrother) I thought, “This is the title song!” It was the same as our initial plan and the staff also agreed with the choice.

[BIGBROTHER] It’s because I wanted to create an image that is different from the conventional Team H image. Also, summer is approaching and I wanted a cool song that would fit the summer season.

[Geun-chan] The conventional image of Team H is strong and has a “macho and aggressive” impression. But this time the atmosphere is more natural. I chose this song because I wanted something that can make me dance and enjoy with everyone like in an open-air summer festival.

It's a raspy but good song that you instinctually want to hum along to, perfect for this season. In an outdoor festival - while partying with friends you would want to listen to this one song! There is only a slight stumbling in the Japanese pronunciation, making it seem like it hadn't been a long time since recording in Japanese, it progressed smoothly. With two people who have a good relationship privately, they seem to enjoy putting together these songs.

MV shooting, also an accident! It was fun to shoot with the illusion of traveling

MV was shot for two days in Jeju island. The “Take Me”MV has a more natural-feel to it compared to the previous MVs created where the concept is more aggressive.

[Geun-chan] The first time I heard “Take Me” a green image appeared in my mind. To match the melody and the natural atmosphere, I envisioned various beautiful sceneries with a horse, and it was filmed in Jeju Island.

[BIG BROTHER] Near the beginning of the shooting actually, I had sprained my ankle badly. I was really hurt but worked hard until the end and was able to finish the shooting (laughs).

There was an accident where BIG BROTHER sprained his ankle on the first day of filming. But they continued with the aggressive shooting, running up the hill, played with the horse, and hitch-hiked. It was filmed to give the illusion of two people having fun while traveling together without having to show fatigue until the end.

[Take Me] Music Video (YouTubever.)]

MV shot in Jeju Island wilderness is a must-see! Now in addition to the original ver..., YouTube ver..., Nico Nico douga videos ver..., GyaO!ver... four released versions of “Take Me”MV. Find the different scene in the YouTube ver. and click on the screen to see a special video!

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