Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Month in review] June 2014 - part 1

by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits  Dawn Hazelett, Jovita Tauma Youplac, Arhaly Flores  and Nancy Terry

In the month of June
Eels that have been hibernating,
Swimming out actively, waiting
As the month of June
Was the month of BM and Take me.

Lotte Duty Free calendar
Came for pleased our eyes
We used it a lot this month
Because JKS worked a lot.

In the month of June,
Lotte wallpaper was released
with JKS winking his eyes
That shaped his lips
with such beautiful smile
I tried and it is impossible!!!
Only OUR Asia Prince
is able to have such skill.

Singapore eels are very proud
As Beautiful Man promotion appear
In their local newspaper of that country, what a deal
With JKS’s photo occupy the main page, so big and real.

Cri-J tweet on JKS’s
upcoming birthday event,
Our dear sisters' pioneer
That have a great heart, that’s clear
Like JKS all these years
Eels let’s get ready for this event.

In a simple grey shirt
Suk attended a wedding event
Invited by his hair stylist
Whom he worked with before
One word to describe that
 a star that reaches out to everyone
With very kind and sincere heart.

Cri J announced
to the members
to go to the page
to vote for JKS BD event.

Josen Jisin Magazine released
with JKS in striped brown suit
Released the interview video too
and also had a little part of the photo shoot BTS
Eels are blesseas Josen Jisin is so generous and in kind mood.


cr - Tef Trans Team

KNTV announced
a Beautiful Man festival
on the month of July
stay tune about that

Tree J twitted
that the part two of ep fifteen 
of the Zikzin radio
Was ready for listening
in iTunes.

Captures of JKS photos
From Josen Jisin magazine are out
Posing with cool and sexy expression, wow
With the stare of eyes that you won’t there focus at about.

Nico Nico announce Jang Keun Suk Live webcast
Of Take Me MV that bring eels back to nature land
And the next day will be   Beautiful Man press conference
 that bring eels back to Dokgo Mate.

Sukkie back to his home
from the country of Japan
with white shirt and black short pants
And sunglasses.

JKS' tweet of his food diary
Enjoying his grocery hunt in
Isetan Shinjuku that ends
In his mouth with a big shrimp.

A photo of JKS and his friend
Smiling brightly that outshone the surround
Shared by Kyen _jin Instagram
Eels are happy when JKS is having fun.

I don't know japanese
I don't know how to sing
but I want to get this cards
singing in the Karaoke, Lol,
but I have to fly to Japan.

BM Promotional Trucks will go
Around Osaka and Tokyo
on the second weeks of this month
Eels record and tweet to #kntv,….go,go,go,go.

A big screen showing BM Teaser
In Shibuya as part of the promotion by KNTV
Despite a wet day on the first day of the BM Vid
Eels are delighted to see JKS in it

Everything that has JKS’s face
Will make eels giggle, great
And KNTV knows us well
As all the new KNTV subscriber will giggle away
While paying with BM file  folders of BM.

cr-summer hiroko

Lotte Duty Free
made a super event
a lot of sales in the brand
with Sukkie photos til July.

Photos of BM exhibit in J:com shop
Eels that do not need a smart tv or Internet service, lol
Doesn’t Matter!! As we will just simply pretend to have interest
Just to get into the shops to snap photo with BM posters.

Photos of BM exhibit in the shop My
We were amazed that they having it all
From the drama we like a lot
We can see only pushing a bottom.

Japan OFC tweet on the third episode of Agent JKS
That the next guest will be Mr. Yamamoto Yusuke
That will showcase on the eleven and twenty fifth of June
Two great looking man but eels hearts only feel for one

Yusuke instantly became eel’s good friend
As he openly praised JKS’s good command on  Japan
And also for been a gentleman
Thanks Yusuke for your kind words
 and  for been a friendship to Jang Keun Suk.

Trailer on KNTV Dra Vid
With bits of Dokgo Mate in different styles,
expression, hairdo and maturity
If you miss JKS’s long hair
You better watch Bel Ami
to quench your missing.

KNTV Japan updated their website
With photos promoting
The drama Beautiful Man
This photo is an example of that.

Jae Joong SSi, our dear JKS buddy
opened his second cafe outlet called Cafe J Holic,
JKS sent a flower bouquet for the opening
to express his well wishes and support to his friend.

Model Press released
an article about how JKS and Yusuke friendship
grow in nature 
Yusuke, please take care of our JKS
 give him unagi points with fairness, he deserves.

 JKS tweeted again on a late night in Seoul
 with the message “Beautiful” 
 And a picture of 2 glasses with ice cubes
 Eels hope it is a beautiful night for you.

JKS tweet with a message 
Like this, another day passes.. 
Like this, eels also have another day that passed 
with he in mind and life to move on
all together will become strong.

A lot of magazines in Japan
promoted Beautiful  Man
Sukkie with the black and red shirt
represented Dokgo Mate

The goods from Beautiful Man
for the fan meeting in Japan
were presented in this month
for sale in the venue soon.

The channel who will broadcast
the drama Beautiful Man
in the country of Japan
presented a wrapping truck
for promoting the drama all around.

The Blue eels recorded
the rides from the BM wrapping bus
and showed the photos and videos to us
We, too, wanted to see that bus

Oh the wrapping bus in Osaka
was playing a beautiful song
sang by Jang Keun Suk
from the OST of Beautiful Man.

cr-summer hiroko

Video of the bus in the night.
What beautiful and bright looks the wrapping bus at nights
with all those lights
what a romantic ride.

Teaser of BM #3, video
Were presented in KNTV
For promoting the drama
In all the country of Japan.


Another teaser of Beautiful Man
but this time in Shibuya night
still raining from the sky
covered  the big screen outside.

A Beautiful Man ad was in
Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper in Japan
how good was that their ad
promote the drama, good job.

Zikzin Day
The eels from all  over the world
celebrated unitedly the Zikzin day again
that was good event
that recall us the first time he said that word.

The Beautiful Man
Making DVD will be released
In August twenty two
So save money for it too.

High Cut  Japan magazine volume five
will come will be released in the first of July
with Jang Keun Suk with a navy towel in his hair
four pages of him in the interview, we can’t wait.

The teaser from the program Agent JKS
Was presented in Smart Next
About them, friends Yamamoto and JKS
Who went camping out
To know themselves well.


A big news channel TV station
reported that JKS is the new sensation
who influence women in Turkey nation
that  news deserve a celebration.

The wrapping bus go to Tokyo, too
in the morning,the night and the afternoon
playing Beautiful Man tunes
announcing that the drama will be broadcast soon.


Tree J sent a twit
said 'Take Me' MV teaser was released
and now we can watch in the screen
of the computer, Zikzin.


High Cut  Japan magazine volume five
will come with the same cover photo post card
Jang Keun Suk with the navy towel in his hair
That magazine will be a hit everywhere..

JKS departed for Japan
from Korea Gimpo airport
with short pants,white shirt and black hat
and in his eyes a sunglasses.

He arrived at Haneda ,Japan
and the blue eels were waiting for him
we heard everywhere the screams
and he took the glasses out at least..

Tree J twitter, Suk in the elevator, 
announced the Press conference of BM 
that will broadcast in Japan 
on the twenty seventh of this month.


  1. Thanks for doing such a thorough recap! JKS's schedule was very busy in June.

  2. Our Prince was so busy and eels were so happy


Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!