Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Month in review] June 2014 - part 2

by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photos by Dawn Hazelett, Jovita Tauma Yoplac,Arhaly Flores Sernades and Nancy Terry

[Month in review] June 2014 - part 1
JKS post a twitter storm
When he was in Japan
First said Here I am
to present the Team H MV to Japan.

source - princejks

He posted in his Line
A sleepy mode pic
with some letters  like this zzzzzz
was very tired I think.

He sent another photo in Line 
he can't pulled the apron down 
was stuck in his hat 
he wanted us to laugh.

He sent two more tweets
said wow Japan, nice day
I am sleepy and suddenly began to rain
and presented the countdown for BM. 

The making of BM DVD
was announced to be released
on August twenty two
Ok, we will buy too.

In the Team H JKS  Ameblo
they put an update
you can go to there
and search a hidden video everywhere.

Take Me video was uploaded 
 in PrinceJKS channel  in You Tube 
And the Japanese  version
 in Pony Canyon too.

'Whats in?' magazine was released
with some photos of Team H 
 for the eels and proteins 
Another magazine to read.

Rice wreaths and flowers were sent
to the Beautiful Man conference
in the country of Japan.
very beautiful presents.

Cr: Sherifa

Beautiful Man conference
with three of the characters
of the drama were there,
And answered the questions of the press.

After the press conference
in the country of Japan
They were interviewed
by the press again
but this time for individual press.

After the press conference
the channel KTNV tweeted 
two photos, one JKS signing a pic
from Beautiful Man
and one of Sukkie's was very innocent.

In the screen shots from
the Nico Nico live vids
You can see that JKS and BB
wear jackets with pods
in black and white, so chic.

Tree J sent a tweet
with photos of Sukkie
rehearsing at the stage
for the fan meeting of BM.

The Official fan club of Jang Keun Suk
sent a tweet with a photo of him
resting  in a seat that said
end of the rehearsal for the fan meeting

Beautiful Man fan meeting
took place in Japan
the leads from Pretty Man
talked, played and sang.

After the Beautiful Man fan meeting
KNTV sent a tweet with pics 
of Jang Keun Suk before and after the stage
in the second with the others two BM leads.

We saw photos of Sukkie
eating with the casts and the staffs
of Beautiful Man in Japan
including the director and the lead stars.

He returned to Korea
with blue shirt and white pans
all smiles and ran to his car
you all  know for what,shh,
it’s a secret between us.

Photos from the fan meeting were released
from the media and the eels
he looked handsome in it
with that  jacket looked like a real prince.

Agent JKS poster was released
We hope he will record more
Wednesdays will be empty without it
Jang Keun Suk take note of this, please.

JKS update his official FB
With the Take Me MV
his eels went there
and watch the vid.

Team H Ameblo was updated
with photos of ;Whats  in?'
Photos of Suk and BB
in different poses for that magazine.

Photos of the banner of the Chinese OFC
were posted in Weibo
Were from the Take Me CD
We really enjoyed to see.

The China concert on July fifth
was changed to October eighteen
Now the Chinese eels 
have to wait more time to see him.

The release of Team H new CD
Driving to the highway 
was moved from July nine
to July sixteen,
we have to wait one more week

The new single of Team H
Take Me, from the album Driving to the highway
was number one in QQ charts
one day before June twenty five
the day will be for sale,that was great.

Jang Keun Suk
was spotted in this month
in a BBQ restaurant in Seoul
wearing a casual look.

A very interesting article
from Hong Kong 'Yes' Magazine
about the actorJang Keun Suk 
and  his drama Bel Ami
written in Cantonese.

Cr: Wen Lee from ECI

Jang Keun Suk posted in Line
two photos of BM wrapping bus
in the streets of Japan
for promoting the upcoming broadcast.

Tree J sent a tweet
said the radio program Zikzin sixteen
was uploaded in iTunes
go to listen  there eels.

A teaser from other song
from the Team H new CD
called 'Raining on a dance floor'
came to please us.

Eight types of messages
written by Jang Keun Suk
Were enclosed
with Beautiful Man OST
the eels felt very touched by them.

New photos from the JKS game
Were shared by Infinity Sui, eel
the game is only on Japan
but  we can enjoy the photos online.

cr, bye cri

Jang Keun Suk announced in his face book
the topic of the new program Zikzin
'Team H' and 'summer' will be the theme
of the show seventeen.

Japan arena tour
for Team H concerts 
was announced
you can read the schedule in this card.

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  1. June was a very busy month. Thanks for the detailed review!


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