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[Special Article] Jang Keun Suk Hair Transformation:Part two - Hats, Caps, Hoods and Other Hair Accessories

by Esther Noloc and Melinda Reyes
Special guest: Doha  Abdelati from JKS Wardrobe in twitter and Fenny Setiawan.
Collages and photos by Jovita Tauma and JKS Wardrobe in twitter

[for part 1]

E:Hi  Melinda and Fenny, this is the second part of the hair transformation article, this time we will chat about the things JKS uses in his head/hair, like hats, caps, snow hats, hoods and all his other hair accessories. We really were very surprised when we did this research, because he used all kind of things that you could ever imagine a man can use, let us see.

E: Welcome again  Doha as the special guest and welcome Melinda for the first time, Fenny was with me in the first part.
D: Hi, thanks for inviting me again, I enjoyed doing this articles.

M: Hello fellow eels. Thank you Crazy Ajhumma  Esther for inviting me to be a guest.

E: Well like in the hair article JKS used hats since he was a child, look.

M: Well, with that angelic chubby face, even with a nest of straw on this head he would look just adorable.

E: Hahaha,right Melisa, he looked so cute.

E: He loves hats, these ones are normal, later you will see why I called them normal hats, kkk.

M: Yes I want to see because I am new eel, I want to know him more.

E: Long or short hair all these hats fit him well.

E: In the Hwang Jin Yi drama, he used this kind of turban, he was so young, but looked handsome and sexy with all of them.

M: Because of the very soft and delicate features of his face, he pretty much looks good with anything. 
Esther, I am not a fan of the headdress of Hwang Jin Yi, but have to admit he did look cute. However, I do love him in a fedora, he looks extremely sexy in it, especially when he had that short hair.  

E: Then in Hong Gil  Dong, he used traditional Korean hats.

M: See, like I said, even with straw on his head he looks sexy.  I have to say, I do like the whole brooding sexy look of him in HGD.

E: He likes to use hoods too, that gives him a mysterious look.

M: Never did understand the tucking behind the ear thing.  But he can pull pretty much anything off.  Even the hood and the make-up works. I think he is the only man who looks better than a woman in make-up. LOL.

E: I am not  too familiar with this, I live in a tropical island, very hot, so we barely use these kinds of hats, how do you call them in Asia? I use them in the nights when I have a bad hair day, kkk.

D: It called beanie and they are usually made from wool, our prince love to put beanies especially in winter and sometimes in spring to add more styles to his look.

E: Thanks Doha, never heard that name before.

M: Now, a beanie is a hat that not everyone can looks good in, and that’s the truth.  I am one of those who don’t.  But, our boy here truly knows how to rock a beanie and make it look sexy – an even harder feat.  

E: More beanies then, kkk

E: These ones in fur, for the cold nights of Seoul.

M: Our boy sure does like his furs. I would probably look like a Chow Chow in that hat, but our AP.

E: Oh God and hubby forgive me, but he doesn’t need to show something to be sexy, look at this, only a towel made the difference.

M: Well, the shower cap is from MMM, when he put on the conditioner to keep his hair smooth and silky. I’m sure he puts a little bit of himself in every one of his character roles. Who that conditioner to keep his hair smooth and silky.  I’m sure he puts a little bit of himself in every one of his character roles. Who of us would look that sexy in a shower cap? Lol, Exactly.

E: JKS uses a lot of caps, Doha can you tell me where or when he used these caps? I love the first one from You are Beautiful.

D: Since he cuts his hair, JKS starts using snapback more and more. As we can see in those pictures, he is practically wearing them a lot in airport and while his Zikzin Tour in Japan. He used quit few brands like D9 Reserve, G-Knock Knock, Comme des FUCKDOWN, HUF and also from his own store Collecte De Zikzin.

E: Here are more caps.

E: The headbands can’t be forgotten here, remind me of my youth days  in the 80s, hey,hey,don’t start to count my age, kkk.

M:  If there is anybody that can rock the gangsta’ look it’s Sukkie.  LOL.   Loved the headbands and the long hair.  Is there really anything that will look bad on this guy???

E:My answer is no, Melinda.

E:The next photos look like a carnival, but he is very creative and like to tease his eels(Fans) in the social networks and act like a child for entertain and made us happy and you know what? he is like our personal clown, you don’t have an idea how many eels told me they are free of her depressions because of him and this crazy things he did.

E:My favorite is the lobster one or it’s a crab? Lol, I don’t know.

D: Hahahaha, he definitely looks so cute in all those pictures especially the crab one :D

 M: Sorry girls, not a fan of the animal attachments.  But there is something about the feathers and the Native American headdress that our boy can sure rock.  Do love that wild side of him.

E: I don’t know you, but i like the police/captain, berets and helmets photos a lot.

D: Yes, I totally agree with you sis Esther.

E: He follows the calendar and the seasons too, use Christmas hats, graduation and birthdays hats.

M:  Now let’s be honest, we’ve all worn those silly pointy birthday hats, I’ve never seen anyone look good in them…EXCEPT…of course…Jang Keun Suk.  He looks so cute in it.  I mean really, why are we even having this discussion, the man looks good in practically anything or nothing at all.  ;-).

E: He used big hats too, just for fun or in concerts and his dog Suni wears too.

M: He killed me with the Mad Hatter outfit (the last photo from the Cri Show two), he is my favorite character in Alice in Wonderful.  

E: Fenny you investigated about the zikzin hair band,right?

F: Yes Esther,this is the information about  Zikzin hairband:

Back in June, Jang Geun Suk garnered much attention when he shared a picture of himself wearing a uniquely designed metal headband on twitter and commented, “I like this headband. I’m gonna make it a thing in Asia.” He named this headband “Zikzin Headband” and has been continuously wearing the item.

In many pictures he shared online, fans could easily spot this gold-colored headband. He wore it in real life, studying Chinese, having a meal, and at airports. The concept of headband for men is definitely something new and men usually are hesitant to give it a try, but Jang Geun Suk makes it look fashionable and natural even on men. Look some photos.

E:If I not mistaken he participated in the design, right?

F:Yes Esther,it turns out, Jang Geun Suk participated in the designing process of “Straight-ahead Headband” with jewelry designer Park Min Joo, who is also actress Park Si Yeon‘s younger sister. In fact, the product is distributed by Park Min Joo’s jewelry brandMZUU. A representative from MZUU commented, “Since Jang Geun Suk announced that he is going to make the ‘Straight-ahead Headband’ a trend in Asia, it has been selling really well to the point where customers have to wait for at least three weeks to receive the product after they place their orders.”

The representative added, “Currently, we just don’t have enough of ‘Straight-ahead Headband’ to sell in both online and offline markets. Due to such a big demand, customers have to wait for quite some time to receive the headband, so we are having a discount event on the product to appease these anticipating customers. The sales of this headband increased exponentially in both domestic and international markets. We are realizing Jang Geun Suk’s star power in Asian markets.”

MZUU: ( Silver, Gold, Black)

Side News:

F:This  information were wrote that time.
Hallyu stars Bae Yong Jun and Jang Geun Suk are regular customers, and Jang, who recently appeared on MBC’s Kneedrop Guru wearing a mzuu ring and bracelet, showed off the unique accessories that have quickly become hot ‘hallyu star items.’

A representative from mzuu explained, “The distinct layered rings give off a trendy rocker vibe, while the calf-skin bound leather bracelet is a funky item that can jazz up any casual look.”
E:Wow, I saw photos of his friends,male and female wearing that jewelry too, so maybe he gave them as a gift.
E: Fenny, you did good investigating, thanks and congratulations.

M: Thanks for all that information. Although I knew that the headband was sold in Collecte de Zikzin did not know the story behind it.  So thank you Fenny, for enlightening me.  I’ve always said, JKS is a trend setter, a breaker of molds and preconceived stereotypes, he loves to color outside the lines, so whether they love or hate him, these are facts that cannot be denied.

E:Yes Melinda.

E: Now, enjoy with these extra hats gallery, all with a purpose.

JKS hats gallery

E: 1) Don’t look at me hat.

E: 2) The good bye hat.

E: 3)The Kindergarden hat, kkk

E: 4)Twilight, vampire movie /Full moon hat? he is too handsome to be a vampire.kkk

E: 5)Lighting hat (Was an eel's gift which he used in a music festival, so sweet)

E:6) Love hat (this one he used in his famous online Tokimeki Love Story Game)

E:7)This is not a cap, but the new Team H CD has come, so we wanted  to end with him in Team H.

E:Well  Melinda, Fenny and Doha, thanks for your collaboration.

D:Thanks to you.

F:Thanks Esther.

M:Yes, thanks again for inviting me.

E: Eels, see you in our next article or chat article, don’t forget to comment on the blog. Thanks.


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