Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[video] Team H for nico nico - driving to the highway

cr - chika8004h

English trans cr - Hello

This is TEAM H, Hello, everyone can see the vision Alta.

That's right. I am now coming from Korea. It is a very good world. There is a great system like this recently. 

Very good. Can you see well you Alta vision before the Shinjuku Nagoya Osaka? Hello

Raise your hand everyone


Hi, We are TEAM H. Please let me introduce myself.

Hello, I am Jang Keun Suk of TEAM H.

I am big brother.

I've been live with a smile specially today. I made the time to show you all of Alta before the release of our third album on the 16th of "Driving to the highway" and "Raining On The Dance Floor".

What song is "Raining On The Dance Floor"?

BB: "Raining On The Dance Floor" is a very great song.


It has a great melody and rhythm, beat, lyrics and videos.

We, I, have seen in the studio of Korea now, you are a lot of people in front of Alta really. Thanks for watching everyone. Looking only from mobile guys. Look at the TV. Look at the TV.

I think it is a song that seems to be very TEAM H, "Raining On The Dance Floor".
The atmosphere is completely different,  opposite of what was released before, the "TAKE ME". So I've kept you waiting.

Finally "Raining On The Dance Floor".  So I've kept you waiting.

I will publish the PV of "Raining On The Dance Floor".

Do you have something to talk to you?
Please look.

Please look at the "Raining On The Dance Floor"

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