Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Month in review] June 2014 - part 3

by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits and collaboration by Dawn Hazelett, Jovita Tauma Yoplac, Nancy Terry and Arhaly Flores

The CD single of Take Me
that also contain 'as time goes by'
is on the Japan stores now
one day before was announced to be out.

A Halloween party with Team H
was announced for October thirty one
only three hundred people can attend
Team H Ameblo and JKS OFC have the details.

For that Halloween special project
the guests have to wear masquerade dress
and Team H created their character for the event
that two two dolls you see in the phone case. 

Tower Records sent a tweet
about the Take Me single released
and in some records stores 
the single was sold out in a one, two, three.

Agent JKS preview photos were posted
in the Smart Next TV Face book page
for promote the next program
will be soon on air.

Big Brother from Team H
said thanks in his face book page
for the gifts and the cakes
That JKS eels and his proteins sent for his birthday

The Team H new CD
Driving to the Highway cover
Was released
we were waiting for it.

The new Take me single CD
was sold out
in the records stores
good news to talk about.

Jang Keun Suk sent a tweet
said, 'Here I am',
looks like he was in a house
celebrating under a carp. 

KNTV channel  Japan
Uploaded three videos from Beautiful Man
with messages from Jang Keun Suk
and the two others leads for promote.

cr - Wen-c Wong

cr - LP Pei

Team H messages
from Oricon Style
with a white horse in their side
were uploaded in their site.

Eight types of messages from Jang Keun Suk
were enclosed with Beautiful Man OST
all of them very touching, the eels said
how a beautiful gift for the ones who bought the DVD.

Team H wrapping truck
was roaming around Japan
a very powerful  truck
playing their songs
reminds me of Transformer, i thought.

JKS sent a weibo
with an ice cream lips
and saying please, kiss me
to all his eels, how sweet he is.

Cafe Bene upload a video
and the screen shoots too
of Jang Keun Suk promoting
the drink related to the soccer world cup.

Tree J.sent a tweet
saying today is the release of Take Me CD
Actor Jang Keun Suk is recording the show Zikzin
and the special guest was Suni, his dog.

Team H was number fourth
in a list charts in Japan
we hope when the complete album 
come out, it will be number one.

The Team H wrapping truck
roaming again around  Japan
but this time in the night long 
you can see all the beautiful lights in the truck.

cr - k Akime

High Cut magazine
made a contest for the eels
one of them will be the winner
of the navy blue towel he used in the cover of it.

Agent Jang Keun Suk 
episode fourth was broadcasted
in TV Next Smart in Japan
and  were very touching  
we hope the program come back.

The Hatch and Bardot brand
posted in their face book page
the photo from weibo of JKS
 with the lips ice cream, thanks to them.

Team H will be in this year's 
in the MTV Zushi Fest again .
their announced in their page
and then confirmed from Tree J.

Team H will be guest
in A Nation concert
in August fourteen
in Tokyo, Zikzin.

Beautiful Man started this month
its broadcast in Japan
after all the promotion and events
we expect will be successful.

Naver article came
'Smoky, what is it?' was the name
Very interesting for the  eels
for knowing better the Team
 and bts from Take Me MV.

Lotte Duty Free page
posted asking if we love JKS smile
what a question was that? 
they know we always hit the sky 
for  see one of his beautiful smiles.

They announced that Take me truck
will be in Tokyo , Japan
from June twenty five to July one
go eels to see the truck.

Beautiful Man Festival
that will be held in Japan
on the month of July
is now sold out.

High Cut magazine
said the have another cover for it
but then decided to quit
but show us the option B
another beautiful photo of him.

Mr Kim's Coffe is the brand
who prepared the food trucks
that the eels sent to BM set
he now talks about JKS kind heart 
and sent a truck for Team H
and have photo with JKS .

Zikzin brand started a countdown
since now to August fourth
when JKS' birthday will arrive
and he eels will be in  celebrating mode.

In a K Pop Festival 
in Florida, United States
some eel saw chocolates and crackers
from the Beautiful Man drama of JKS.

Some goods from MTV Zushi Fest
like hand fans were presented
they included Team H
and is for promote the event.

Take Me BTS photos were posted
very beautiful of of them
with a comment from JKS
describing the atmosphere there.

The Jang Keun Suk APP
was closed today -,-
eels were very sad
because we liked it a lot.

Take me Chinese version was presented
and also the deluxe edition  of the album
Drive me to the highway
the Chinese eels and others who understand 
will be in joy and saying thanks for considering them.


  1. Happy to see birthday info on Big Brother in this review. Cake was sent on June 24th to TreeJ by DJ BB Kurt Jung Group, Team H JKS & BB, and BigFANS Bigbrother Indonesia and confirmed by Stephanie Kim on Twitter. Would love to know which other groups sent a cake so we can join together next time. ^ ^

  2. Ottoke. I miss the app so much. However, I'm sure there will be more ways for AP to interact with eels (on that level) in the future.


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