Thursday, September 11, 2014

[Month in review] July 2014 - part 2

July Month in Review part two by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Dawn Hazlett, Jovita Tauma Yoplac, Nancy Terry and Arhaly Flores

In case you missed the first part is here: part-1

Jang Keun Suk sent a twitt
with photos of the computer screen
One showed some blue eels
who were watching the Team H show live
from one of the Japan streets.

Tree J sent a twitt
of JKS recording Zikzin eighteen
and again his guest was his dog Suni
a lucky pet she is, said some eels.

The day arrived eels
the Team H Nico Nico Live program
with Jang Keun Suk and BB
you can watch here if you missed.

Nico Nico Live broadcast
one day of Beautiful Man Festival
we were  very excited for that
because couldn't attended the festival in Japan.

Shibuya Tower Records exhibition
of Team H goods and clothes
was a sensation in Japan
the photos and vidos were proof of that.

July sixteen arrived
the new Team H CD is out
Suk and BB announced
in all the social networks around.

The Chinese version of Team H CD
Was uploaded  in QQ MUSIC
we can hear from their site
while our albums arrive.

JKS sent a Line
only for the Blue Eels
he posted an article link in japanese
maybe only them can access that link. 

The Team H new CD
Driving to the highway
was number two in Oricons charts
but for us was number one.

Jang Keun Suk said once
he didn’t mind the charts a lot
but Tree J sent a twit of chef Jang
Celebrating the number two spot.

Team H /JKS Ameblo
were updated
they still celebrating
number two in Oricon charts
with Sukkie cooking pig parts.

Showbiz Korea broadcast a show
Praising Jang Keun Suk
in his rock style 
in the movie Happy Life.

The photographer of Jang Keun Suk
sent a twitt promoting Team H CD
and the photos she took indeed
that by the way were very pretty.

BM theatrical version
Will be show in Japan
he in a big screen
we can’t miss that of course.

He went to Japan
for the BM Love festival
with grey shirt and black pants
and of course the sunglasses.

He arrived at Japan
With better mood
Saying good bye
and the shirt enrolled
for the eels noticed his muscle arms.

JKS Japan sent a twitt
a photo of him eating shrimps
he like shrimps a lot
because is not the first time we saw.

Suni birthday arrived
but JKS was busy in Japan
Cherry celebrated with her
and sent a photo of that.

Oricon style published
a very interesting interviews
talking about Team H Bts
when recorded Take me music vid
and other details of them in it.

The actress Hyun Young
was in a TV program
Talking about her life
and said if she has a son
want to resemble Jang Keun Suk.

We saw the Star magazine
from Korea , not Japan
and Sukkie is in the cover of it
That is rare, so go to buy eels.

Tree J sent a twitt 
about the Star magazine 
Sukkie is the cover of it 
and in July twenty two was released.

JKS Japan OFC twitt 
a photo of Sukkie 
he was rehearsing 
for the festival of Bel Ami.

Collect de Zikzin sent a twitt 
presented the twenty finalist 
of the clothes designer contest 
the eels made a design for a doll of him.

The magazine Josein Josei
published an article about BM
with beautiful photos of the three leads
and information about them in it.

Outside the venue of BM festival
the blue eels from Japan
were in line for be inside
and others bought goods outside.

A lot of flowers were sent 
to the venue of Beautiful Man festival
From eels from all over Japan
We know JKS liked that.

We noticed that BM festival
was an expo kind, divided in parts
that came from Sukkie mind?
because was similar to the Zikzin one.

Tree J sent a twitt with two pics
said the festival ended successfully
we are very proud of him

JKS Japan OFC twitt
a photo of a beautiful flower bouquet
Sent by them to JKS
for support the BM Fest.

@item93 twitt
a photo of JKS with his/her kids
two beautiful girls indeed
Sukkie will be a good dad I think.

JKS Japan OFC twitt
from the expo a big pic
of the BM three leads 
another beautiful photo from Bel Ami.

Tree J sent another  twitt 
this time two photos from the second day
said the BM festival ended with success 
and his clothes were black and white again.

Koari published some photos
from the Bel Ami Festival
the three leads from Beautiful Man
and Jang Keun Suk microphone in hands.

Jang Keun Suk  photobook 
is very beautiful and cute
came with six cards inside
you can save if you want to buy.

We saw a photo
of Jang Keun Suk
with History music  group
they sang in BM festival too.

Nico Nico Live Beautiful Man Festival
Was presented from Japan
JKS with bigger chest and muscle arms
he did high notes when he sang.

JKS returned from Japan 
After the BM festival 
He used a shirt from Balmain 
sunglasses and short black pants.

Nico Nico live aired
the Zikzin radio program from Seoul
was in August two
we enjoyed a lot, is the truth.

That set of photos
from BM Festival
shows JKS muscled arms
we were impress by that
I know  because I repeated three times.



  1. thank u for the saecond one and i salute u all admin of TEF because u can did these all and in details. if eels did not read this, means they are not trully eels. why? because i believe every people has their own business in their life. so must be miss some one or two events, but yes u made all thank u so much and thats amazing. Daebak. Jyo Zikzin !!!!

  2. Amazing review,thanks.for all your.effort,wonderful ladies.I just finished watching BM in Japan,too and watched it three times just like you.We truly can't get enough of our man.


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