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[Month in review] July 2014 - part 3

July Month in Review part three by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Dawn Hazlett, Jovita Tauma Yoplac, Nancy Terry and Arhaly Flores

You can read part two here: part - 2

Nico Nico Live webcast
part of Beautiful Man Festival
The three leads from the drama
play, talk and sang.

@official-JYrock twitt
a photo of him and Sukkie
he sang a BM OST
and went to Japan BM love event.

Tree J announced
the topic of the next Zikzin 
Scary stories will be
don’t expect me hearing this
Because I am afraid of it.

Lotte Duty Free uploaded
another photo of Sukkie
even with the same pink suit
we can get over of it.

Korepo posted some pics
from the festival of Bel Ami
we enjoyed when saw it
in special the ones of Sukkie.

JKS sent a photo in Line
one plate with curry inside
he ate before went to Seoul
while watching the Ferris wheel very close.

Tree J sent a twitt
with Sukkie recording Zikzin nineteen
he was almost in the dark
how he can saw the script like that? Ha, ha, ha.

Team H for hitting number one
 on the Oricon charts in Japan
and we were happy for that
Team H rocks our hearts, yeah.

JKS and Team H appeared
In  one Singapore newspaper
“The Straits Times” the article title was 
The ride  with the Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk.

Twitter from @nar_style 
About the Team H álbum autographed
From BB and Jang Keun Suk
After a hard work out.

Jang Keun Suk  sent a Line
He in the gym with muscle arms
The female trainer took the photo
Because she is proud of  that.

JKS  said was  working in his body
Five times a week
Because some eels make fun of him
Maybe he will transform soon
In Terminator or Rambo, no please
we dont like muscles  that big.

Lotte Duty Free promoted
The sales from July month
Were posted in their site
He in seven different poses.

Making The Star magazine 
We really enjoyed  that
He with an apple and the hat
The skateboard and the guitar.

Ameblo Team H/ JKS were update
A photo of BB with Jang Keun SuK
In a black sofa talking about their new tour
In China and Japan.

Tree-J twitter / LINE JKS
Both  sent the same thing
The Star magazine Bubble Gum link
For the   eels can read.

JKS sent a Line
Again  from the  gym
Showed his muscled body
That he worked hard for build.

@nar_style upload a photo
In her instagram
showed  the Suk muscled arm
She is proud of her art.

JKS and Team H
appeared in a Taiwan magazine 
talked about their new CD
and Jang Keun Suk acting skills.

The eels form bread sold again in Japan
Black and white as you can see
How beautiful to look at it
That you want to save and  not eat.

Tree J  sent  a twitt
Announced Zikzin in Seoul radio sale 
In Asia Prince store 
Were goods  about JKS.

JKS was spotted at a café
Chinese eel saw him with friends
He wearing casual look in there
And a beanie in his head. 

Koari posted photos from The Star magazine
Presented poses of bts shooting
Sukkie with two apples, bubble gum and the guitar
And white pants and hat.

BM will broadcast
In August in Philippines  
For please the eels who live in it.

Tree J announced
That Zikzin Nineteen
Was uploaded in I tunes
For be hear by JKS eels.

Lotte Duty Free
Put a big  board ad
This time at the port terminal
at Hakata Port in Japan.

Jang Keun Suk appeared 
in  'Choa  thirty eight tabloid 
publishing branch is Sports Seoul
but was published in  Japan.

Photos and information
About JKS in The Star magazine
Appeared in  Korean newspaper
Good news that they promoted him.

@nar_style upload in twitter
A photo of Jang Keun  Suk
Only  his build body were showed
Because his head were cut
She though the eels couldn’t  recognize him? Lol

Tree J announced
The new topic of Zikzin show
We dont need to think a lot
The  Birthday of Jang Keun Suk.

JKS updated his official facebook
with an interesting link
about the Star magazine
very beautiful pics. 

Lotte Duty Free 
changed their face book banner
Sukkie were part of it
And we were happy for this.

Arirang made a TV special
about the The Star magazine
the photographer of Sukkie
Name  Sun Hi was interview in it
about the chemistry  between he and him.


Cr.  Saad Otaibi

Lotte Dutty Free 
will open a store in Japan
and posted a banner announcing that
JKS handsome face was included, good fact.

Cr: @gu_chi_pa

The dolls from the Zikzin contest
arrived to  to Korea
and now are in Sukkie hands
Which one he will choose?
We have to wait for August fourth.

Jang Keun Suk posted in Line
A photo of him with twisted eyes
He looked like a real ghost
To shi o is the correct word in Japan.

Fangirl’s Diary
Were posted in Lotte Duty Free page
a lot all eels went there because we care
and said  why they follow him everywere.

Cri J sent a twitt
Announced if you are overseas eel
And you will come to Seoul radio Zikzin
You will received a surprise gift.

Lotte Duty Free App
Posted a photo in their page 
With Sukkie and three other stars
the girl with them was  Park Shin Hye

YouTube Prince JKS  uploaded
The making video of The Star magazine
He looked very young and playful in it
And handsome in each pose he did.

Jang Keun Suk and Kim Jaejoong 
Were spotted at Club Octagon
Jumping and dancing in that club
They really enjoyed a lot.

Cr: maru_pd Instagram


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