Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yalget Official Weibo

Trans Cr: Judy Wang
Edits: Tef Trans Team Editor

Sanya Grand Banquet, a worldwide launching of the colorful series SKINMATCH BB Cream. Hit on with BB cream (and) meet the most 'beautiful' male god face to faceOppa will share his experience as a spokesman. (Then) have an appointment with the well known makeup expert 小p老师 (PERRY) from Taiwan, and many music big shots supporting the music carnival by the beach.  9.23-9.26, YALGET will be waiting for you! [Fighting]

According to the pictures
1. The press conference is scheduled for Sept. 24th, 4:30 ~ 17: 30.
2. The music carnival is scheduled for Sept. 25th, 20:00 ~ 22:30.
3. F.I.R, Hsin Hsiao-Chi (Winnie Hsin) and Lo Da-Yu from Taiwan, Yip Sai Wing from HK, and DANI (朱丹) from China will participate in the music carnival.


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