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[Month in review] August 2014 - part 1

August Month in Review Part one, by Le Lamb, edited by Esther Noloc.
Photo credits: Dawn Hazlett and Nancy Terry 

August month was Prince’s month
His birthday celebration with all
For eels all over the world
Sharing and cheering our greetings
and best wishes for Jang Keun Suk.

Lotte Wallpaper with a fruits background
Boost  out our energetic Master eel ,look out
Not only love and care about us,his eels
But also our source of energy 
was  showed in August  from him.

MBN put together 
a list of the top ten Korean celebrities
with the most Weibo followers ,I think
Our Asia Prince stand at the top in our heart
Because he is our dear prince

Caffe  Bene  China released  a new event
A Promotional card presented by JKS
 that give additional discount when you go there
Too bad our dear JKS is not in the card cover
Else eel will get it just for collection item.

JKS tweet a love message to Kim Jae Joong
with hidden meaning that we know
we know what they did last night
Clubbing, drinking and dancing…Lol, kkk

Jae Joong exchange tweet with JKS
Of picture full loads of alcohol
That will sure make JKS’s ponyo more visible for us
But we like it as ponyo is nice to lie down on..kkkk

JKS tweet of waiting for eels tommorow
With stack of Zikzin Radio tickets
Lucky eels that attending will be
Able to shout out loud wishing him
Happy Birthday! Prince

Oh Oh Oh…our prince stuck in the traffic
On the way to attend JYJ’s membership day
On a time like this, eels will wish that our car
Stuck next beside his car
Then we can stare at him in a standstill traffic yam

Cri J tweet on the Photo’s sharing event
Many eels submit their masterpiece
And we looking forward to view all
The photos of Beautiful Man

Tongyi release love message from JKS
Wishing Chinese eels Happy Valentine’s Day
That fall on the seven of the seven month in Lunar calendar
Eels want to date with you only, because you are our number one.

Eels!! Tell me!! Your eyes fall on what first?
JKS’s cute smile or the cute Bichon breed dog
I can’t help but suk’s smile capture my heart and eyes first
And then the cutie dog J

OceanButterflies US release the Chinese Version of
Team H – Raining on the Dance Floor
Now there are English, Japanese and Chinese version
Let’s support and listen to the official site yah!

“The Star” Magazine August Issue “Making Story”
With a short BTS of our JKS’s hope
To makes us feel closer to him  more
His natural self-photo shooting was

Digest of THE STAR 2014 August issue 
with the content of the issue is out
But what interest us most
Only you know and I know

Fan made video of Official Photographic Exhibition
In the Korean Hall including the rice wreaths
that all eels club sent to Jang Keun Suk
With a lot of photos of him,oh my God.

Cr. daalcom
Cr. Nami jung

AP Shibuya staff Celebrating 
Oyabun’s birthday with balloon decoration
Happy birthday greeting all around the shop
Oyabun will surely feeling like a prince for sure

Eelship is a very special relationship
Without any cultural and words boundaries
Our heart are tied with a string that we simply
Just understand each other a lot in any part of the world
Look at the full suitcase of Tongyi’s juice that Chinese eels
Lug from china to korea, just for  other   eels,
No mather have to paid or not.

The time and stage of Zushi festival out to public
It will be Team H first performance in 2014
Team H will rock the stage 
Those that attending will definitely impress!!

Who is this boy?
Ahhh…..our boy that having dinner with his friend
Share by Xris¬_mas  that instantly chase by eels 
Jumping to follow his Instagram  for know more about him.

Tree J tweet their gratefulness to eels
That attending the Photo exhibition and Zikzin Radio show
Sharing the photo of JKS’s with a bouquet of flower
And another very  handsome in another pose.

Nico Nico Live ‘ZIKZIN Radio in Seoul
Our master eels is so generous as this 
Will be his birthday present for us 
As his appreciation from receiving 
so much love from us.

Cr. InfinitySui

A touching moment of JKS with Manager Kim
A sincere hug that you can feel even from the screen
A happiness that no money can buy
A scene that overload with love inside.

Message from JKS’s twitter
Give me your review very fast
Review of his Zikzin Radio in Seoul
Did any of you tweet back?

His friend uploads the photo of the party setting
We feel the party mood looking at it
Behind the screen must be
Full of laughter and drunk screen

Cri J tweet that Birthday prince attended the Photo Sharing exhibition
Putting his signature on eel’s masterpiece
This is not Tree J’s wall!! 
Cri J staff have to wipe it off after that

JKS posted his birthday’s photo in LINE
With the message “Cannot recall this last night”
Next round invite eels then
And we will be by your side
note down what’s happening

Kim Jae Joong tweet our prince’s birthday pic
The shining smile from him that makes us smile
His happiness is our happiness too
Thank you Jae Joong ssi for that tribute.

 Eels catch the funny trailer of 
'Happy Sunday - The Return of Superman' 
With snapshot of JKS’s carrying eye’s catcher 
Minnie mouse bag 
and wearing a Minnie mouse clip too, so cute.

Video link:
Cr. Saad Al-otaibi

Xris_mas shared more JKS’s birthday pics
This time in a BBQ restaurant
A photo of JKS’s lighting the cakes
And holding up the lit up cakes on his birthday.

Collecte De Zikzin tweet out birthday messages
To Sukkie, our Asia Prince
Many happy return our dear prince
In your  birthday, Zikzin.

Another birthday photos released
Smiling with beautiful teeth 
Eels getting to know more of Suk’s friend
With all the photo sharing by him.

Run Run Run…
Go Go Go…
Zikzin Run online game
will be available soon 
For smart phone user on Japan.

ZIKZIN RUN official promotion videos released
Japanese eel will get a chance to play it first 
But international eels, we will patiently wait for it release
in the rest of the world we hope we can play it later then

The Result of Suk’s doll contest were announced
The lucky eel will won a price a ticket to Hawaii
Check out the amazing tailor make clothes with accessories
Really amazing!! a very talented eels and good clothes.

Article of JKS birthday photo exhibition event
Beautifully written with highly resolution photos released
Eels please click on the link.
And read it.

 JKS tweet about Zikzin Run
asked the eels to preregister in the game online
We want to run together with you
Please  have this game roll out to the world soon.

JKS official Japan Fan Club tweet
photos of a beautiful flowers bouquet
and a very yummy birthday cake
for our dear Asia Prince birthday
How many cakes he tasted? I wonder
but I lost the count, insane.

The greatness of Starcast released
photos of Seoul Zikzin
with Sukkie beautiful smiling pics
even included the Sexy back, weee.

Tree J tweet
two Naver links
of articles written about Sukkie
Eels please read.

Chinese eels once claim a must see place
to visit in Seoul Tree J
one day after radio Zikzin
they stopped the traffic near it.

 JKS were updated continuously
with his birthday celebration events
this time he posted his source of energy food
Perhaps to replenish his energy from
Partying all night long.

JKS birthday celebration can
Posted by one of his bodyguards
no matter of the content of the drink
I think the eels want to taste it

Bodyguard Macky’s blog

Asia Prince FB was updated
with a Naver article link
he must laughing at his own Sexy back clip
Eels...remember  to read.

SBS station broadcast news  related to
JKS birthday memorial photo event
watch in this link
if you missed.

Ameblo TEAM H / JKS updated
A greeting message to oyabun
Wishing him happy 28th birthday
And we are grateful that he was born

 Prhyme have been a real close friend to JKS
for more than ten years and he also appeared
in Team H Saitama show as  MC guest
His birthday greeting was sweet and warm for JKS.

Weibo Tongyi posted a pic
said   happy birthday to JKS
Message to their most good looking endorser
Who is no one but our Asia Prince .

Lotte advertisement are everywhere in Korea
And this round they have Jang Keun Suk
Printed in the public bus
and eels  couldn’t  resist
to take a photo of the bus.

Check out what JKS’s shouting
in Lotte August promotion ads
If I was in Korea, Lotte will be like my
Only shoping destination brand.


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