Monday, February 23, 2015

[Article] Night celebration in Havana (Cuba) in homage to the literature of Korea under the theme: "Culture is the vanguard"

Reporter: Oh Hae Jeong

We can not say that North Korea and Cuba are two countries with a "sticky" and spontaneous relationship,  to share a friendship is not an easy thing.
Recently, the relationship with the United States and Cuba is good as the atmosphere becomes a bit more varied.
This isn´t the first event of its kind in Cuba. In 1959 came the communist revolution, Cuba had severed diplomatic relations with South Korea.

It was thanks to the value that the arts have that has emerged the possibility of a new approach to the nation of South Korea. "Although he is not known as much as I thought, it fits perfectly with the subtle and profound."

During 1957, despite the diplomatic relations were not going through its best times, we were pleasantly surprised to hear of the Cuban nation sing very well the Korean song "Someday these tears will stop."
Despite the disruption diplomacy is impressive to see that our culture "Hallyu" also seems to have penetrated the opposite hemisphere of the earth.

Above all has been heard frequently mention Lee Min Ho and Jang Keun suk a well maintained manner.
At the International Book Fair attended by more than thirty countries, there have been more than 100 copies of Korean literature. According to the government of South Korea, 119 books in Hangul corresponding to more than eleven hundred descendants the most illustrious South Korean people.
The director Kim Dong-gi Foreign Cultural Diplomatic thought: "We want to continue actively sponsoring culture, such as youth exchanges and cultural empathy and promote bilateral relations between the two countries events."

As one of the first countries in the midst involved in the exchange, it was expected that our government collaborate to give a great help in the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

MBC News Reporter: Oh Hae Jeong.


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