Monday, February 2, 2015

[Month in review] January 2015

January Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Dawn Hazlett and Nancy Terry

A new year came
with a new Lotte calendar
also a new wallpaper
with two photos of Suk
who still shining as a star.

Tongyi posted in their weibo page
photos of Jang Keun Suk
with greetings for the New Year
handsome as always my dears.

Lotte Duty Free
uploaded in their page
a video message
from our prince
again with greetings
for the New Year that came.

Cr. infinitySui

Zikzin Run online game
updated their facebook page
with Sukkie running again
sending greetings
for the New Year
that is now here.

The program Three Meals a Day
Fishing Village is the name
revealed their promotional Pic
with the three males lead.

Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village 
has been  trending in Naver too
was number one and number two
we hope a good rating for our Suk.

Tongyi weibo posted two pics
of their spokesman Sukkie
a message about have dreams
and the other about call our friends and family.

Lotte Duty Free mobile website
posted wallpapers of Jang Keun Suk
in the first they praising him
in the second he was down in his knees
with flowers, ready to propose to his eels.

The Three Meals press conference
will was held in the Imperial Palace Hotel
in the city of Seoul on January nine
we can’t wait for see him again, we said

The cover page 
of the Jang keun Suk Fan Page
were updated 
with beautiful pics of him.

Photo of Yalget Tmall Flagship store
presented Sukkie in a white shirt and a pink suit 
like shooting the eels saying  love you,
the reality was an ad for promote products.

The Three Meals a Day facebook page
updated three photos of their three lead men
saying I love you descriptions and their names
now we know them and can be related.

The Thai eels made
beautiful stickers of eels
for sell to another eels
go to Line and you can see.

Three Meal a Day updated
their facebook page
with Jang Keun Suk with a knife
cutting a banana in slices. 

Asia prince Shibuya shop
sent a twitter  for us
announcing that they will be
renewing the message board 

Cri J sent some tweets
about the preparation of the box lunch
that they sent to the press conference
for actors,staff and other guest.

The necklace that Jang Keun Suk
used in a Lotte Duty Free Ad
and designed by Kim Jee Woong
were exhibit in a Lotte Mall.

Jang Keun Suk arrived 
to the press conference
very elegant and took a pot
to pose in the event.

Cr. Bee_jks

The Three Meals a Day facebook page
were updated with news and photos
about the press conference 
with Sukkie and the other two men.

Tree J sent two tweets
about the starting and the end
of the Three Meals a Day
press conference and said thanks
for the gifts, lunch box and coal briquettes.

In the press conference 
of Three Meals a Day
Sukkie looked well
in a suit again.

A long teaser of Three Meals  a Day
were uploaded in the program facebook page
with the three fisher searching some to eat
and Sukkie have time to put BB cream in his face

The eels of Jang Keun Suk
sent a lot of briquettes Wreaths
for the press conference
of Three Meals a day.


Jae Joong and Jang Keun Suk
have a Tweeter chat  this month
both promoted each other shows
what a friendship have both.

A photo of Sukkie and his eels
who attended the Busan fan meeting
were uploaded from the Lotte page
a very touching pic.

Collecte de Zikzin second anniversary
was in this January month
the staff prepared some events
for the occasion celebrate.

tvN facebook were updated
with a new trailer of Three Meals a Day
with Sukkie crying there
poor boy, please take care.

Jang Keun Suk sent a Line
after no post for some time
he said eels don't leave me
but he knows we never go, lol

Photos of the lunch box
that eels sent to  Keun Suk
and the staff and crew
to the new reality looked good.

If I have a magic lamp
I will wish for tickets in Cri Show 3
If I have a magic wand
I will wish to spend a beautiful memories in Cri Show 3
If I have a magic mirror
I wish that I can go through it and teleport to Cri Show 3
May lots of magical moments seen with eels in Cri Show 3
This May till June in Japan

With beautiful smile and face
Our prince left Gimpo airport in a plane
To the land of blue eels for
“Jang Keun Suk Heart Beating Love Story” fan meeting
That makes every blue eel’s heart fluttering more.

Cr. Bee_JKS
Cr. sanxsan xsan

The Arrival of our prince
To the land of blue eels
Where warm love and heart
Are being wave to him
To tell him how much we love him

Cr. kaoru8884
Cr. ココネッティ
Cr. rei chan

Our prince’s photo with his manager
Are capture and share in Instagram pic
Wearing a V neck shirt that show off his collar bone
And the vein On his neck, ohhh
That make us so tempting to....vampire mode.

Yalget Business Model new photo
Display our Suk with the team running
We are here running with him
Our promise to you that we will
Always by your side, even in our dreams.

Lotte season of sales is back 
With our Suk’s promotion poster in Weibo
Chinese eels go check out what will be
The great deal that Suk’s advertising

Eels let’s start planning what to wear
on the February of two thousand fifteen
In conjunction of JKS’s third album release
The title of the album will be "Monochrome"
Shall all eels wearing Black and White on that day, ah?

Cri Show 3 Teaser is out
With his previous CRI show screen captures
That pull eels back to memory lane
Miss our master eels and will zikzin
To find a way to attend his show again

Cr. fraumovie

The official goods from Tokimeki Love Story Fan Meeting
Is not only a power bank that can use to charge our gadget
It is a power bank that can give us electrified
With that smile when we look at it is like magic

Lotte Duty Free is going to have
a JKS show in Star Avenue Mall
Lucky eels will have a lot of fun
on February twenty eight, the day of the show
Looking forward for a lovely picand nwws of the show with
Lots of intimate fan service between
our dear Suk and eels .

Three days before the debut
Three Meals a Day announced to us
that Sukkie parts will be cut
it was like the producers buried alive our hopes.

The Korea media created a scandal
that we didn't understood
JKS never been accused 
and never went to prision 
Eels encouragement tweet to Suk
Are spotted in the third place in worldwide trending
Eels love and messages are send out
Across differences  oceans and lands

Jang Keun Suk will run together
With Yalget in year 2015
for a step closer to beauty
Eels will runs together with you too
And of course with your endorser, good.

Our Master Eels has good eyes in everything
Let’s give a big applaud to our master eel
For his new building purchased in Seoul
We are extremely proud of you.

Suk first magazine cover in year 2015
Was a pic from Team H  show  Party
Check out his smile that has the charm
That sweeten out all the eels  heart .

Lotte Duty Free loaded Suk’s photo collage in weibo
four different outlook but give us the same effect
The effect of making us just looping our eyes
Staring at the pic from left to right,
bottom to top looking at his handsome face.

Congratulation to Yalget for the opening of
The Yalget Tmall Flagship  China store
With our Suk’s as endorser
 the sales of the shop
Will be shooting high rocket as we know
Suk’s charm is a great booster after all.

Team H Encore Show held
 in Seoul on January  twenty third
Eels that attending or to eels that are not able to make it
This is a show that shower with supportive emotion for him and his eels
Restriction of video and photo recording tweet out by Cri J
We will definitely protect our dear prince .

Gekkan Sukapa magazine
ranks first in sales in Japan
Wonderful news to a lot of us
A Big Thank you note to eels
that have purchase the magazine
We eels here really appreciate it very much.

An article introducing Suk’s current and past album
Release out from Obsnews
Eels all over the world will together
Combine the effort to push Monochrome
A new history in Suk’s Wikipedia world.

Credit: chika8004h

Hanyang announce that
the most view articles for the 2014 year
Is our Suk’s graduation photo and event
We will never forget how proud we felt
On that special date seeing out master prince
Wearing the robe and the square hat in there

More Suk’s pics  release in
Lotte Duty Free Weibo page
All the picture are nice
And warm your heart and mind.

Yalget upload the “Run For Beauty”
Event banner to their weibo page
Please look forward for more info
On the activities and events.

The third album of Jang Keun Suk
called Monochrome
Was mentioned in this article from Japan
With details about the album
and the cover photos of course.


TBS One will be broadcast
on the first day of the month
Team H Party show uncut
Raining on the dance floor.

AP Official English LINE
Exceeded four millions follower and still climbing
Eels are happy that there are so many of us
that following our Master eel in the globe.

Music ON TV.
will broadcast JKS  old songs
for celebrate the launch
of his third album Monochrome.

Showbiz Korea Arirang
seleected the top five stars
that the  people want
to be their office colleagues
and number one is Sukkie.



  1. Eels are always on your side Jang Keun Suk. Zikzin!

  2. Eels will never leave you no matter what happens... Keep the faith. Zikzin!!!

  3. Even though these are not my achievement, i feel proud. My prince, zikzin!!


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