Saturday, February 7, 2015

[News] Lyrics of new song "As pale snow" is preceding the ban & tonight on-air will lifting ban! Twitter campaign also start.

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Trans Credit: Mila1508

The first song "As pale snow", from the 3rd album "Monochrome" which will be released on February 25th, will be on air from february 6th in Japan on TFM/JNF 38 Network Station "Radians Limited F of Hisashi Yamada"!!!

Also, the on-air ban will be lifting at the same time the lyrics will be on the search service "Uta Netto" [Song net], but the same bureau of the lyrics will be banned.
Along with it, will be implemented a linked campaign on Twitter.
For 3 days from February 6th to 8th, share twitts with impressions about the song on air, impression about the lyrics, with the hashtag "# monochrome" [#モノクローム]. We are planning to gift a poster to 3 persons who twitt during those days.

Jang Geun Suk shows a melancholic expression in the impressive visuals of his recent work "Monochrome". The whole picture also shows a place to be worry about. So, first heard the new song "As pale snow" and let's twitt the impressions!

Lyrics ban
February 6th 12:00 ~ preceding published  the lyrics in the search service "song net"
"As pale snow" [Awai yuki youni] lyrics URL:

First music  on-air
February 6th 25: 00 ~ TFM / JFN  38 Network Stations on the air in the  "Radian Limited F of Hisashi Yamada"

Twitter linked campaign
Tweet for 3 days, from February 6th to 8th, comments about the song music and the impressions of the lyrics on Twitter with the hash tag "# monochrome". Will be gifted posters for three persons who twitt! The winner will be notify by direct mail only ※, please follow the "Ponycanyon (ponycanyon)" account on Twitter


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