Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[News] NICO NICO LIVE will celebrate the release of the new album "Monochrome”, with the broadcast of two special programs

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Starts 2015/02/12 (Thu) at 21:00 
Jang Keun Suk "2013-2014 JANG KEUN SUK ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP Special Edition"

This tour was conducted in the years 2013- 2014 JANG KEUN SUK ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP Special Edition, you can see one performance held at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo in December, 2013.
But a part of the program will  not be  available completely, you can get to watch  if you are NICO NICO LIVE member.

◇Zepp DiverCity - Music perfomance  by the artist(JKS)
My Bus
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Let Me Cry
Love Is Black Hole
Bye Bye Bye
Indian Summer
Nature boy
Rain (acoustic)
I Will Promise You (acoustic)
Always Close To You
Beautiful Change
Save Me
Turn Off
Like A Movie

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2015/02/13 (Fri) at 19:00
[Jang Keun Suk] New album "Monochrome"  commemorating the release  of the Music video  "Hidamari" for 24 hours.

Before the album release, the music video of  "Hidamari" (Sunny spot) entirely! You can see message  from JKS’ and previews shooting the video from Bonus DVD Limited Edition it will show  a litle, some parts.


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