Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Photos] Photos of Monochrome with thoughts

Original source:
Thoughts by Esther Noloc

Is Monochrome, but with that smile we will see a rainbow. 

A handsome young man, that fills our hearts

A letter of love, from you to us.

We can see your heart, looking through your eyes.

Built a castle in the air to reach your dreams always in earth.

Looking so far, you will reach your star.

That plant will grow as your eels love.

You can be a child with that innocent smile.

Never feel lost, you have our support.



  1. Our Prince don't know how many good and well he does for us. Inspire our life every moment of our life. God bless our beloved Prince. Thanks for share dear Esther.

  2. So Beauitful God bless you more Prince Love always and a lot of support....


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