Thursday, February 12, 2015

[Trans] AP SHIBUYA SHOP Twitter, 11-02-2015

Trans Credit: Mila1508

@AP_shibuyashop  本日11日~22日までJKS直筆サイン入りフラッグを展示致します^^

@AP_shibuyashop  Since today 11th  until 22nd,  it will exhibit JKS autographed flag ^^
Just for today, We will  give as present a diary that contains  beautiful photos of JKS for those who purchased the 10,000 yen or more !! Please come and  visit us on this occasion ♪

@AP_shibuyashop  ◆お知らせ◆13日(金)より、3,000円以上ご購入頂いたお客様にValentine缶バッチをプレゼント致します!!1階,2階合算も可能です!!缶バッチは1階でのお渡しとなります。是非、ご来店ください♪ 

@AP_shibuyashop  ◆Notice ◆  Since 13th (Friday) 
To customers who purchased more than 3,000 yen will present a Valentine badge !! first floor and second floor summation is also possible !! The Badge will  be given on the first floor. Please visit us ♪


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