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[Interview excerpts] Jang Keun Suk - Fuji TV series non-stop, 17-03-2015

Note: When we find the complete program, we will post the translation.

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  1. jang keun suk's expression face looks so sad, :( Jang keun suk tries to smile but my baby Jang keun suk looks so sad.
    Why? what happened?
    I'll be waiting for your translations.
    the statistical tablet from 2011-2015, ... ..what mean ? maybe its about ...his career? or his life? or what mean it? please tell me


    1. I found some opinions about this:

      People say that this describes Jang keun suk's emotional situation in each season from 2011 to 2015

      • JKS happiest moments were in late 2011 and early 2012.
      • but In a part of 2012: JKS had painful moments, but then his emotional situation came back to be happy again in the same 2012.
      • By the end of 2013 and the first months of 2014 (exactly the first of January 2014) were the most painful and hard moments in JKS life. His graduation by end of February in 2014 helped optimize a bit his emotional situation, but not normalized, because those very painful moments were still persisting during almost all the 2014.
      • By the end of 2014 and early 2015 he began to improve little by little JKS emotional situation. Now this is on the rise, little by little.

    2. here I send you another opinion (from paris) on the causes of JKS's pain moments
      what were the causes of JKS painful and more painful moments?

      ♦ In one part of 2012: very painful moment. its cause: The low ratings of LR drama.
      ♦ Between late 2013 and early 2014 (especially 1st January): the most painful moments of his life: its causes assuming to be 2: PM drama received the lowest ratings among all his dramas. Plus, Dispatch confirmed that "SHE" is dating with a guy.

      --> we all know who "SHE" is, right?! right!

      JKS is a man and human being, He has feelings and emotions, obviously someday, JKS had to fall in love intensely with someone (SHE). apparently JKS are intensely in love with her. obvious, he is a man with pure feelings.
      we and many people agree "SHE" is also intensely in love with JKS, because you only need to see and realize that "SHE" was just extremely happy with JKS.
      During 2014 "SHE" did not look very happy, despite having a boyfriend. :s. why? mmm.

      Note nº 1: JKS third album is a window of his soul, love, fear and hope.
      We hope JKS hope still keep growing more and more until having his dreams (SHE) to his side again. SHE is his soulmate/his version female. No doubt.

      Note nº2: is so difficult to find your soulmate in this world, but when YOU find her/him, do not let her/him get away.
      paris will always support the true and pure love.

    3. Base on the video with English sub, is no such thing. You assume only

    4. the opinions are based on the interpretation of JKS drawing or graphic, not the literal translation of the video. ^^

      P.S. thank you very much for the video with translations, thanks for sharing. kiss.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4h6Mt2_isc
    With english sub

    1. thanks you very much!

      JKS smile disappeared, it hurts me.

      He wants to show everyone his inner side. for that reason jang geun suk shows his drawing or graphic from 2011 to 2015 too, and was holding that graphic so that we can to see it, it is because He wants to share when was his deepest felt down and where He did a deep reflection on himself. Jang geun suk is maturing and that's good.
      we always with him

    2. Today 2015.

      Last year that 3 years (2012, 2013 and 2014). JKS suddenly started to question himself. he was thinking what he is. what JKS is for a year, while recharging himself.

      --This must be whole 2014, because in another interview JKS said that around since his graduation (February 2014) began to question himself who JKS is ? why JKS there is/ exist ?. etc. while recharging himself. that same year (2014). Among all years, 2014 was the most painful year for his heart, from the first day of 2014.

      JKS has clarified: "i used to think 'Do-S Keun chan' reflects myself but it may have been a MISTAKE"
      JKS is afraid people have had a strong impression that JKS is "Do-S" and "Bossy" so far. After 2011 seeing his past videos. He even thought "JKS is really annoying".

      -- Do-s and bossy personalities were just a MISTAKE!. because he always was a good guy, also He matured and changed, He is a good man with a pure soul.

      JKS: "You may doubt If people can change so much...but In Fact I've changed"

      -- I'm sure JKS has changed for maturing, he was maturing since 2012, but 2014 was the year where JKS personality matured a lot. His maturation and change is not just by the work/job but also by his inner side, especially by his heart..
      the sadness, losses and separations can make you change much.
      I'm pretty sure JKS in love with her and of course she too in love with JKS,

      but I think she has afraid of do-s/bossy personality, which is certainly just a mistake. because JKS already clarified that Do-S/Bossy personality was just a mistake. and In Fact He has changed. I love his mature side.

      JKS is a very respectful, faithful, loving, sincere, honest, romantic, talented, intelligent and hardworking man. I really trust him. JKS is a wonderful man. JKS will be a great husband and father. You should hear and see JKS's honest heart.

    3. amazing this is the first tie as a reader i read this long comment :) but i am happy with what you posted in here and for your respond to give opinion for all reader. thank you for sharing. oh why don't you use your account in Google or Facebook? so, eels can keep in touch with you. thank you cri.

    4. thanks for the comments, videos, post.

      Jang keun suk face and smile look really sad. it hurts me deeply. I hope that his messages can touch her heart (again), the heart of all eels and worldwide.

      jang keun suk explicated that 3rd album is "Yours and Mine", not "keun chan + everyone".

      I think that gradually many more eels are confirming and accepting that Jang keun suk 3rd album is about "Himself/his heart and his loved girl" apparently their love is forbidden because the people around them do not want to accept their relationship and love between them. therefore now she has a boyfriend. this situation is more hard and sad for Jang keun suk and his loved girl. :(
      Even the journalist "what's in? txt" been deducted that Jang keun suk 3rd album is about a "forbidden love". i agree with that journalist, because he is very professional therefore He do not have a favorite couple and he can to see clearly the truth. I hope she returns to Jang keun suk side again and have a future together, because as Jang keun suk said he has changed, he is maturing.
      and that Do-S/bossy personality was just a mistake.

      keep going coz the morrow will return soon, keep highest hopes. god bless you.

    5. I guess jang keun suk loves "-O--A". they will be a wonderful and perfect couple. :) ^^ their babies will be the most beautiful.


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