Saturday, March 14, 2015

[Trans] JKS Japan FC Twitter, 14-03-2015

@jksjapan  Crishow3 初日無事に終了!
@jksjapan  Crishow3 the first day has ended successfully!
Everyone! Happy White Day ー❤️

@jksjapan  リハーサル無事に終了!
@jksjapan  The rehearsal has ended successfully!
Crishow3 finally begins !!


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  1. Before (past - 2011): Jang keun suk don't like Lollipop
    Then (2012 - Today) : Jang keun suk likes/loves Lollipop.

    i guess jang keun suk's lollipop is for his loved girl. :) lol this is LOVE. so sweet.


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