Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[Trans] A korean director/producer spoke up for JKS in his tweet earlier today

Trans Credit: Yan Love JKS

Translation: I personally think,, that ,,,, Jang Keun Suk,,,, been treated very unfairly in 2015. He is an asian actor who suppose to has a brilliant career. But he can't do anything now because of our prejudice and misunderstanding, what's going on,,, really,,,, night night



  1. thanks ajushi for his support and words.

    I feel much pain as his own nation hates our jang geun seok since 2008. That irrational hatred began to grow more and more affecting his career and life.
    Many Koreans including many Korean celebrities believe that jang geun seok is a narcissist, psychopath, womanizing, arrogant, etc A bad boy/man. But this year 2015, Jang geun seok clarified that Do-S personality was just a mistake.
    I really hope that this year Koreans can see that JKS has changed and matured, He is a good man and great artist. He deserves more supported.

    1. This is CREASY .Why in the word and for what will people hate him. You small minded people. I am from America. I accidentally sew You are beautiful on Netflix and was impressed with his charming presence .I start to Google him and find a lot more about his acting career and singing. Now I admire him even more.What I notice is his changed appearance starting 2015 and was wondering why that change.I would hate to think is because the latest tax related situation .That will be stupid . Whatever it is I hope he won't let anything to crash him and will be strong to stay truthful to himself because that is the only way to be original and unique.He have an army of fans everywhere and I become one of them.

    2. you are from american? nice to meet you american eel.
      Koreans are skeptical, they believe what a good actor will never be a good singer. several actors wanted to be singers and Korea do not support them. if you try to learn more about ideology in Korea, you will observe that they are very closed minded about some issues.
      I had long discussions with JKS's haters, they are mostly Koreans. they have a very bad concept about jang geun suk personality. they always claim he's a Do-S (narcissistic, nothing humble, arrogant, womanizer). there are even some persons who question his sexual orientation. The haters are really cruel.

    3. I'll give you a abstract:

      ○ Japaneses love jang Geun suk actor and singer, jks is the most loved and famous Korean male actor.
      ○ Korean hate him :( from 2008 specially 2009 . Many argue because of his personality Do-S (similar YAB character), at that time YAB drama had low ratings (had an average of 10-12%), while what other dramas were passing the 30% rating and others reached 40%-50% rating. those dramas were hits. korean press always also make negative articles about him. Jang Geun Suk knows about it, for that reason this year '2015' jang geun suk clarified what personality Do-S was just a MISTAKE ! and He changed because these last years jang geun suk was meditating on his life and personality, especially the last year '2014' He has made a deep reflection about himself, his real himself. On the issue of taxes, that was just an excuse by Korean press for attack him again. Something that Most Koreans will never be able deny is that He is one of the best actors.
      ○ Chineses likes Jang geun suk model, singer and actor, specially model and singer. I could say JKS is among the top 30 most famous Korean celebrities in China. also China will be the new world power, soon. I hope JKS can work in China, this will help to grow more his career. He is one of the Best among Best korean actors.
      the rest of Asian countries are neutral or friendly with him. jang geun suk has many fans in All Asia, except in his own country (korea).

  2. Thank you for this great words, we appreciate it very much! His talent and dedication is really admirable and there is no limits fir his imagination, I hope I could be in a concert (this my dream) but meanwhile I am enjoying from where I am

  3. We really appreciate your support ajushi, I personally feel so happy to read your great word,I hope from now n on our JKS will be supported by his Nation, Korea will see that our JKS is not what they thought, His talent is really amazing, I trust him so much I hope Korean can trust him as I do. Though as his fans I can't be the formal member of Eels n I just can support him from where I am by love n prayer but I still happy to love him. You know my dream is to meet him in real life n can be in his live concert, I love u so much oppa....

  4. He is indeed unfairly treated. But he is a survivor from all the hate he receives. Regardless of the pain he is going through he is improving himself as an artist - graduate school is so commendable, directing 'camp' is another. He dared being himself and is ostracized from being honest in Korea's plastic/unreal entertainment industry. We will continue to believe in him.

  5. When you walk alone and people start criticizing, from your behind thats mean you have choosen the right path... Not everyone know him personally.. So how can they say something like that... I am from India.. And my wish is to meet him ..and to Korean public he is right there..u have any idea how lucky u guys are... I do love him from three month so i have fate on him ...

    1. Its three years not month..sory


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