Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[Trans] New photos from Tongyi Juice Weibo

Cr.  Tongyi Weibo
Trans Credit: Yan Love JKS

Tongyi orange plus
Plus C plus pretty

Chinese zodiac item
new packing nickname is out

Tall smart tiger 
extremely handsome and high class, 
be myself make me more pretty

Little dragon girl 
my beauty changed the history of aesthetics,
be myself make me more pretty

Warm guy sheep
very warm and make me to be loved,
be myself make me more pretty

Bunny girl
Cool elegant and mature,
be myself make me more pretty

#Chinese zodiac guessing game #3.28. tongyi orange plus “Chinese zodiac” pretty new packing will grand arrival

3.28 Chinese zodiac 

4 style will be out on 3.28 grand arrival tiger, dragon, sheep, bunny little giving a treat for you vote  guess that 4 Chinese zodiac’s nickname and win JKS and PSH photo with autograph.

** 20 photos with autograph are waiting for you.


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