Monday, April 20, 2015

[Article] Jang Keun Suk pays surprise visit to his fan club’s regular meeting

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Jang Geunsuk sure loves his fans a lot.
He showed up out of nowhere at his fans’ regular meeting and they were super excited!
They were so surprised too because they didn’t expect him at all

He had schedule overseas but he must have really wanted to attend this meeting.
He decided to come back a day early
BUT all the plane tickets were sold out so he was on waiting list for  both first class and economy class

He flew economy class so everyone in economy class on that flight.. well, lucky you

He didn’t just say hi and leave, he played games with his fans, and hung out with them for 30-40 minutes

Later, his managers came looking for him!

He answered questions about himself when the fans were playing games and he was excited that he got a rare item, and went home with his own album

Staff at the event venue came to watch too, saying they’ve never seen a star who comes to their fans’ regular meeting
Fans couldn’t be more excited

Jang Geunsuk sure is something
The fans who were at this meeting are so lucky!
A star who shows up out of nowhere at his fans’ regular meeting.. omg.



  1. Because its none other than JANG GEUN SUK ��

  2. our PRINCE :') is so cute and charm boy

  3. his changed is adorable everyday more and more, I love his simplicity, warmth and humility . he is the best man <3
    i'm so proud of our Asia Prince and human being Jang Keun. his heart is pure love <3


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