Friday, April 3, 2015

[Eng-Sub] Jang Keun Suk sent a message to support the debut of the program ‘Mr.SHOW’ in Japan.

English translation: TEF translators team

Note: The producer of the program, Kolleen Park is his friend.

Text translation of the video:
Hello everyone, I´m Jang Keun Suk saying hii to all my japanese fans.
I'm here to support and promote a great friend, she is the star, the producer of one of the most popular and strongest shows of Korea, Mr SHOW... do you know it?, that has driven all the Korean ladies crazy and I recommend for everyone .
It is characterized by rock every place where it is viewed with those savage bodies and assure you that it will envelop every japanese woman in a warm, incredible and fantastic atmosphere but .... it might not all husbands will like that(laugh).
So I invite you all to enjoy the program to the  maximun level and receive  my good friend Kolleen Park, the  producer of, Mr. Show from next 22 to 26 April at the Tokio Akasaka Blitz .
See you.



  1. YAYYYYYYY!!! thanks for sharing and to translate.
    our keun-chan always supported other artists, he is a wonderful person. i love him.

    I want to see LOL. :D :D :D lololol

  2. Thank you for your translation. I don´t think this show is something for me, but Suk is very cute in the video. I would like to see The Cri Show , not Mr Show. :)

  3. Thank you TEF! You really work hard! Love the background, by the way. :)

  4. Thank you so much dear Anonymous, that is exactly the reason coz we did translate this message, to show to all the people how muh unselfish he is, that can make that everyone know he a bit better, don´t you think?
    Thank you for following us TEF translators team.

  5. THANK YOU! <3 Thank You! Thank You for your translation.


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