Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[Fan Cam - 1] Jang Keun Suk departs from Incheon to Okayama for Cri Show Ⅲ, 08-04-2015

Cr. Bee_jks

Cr. sanxsan xsan

Cr. unbi71



  1. our prince jang keun suk looks happy! omg if he is happy i'm happy too. :) i love him, he looks cool!

    today he has much interaction with his iphone. What will be watching? maybe, maybe .. "Catch Me If You Can" teaser.

    I remember our prince said to be an official fan of GG group.^^ zikzin !

    1. OHH!!! right, today sukkie looks sooooooooooooo happy and very close with his iphone lol ^^ why will be?
      yeaaaaaaah! right! today 'Catch Me If You Can' teaser too. ;) ;) oppa sukkie must to be watching it. :) for sure.

      oppa sukkie !! i love your smile. you're so handsome and perfect. I love you!!

      p.s. i like his adidas superstar 80s. :* kiss!

    2. I think he was maybe watching his LINE-video. Yes, he looks happy. Love his smile. :)


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