Sunday, April 12, 2015

[Month in review] March 2015

March Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

The March month began
With the Cri Show three
Lotte calendar and wallpaper
with Sukkie pretty in pink.

JKS Japan OFC tweet
about Monochrome ranked number three
in Oricon charts, Zikzin
Congratulations, Sukkie.

Collect the Zikzin tweet
Photos of Suk in a cup with tea
differences poses of him
I know it will be a hit

Tonyi weibo posted a pic
with JKS message in his hands
said "Today is the national ears day
don t forget to let ears rest enough
so you can keep listen to Suk 's songs''.

Jang Keun Suk pic appeared 
in the cover of Japan WHAT's IN? .txt magazine
the magazine was the volume three
a lot of beautiful pics of him.

The OFC Japan tweet
about Cri show three
Tokyo Budokan indeed
sold out in a one, two three. 

JKS new album Monochrome
ranked number one
in a record store in Japan
we are very happy to heard that. 

WHAT's IN? .txt magazine
volume 3 with JKS in the cover of it
ranked number one  in Amazon, Japan
another thing to celebrate for that

Lotte Duty Free 
posted in weibo two pics 
JKS wearing red in it
thanks Lotte for published the pics. 

Yalget Tmall Flagship weibo store
published a photo of Sukkie in white suit
said chinese Valentine' s day, pretty color skin
and surrounded by products like BB cream. 

Jang Keun Suk sent a tweet
a photo with  lot of green tennis ball pic
he wanted the eels played tennis with him
he is very sweet with his eels.

TBS news announced
that Monochrome CD
was number three 
in Oricon rankings.

Lotte Duty Free
posted a gif of Sukkie
two flowers dancing
because saw him.

Good news we read
about Monochrome CD
the album ranked twenty three
in the world top fourty, zikzin.

Tongyi published a pic
of JKS and Park Shin
Saying Happy San Valentin
to all the chinese eels.

Lotte Duty Free
uploaded three pics
of our dear Sukkie
the first one with a gift.

Monochrome official goods
For Jang Keun Suk Cri Show 3  were released
Lucky eels that manage to hold the items
Have compliment that the Eco bag is really good quality

SKINMATCH BB cream participated
in the International Beauty Expo exhibition
And as our prince is the brand model ambassador
The booth is full of our prince silky face pics.

JKS ranked the third place in weibo
Under the Korean artist category
There are over eighteen millions of eels
that following our prince
And patiently waiting for him
Suk ah…eels miss you,can you see?

Congratulation to Monochrome CD
Ranked number six 
in the TOP20  from Amazon chart
Hidamari, the sunny spot in each of eel’s heart
This song describe eels’ and our master eels have bonds.

Our Asia Prince shining brightly from 
The reflection of the blue sky in his clothes
Walking to the departure of Gimpo Airport hall
To board a plane to Osaka for the first stop of Cri Show.

Cr. dispatchsns
Cr. SSTVnews
Cr. SooYoung Choi

Arrival of our Asia Prince
Greet by loud cheering from eels
calling for him
Accompany by flying kisses 
that blow out from our prince to his eels
Such sweet and beautiful scene

Cr. 사다 zikzin
Cr. fumin fumifumi
Cr. sanxsan xsan
Cr. miejks さんのチャンネル

Lotte Duty Free
posted our AP’s pics
in his weibo page for the eels
It is photos that he shoots last year
With the intense eyes that we can feel
Staring out from the corner of his eyes

JKS appear in the live premium preview of Camp
Five hundred eels selected to watch the preview with him
There are a lot of compliment of the movie indeed
From various parties that watch it
Eels, have you gotten your copy?

What’s inside the JKS’s Camp DVD
It is a parcel that must own by every eels
A photo booklet that display the inner manly side
Of our prince and his photo shoot when filming the movie bts.

Tongyi has a Chinese zodiac guessing game
More info can be found in the Tongyi Weibo page
Let’s guess which Chinese zodiac will be
For PSH and JKS.

Cri Show 3 in Osaka hall finally start
JKS OFC tweet out a  photo of Suk
With a message to eels to ask us
that Looking  forward for the show.

New monochrome characters in Zikzinrun Game
With the name of Mono-Chan and Chrome Chan
There are a lot of eels playing this game 
I got to run and pick up my phone to download it to play.

Cri Show 3 Osaka hall ended
JKS tweet and let eels know that
The title of his song is “Go home”
Heard that eels mistaken that prince ask 
Them to go home when he mention the song title -_-

Cri Show 3 merchandise are in black and white
Incorporative with the album title
I love the eco bag very much and goods are
Sold off so quickly outside the venue hall.

Jang Keun Suk  OFC tweet out
the greeting message to wish
All Eels, Happy White day said
Also share the photo of The Crishow 3 front stage
And Suk’s licking a big lollipop

Koari release the CriShow 3 Osaka day 1 and 2 pics
One word and say it alllll
JKS is so so so handsome
We know he is handsome but I can’t help
Repeating saying he is so so so handsome every day
When looking at those photos from the press.

Jang Keun Suk OFC tweet
an appreciate message to his eels
That have support Cri Show three
Niigata is the next  Cri Show city.

Our Smiley Prince
return back to korea
After a great success
of CriShow 3 first stop
Eels love you a lot !!

Cr. chika8004h
Cr. suk kyon
Cr. chaojunsuk

Fuji TV program Non Stop
interviewed Jang Keun Suk
he oppened his heart to us
and made his eels love him more.

Cr. shs renivie

Jang Keun Suk was seen
in the Seoul streets
having a dinner with his professor
he enjoyed a lot in it.

Yalget  posted some photos
Of Jang Keun Suk with their BB cream
The new package of  that products
He was promoting in that pics.

JKS recorded a message
after Osaka Cri Show
Koari have in their page
but if you don t have points
you can t watch there, no way
i don t know what he said.

A friend of Jang Keun Suk
attended JKS Osaka Cri Show
posted their photo in instagram
and also promoted the show of  Mr.Jang.

L'inoui korean brand
oppened a new instagram
an posted a lot of pics
of our dear Sukkie.

Original source:

TBS will broadcast
the Osaka TEAM H show
Raining on the dance floor
on April fourth.

New photos from Tongyi Juice
in Weibo were uploaded
with Shin Hye and Jang Keun Suk
they mentioned animals there
tigers, dragons, bunny and sheeps
the names of the new packing I read.

JKS short film DVD Camp
ranked number one
in Oricon charts
in the country of Japan.


JKS departs from Incheon
to Niigata  city in Japan
he was handsome in the pics
like in the cover of the magazine.

Cr. bee_jks

Jang Keun Suk arrived
at Niigata airport in Japan
more happy than earlier
maybe he woke up.

Cr. suk kyon
Cr. non shizu
Cr. kawapon00

Lotte Duty Free
Uploaded a photo in  Instagram
Of Jang Keun Suk with a flower
And with a beautiful  smile.


The third anniversary
of the of “Love Rain” first broadcast
was celebrated for the eels
from all over the world

We saw some pics
of the outside of the Cri Show three
Niigata Hall venue ,beautiful indeed
With all the goods and the line of eels.

JKS Japan OFC   tweet
Niigata first day has finished ~ ♩
Eels~ you’re so cute~^^
Thanks ー♡, he is so sweet.

Tree J Twitter sent a tweet:
‘’Jang Keun Suk Cri Show 3
Niigata first day show
has ended successfully.
Thank you for the good work.’’

MBC Korea news announced
the number one position
of Camp DVD short film
in Oricon charts in Japan

Original source:

Team H released the DVD
Raining on the Dance Floor
Released in  two edition
Collectors limited edition
that have pieces of all the Team H show
And the Live Edition of Saitama show

Niigata show ended successfully
with a  thank you message
that tweet out by Tree J
Look at our handsome prince
That give us such cute expression again.

JKS Official Fan Club
tweet another photo of Suk
after a success of Niigata show
With the message of seeing  his eels again
in Fukuoka the next venue of course.

Woohoo!! Team H Raining on the Dance Floor
Live and Collector version rank first and second
Spot respectively in Japan Oricon Chart
So proud!!! eels, so proud of that.

Our prince’s airport fashion
from Niigata to Seoul
was so simple but yet so fashionable
When he wore it
Any pieces of clothes
will look down to earth
On our prince Jang Keun Suk.

The touching moments disclose
When JKS’s tweet out a photo of
thousand eels sending him off
From the Niigata rooftop in the airport.

Jae Joong’s close friendship with JKS
Is well known among eels everywhere
How they support each other can be feel and heard
From both the fan’s club in this Earth
A tweet message from JJ on his farewell party
Before his MS service said it all
“FRIENDS FOREVER” said the tweet note.

Photos of JJ’s farewell party released 
Look at our prince’s pretentious crying pics
Deep down we know our prince will miss him 
his drinking buddie will not be here for almost two years.

Official photo of Niigata Cri Show three
were share out by the press, media pics
Every single of the photos akes us scream
sexiness overload. omg, our prince.

A korean director/producer
spoke up for Jang Keun Suk
in a tweet he defended him
said he was treated very unfairly.

Yalget Tmall Flagship store
uploaded a photo of Jang Keun Suk
very happy  with a red pocket
they said come on quick and grab it.

Jang Keun Suk sent a tweet
''I already entered to the departure hall''
another one''Oh you want anything hot?
come, come'' said in the last of both.

JKS departed  to Japan
from the airport of Incheon
for the Fukuoka Cri show
the eels enjoyed a lot.



  1. wow.. thanks for the review sisters (Esther, Le Lamb & Nancy)
    the Niigata pics will be special in my heart <3

  2. Thanks a lot dearest sissies Esther Noloc, Le Lamb and Nancy Terry. Really impressive our guy is a workaholic at all with a great success always.So glad for him.

  3. Amazing! A full- packed March for our prince. Thanks for all the effort Esther,Le Lamb and Nancy. I really appreciate your hard work despite your busy schedule.

  4. Thanks ♡ Thanks theeelsfamily! <3 I appreciating your hard work.

    So glad

    º jang keun suk oppened his heart to us during Non Stop interviewed. I really love him more and more now.
    º Monochrome CD, album and CriShow 3 really are a BIG HIT!. zikzin <3 i love his special analogic expression.
    º Eels from all over the world was celebrated Love Rain 3rd anniversary, WOW! that was very warm , sweet and awesome! Eels~ you’re so cute~^^ Thanks ー♡ Jang Keun suk must have been very happy.
    º Jang keun suk and jaejoong friendship is so close. i love them.
    º Team H, WHAT's IN? .txt magazine and DVD camp were 1sr place wow! i really excited and happy. He is the best!
    º His simple style but yet so fashionable. of course I love his new simple style and changed too. He really wants to show us his change and maturity. I love him ♡.

  5. Thank you for such wonderful review and for giving us updates/trans.

    March was a special month: Cri show 3 + Monochrome CD + LR 3rd anniversary + Non Stop interview + Camp DVD + Team H + WHAT's IN? .txt magazine + His simpe but yet fashion style + His changed +... + of course his adidas superstar 80s, diamond bracelet and seo joon hairstyle ^^ ;) :p :)

    I really was very excited and happy with this month. My heart is with JKS <3<3

  6. Successfully total this month for him. thanks eels for you review.

    for me ---> Hokkaido = Love Rain
    for me ---> Diamond snow = Love Rain (Jang geun suk and Yoona)
    for me --> Diamond bracelet = Diamond necklace.

    1. O.O oh! so nice ^^

      I will re-formulate it of this way:

      Jang Geun Suk and Yoona = Love Rain
      ..............................Love Rain = Hokkaido
      ..............................Hokkaido = Diamond Snow
      ....................Diamond Snow = Diamond Necklace
      .............Diamond Necklace = Diamond Bracelet
      ...............Diamond Bracelet = Love Rain 3rd Anniversary
      Love Rain 3rd Anniversary = Jang Keun Suk and Yoona

      if we schematize this in a graph, this would be as a perfect closed circuit. similar to the Krebs cycle.^^ :) i too love it.

  7. Many thanks sweet Eels. I really appreciate your hard work. <3<3 zikzin!

  8. It was a month of events, emotions and feelings. I'm so proud of Him, BB and All Eels.

    ♥ 0326

    I will like go to crishow3 and "Touching Your Heart" fan-meeting or May 29th = ♥ 0529 or May 30th = ♥ 0530 (seoul), but I'm so far away :( :( , on another continent.
    I hope HOPE keun chan show us part of his crishow3 and "Touching Her Heart" Fan Meeting. I really love and miss him.

    Thanks for your work Eels!

  9. thanks you very much :* <3333


Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!