Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Trans] Tree J Twitter, 02-04-2015

@treeJ_company 수고하셨어요!! #장근석#크리쇼3#후쿠오카#끝
@treeJ_company Did a great show!!  #Jang Keun Suk #Cri Show 3 #Fukuoka #End



  1. Jang keun suk so handsome and cool.
    his hairstyle is like Seo joon . omg i love his hairstyle. i miss seo joon with hana. they were a perfect match.

    1. You can always watch it again. I have watched Love rain many times, and I really mean many many times. :D

      He is so cute in this picture. ♥

    2. sukkie is very very handsome and charming, sukkie hairstyle looks like seo joon TT.TT i miss him. I really miss him.,

      Me too love Love Rain, of course i love love love Seo joon & Hana. and Inha & YoonHee
      they did a good job together. ^^


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