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[Pics] Yalget China Weibo, 30-05-2015

Source:  Yalget
Trans Credit: Judy  Wang

By using this 3 pics, Yalget wrote a letter to eels on behalf of JKS.

Photo translation:
WE 【TIME FOR WAITING】Waiting is because of love. You care for us like a guardian star. Feel the best.

Photo translation:
WE 【PROMISE】TEN YEARS' PROMISING "Keep running with your fans, till you die. You will definitely be dead if you prend sick" Hopping oppa won't become an agassi.
(ps. The sentences in "...." was what he wrote to himself on a time capsule in a tv show when he visited Taiwan for FM in 2010, here it is )

Photo translation:
WE 【WHAT TO DO?】Aparted for two years, don't ask "What to do?" Cause, both you and me, are still in this silent world.


[Article] Jang Geun-seok, Ahn Seong-gi, Won Bin, Lee Min-ho, Song Joon-ki become foundation members of Unicef Honors Club

Original source:

Korean Committee for UNICEF formed UNICEF Honors Club with large-amount donors on May 28th

The inauguration ceremony of the club took place in the office of Korea Committee for UNICEF in Chongro-gu, Seoul in the afternoon on this day.

The club was founded to spread the culture of large-amount donation based on the spirit to protect the rights of the children globally and help them survive. They will work continuously to lead the sharing activities of the large-amount donors and promote the culture with high-amount donor society.

Ahn Seong-gi, National Ambassador with UNICEF, Kim Ildoo, chief of World Wide Charity for Children, Joo Pil-ho, CEO of Jupiter Film attended the ceremony.

National Ambassador with UNICEF Ahn Seong-gi has been working for the last 20 years to promote various events and activities by UNICEF.

Kim Ildoo, chief of World Wide Charity for Children has been donating since 1999 for children worldwide and pledged to donate his house in Hannam-dong in 2012.

Joo Pil-ho, CEO of the production company of movie, "The Face Reader" donated part of the revenue from the movie to UNICEF and will continue with the donation.

Mrs. Park Yangsook, who donated 10 billion won to found World Wide Charity for Children, Kim Yuna, Goodwill Ambassador with UNICEF, Choi Byeong-oh, CEO of Fashion Group Hyungji, Won Bin, Special Representative with UNICEF, actors Lee Min-ho, Song Joong-ki, Jang Geun-seok and other donors are the foundation members of the Honors Club.

UNICEF Honors Club will continue with their efforts to find new members and proceed with the various promotional activities including field trips to visit the project sites by UNICEF.

Seo Daewon, Secretary of Korea Committee for UNICEF said, "Honors club invite the donors who donated a lump sum amount of over 100 million won as well as the donors who pledge to donate the accumulative amount to reach the goal. We hope we can attract the heartwarming participation from more donors through the active promotion by the current members of the honors club".


[Pics - 2] Jang Keun Suk ‘Touching our Heart’ Fan Meeting in Seoul

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

[Trans] @DJtaba Twitter, 29-05-2015

@DJtaba  チャン・グンソクsi…1年前のちょうど今日、韓国でグンソクsiに取材をしておりました! 
@DJtaba   Mr. Jang Keun Suk… Just today a year ago,  I interviewed with Mr. Jang Keun Suk in Korea!


[Trans] Collecte De Zikzin Twitter, 29-05-2015

@collecte_zikzin  1階Collecte De ZIKZINより新商品のお知らせです。6月1日(月)よりTEAM HオフィシャルDVDを販売いたします!昨年大盛況の中ツアーを終えたTEAM Hのソウルコンサートを収録したDVDです^^是非ご覧ください 
@collecte_zikzin  First floor Collecte De ZIKZIN
This is to inform you of more new products. Since June first  (Monday)  we will be sell the TEAM H official DVD! Was recorded in Seoul, the concert which finished the Team H  tour with great success ^^ Please have a look.


[Video] TBS will broadcast "2015 JANG KEUN SUK THE CRI SHOWⅢ " Kobe Arena performance

Broadcast date:
6/30 (Tuesday) night 11:00 - midnight 1:50

Cr. leejoongjksj

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[Pics] Jang Keun Suk ‘Touching our Heart’ Fan Meeting in Seoul

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[Trans] Collecte De Zikzin Twitter, 26-05-2015

@collecte_zikzin  [ZIKZIN CAFE] 明日5月27日新商品販売のお知らせ #ZCD
@collecte_zikzin [ZIKZIN CAFE] Tomorrow May 27 announcement of new product sales  #ZCD

Photos translation:
Trans: Nako Hiramatsu

①自分らしく: Be yourself 

②さあ あるきだそう: Now let's start walking

③Life is choice ! Zikzin

④おわりは はじまり: End means beginning (of something)


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[Trans] CRI-J Twitter, 25-05-2015

Trans Credit: Whitney Chapman

@JKS_cri_j3  [SPOT촬영] 나눔대상 SPOT촬영 수고하셨습니다!!
@JKS_cri_j3  [SPOT shooting] Sharing target shooting SPOT. Thank you!!

Photo translation: 너 = 나 = 우리
You = I = We

@JKS_cri_j3 [SPOT촬영] 나눔대상 SPOT 촬영 중 입니다!!
@JKS_cri_j3  [Shooting SPOT] Dividing target shooting SPOT!!

@JKS_cri_j3 [SPOT촬영] 여의도에서 나눔대상 SPOT촬영하시는 장어님들~!! 촬영 끝난후 3:30~4:00까지 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 43-3 홍우빌딩 1층 " e문어세상해물"로 오세요!!
@JKS_cri_j3 [Shooting SPOT] Eels who are sharing in the target shooting at Yeouido~!! After the 3:30~4:00 shooting ends at Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea, 43 - 3, please come to the first floor of Hong-woo Octopus Seafood World!!


[Pics] Korean Official Fan Club Cri-J members participated in the shooting AD for KBS charity award on the honor of our Prince, JKS!!

Cr. @qoflaughter