Sunday, May 17, 2015

[Fan Cam - 2] Jang Keun Suk arrived in Sapporo for Cri Show Ⅲ, 17-05-2015

Cr. suk kyon

Cr. YU criJ

Cr. Mami Jang

Cr. hyukun

Cr. @COCCO0711

Cr. @Marimo_Jang

Cr. @jksmylo



  1. wow! theeelsfamily ♥ you're so fast! thank you for sharing
    OMG!!! our jang keun suk gave a greeting so closely to someone. ... why so closely? ^^ :D OH!!! :) who is that lucky eel ? i want to be that lucky eel ^^ lol :) ^^ :) wow! really cute moment!

    so nice and kid our jang keun suk , he has a innocent heart <3

    1. our oppa sukkie gave a greeting to a little girl, he is so sweet. he will be a good father and hunsband. He is maturing more and more. im so proud of him. :')))

  2. finally HOKKAIDOOOOO! i'm so excited!! :'))))) oppa sukkie in hokkaido again.


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